Lost A Bolt From Our Engine! 💙 I Am Kristin

Matt turns the truck on puts it into
drive and we hear and something fall on the ground hey guys it’s Kristen so it is Saturday
and we are up to early early we got up about 6 o’clock and it’s almost 7:00 now
we’re getting ready to leave because if you remember those campers that we were
looking at we are going to go pick our camper up in New Mexico so should be
really really fun we’ve never been in New Mexico before so we’re going to do a
road trip it’s actually about six ish six and a half hours to get there from
here so we have to spend the night also so it’s going to be kind of like a
little mini vacation weekend I guess so we just packed everything up and we’re
ready to head out we’ve got both dogs where did she go
well the roads are on this side no there we go yeah pelicans to go this time
because she never gets to go with them because usually we’re going to like dog
park or on camping and she runs around so much The Shins of like hurting your
knees really really bad but we’re bringing out of the time just because we
are spending the night wheels so I can’t leave dogs but now we’re starting a six
hour drive they excited oh yeah I’m lyrica I just hope everything works
out because we’re driving really really hard and for some reason like it’s not
stopped or not like what we like agree to pay for or like whatever
there really sucks drive that bar for nothing so fingers crossed everything
worked out really really good so we just have to sign into an Albuquerque bill
300 miles away all right so it’s 11 hands and we just
made connects to Mexico I was going to record the sign of us entering it but
apparently it was like a 1×1 like pretty tiny little page 9 anyways this is another state that I can
check off my life sentences oh we found there’s another side there’s this racing
so fast in my carril ligero service but it’s like it’s like two miles past the
actual like state line is so weird ah Oh so we pretty much made it the places
left smile a camping world here we go get it go inside and get her smooth so
Matt and I had to finish some finance and stuff and now they’re getting the
camper already and stuff they have to attach stuff to Matt’s truck and they’re
putting like a seal coat on as we pay for to protect from the Sun and bottle
all that stuff so we’re just sitting here and the dogs
are being extremely annoying but I understand because they’ve been in the
car for seven hours so we’re just waiting for them to let us know when
it’s done and we’re going to do a walk-through you think’ll puppy oh no
you’re not Bella’s felon get her she’s like lying
in a puddle of water so this is our new camper got this cute little awning out
here Matt’s doing a little walkthrough with a guy but I don’t understand
anything what they’re saying it’s going to pop out on the side here inside the
bunk bed and also in turn right now thank you for the black man they can
break very happened it really involved and think we have of yours
we’ll make sure you are using that phone that now that be alright
stall three and a half hours later we finally got everything taken care of we
check the thing everything’s good to go so you know do you get back there now
you’d actually chest down because we’re going to be going to a campground so
connected and get everything situated and we’re going to like see how it works
and test it out with both sides I’m super super excited we just got the
episodes belaying got Freddy burgers step so this is a Patty Mills and right
oh my gosh pump and then we got some fries and there saw and now we are
headed to I found a campground and it was like the Olmecs line that was still
open it looks like it is really good I mean it’s just like a really basic
campground is just you know like I’m probably a concrete slab whatever we
don’t care because need somewhere to stop and sleep and then so you get up
and go again and it got really good reviews I’m hopeful I’m going to be good
so we just got to the campground I’m literally sweating to death oh it’s so
pretty here gets behind me and if you guys can see and so we’ve got the whole
thing set up so this is right outside of our camper not pretty yes anyways we’re
just going to pack up some stuff we’re going to unpack and you do all that
stuff and then just hang out alrighty so we just took showers – so much better I
was like so sticky gross but I already know it like I’ve been in campers of it
but there are always other people and I’m just so freaking excited like we get
to sleep in a bed and we have air conditioning
I mean I’m all for like real camping and I’ve done real camping for years but
like now I’m kind of ready to do kind of more fancy camping and I can’t wait to
tell the kids I like to not wait they’re going to freak out
alright guys so it’s Sunday morning around 8 a.m. and we’re heading back to
Colorado so we’re just leaving this little place that we were at it was
really really super cute it was nice and quiet I really like detection so I think
we’re going to keep keep this place in mind if we want to come back again the power the woman who was in charge of the
campsite was telling us about this place just down the road because we said we
don’t really have breakfast stuff we have to stop and get breakfast
she said it’s called the ranch cafe I believe she said it was in the top ten
of the best restaurants in New Mexico so that’s kind of cool in all of New Mexico
this is one of the top ten so I figure we have to check it out while we’re here
so here’s range cafe we’re back in the truck now but man that
food was good like everything was fresh like real cheese on it and the guy told
us like things like real butter not margarine it it’s just really really
good feeling whole thing we are about an hour away from the house roughly but the
brakes started making like a really weird noise that we’ve been driving for
six hours in like 90 degree heat so we think that the brakes is just like
really really overheated and they’re making like a lot of weird noises so
we’re sitting in a parking lot right now that’s over here and we’re just chilling
there’s a tree behind us there’s more like eight hours that’s like eight hours
in a bunch it’s topical hit like a bunch of traffic so it put a lot of pressure
on the truck and the trailer and everything because the brakes you just
had to keep like going in the stopping and then going and stopping and so it
started making this really weird noise and we just wanted to stop in case like
we did something that we couldn’t fix or undo or so we’re just enjoying some
shade letting the dogs out drinking water and then we’re going to get back
on the road we were just getting ready to leave Matt turns the truck on puts it
into drive and we hear me and something fall on the ground I go oh my god I just
look at he goes yeah that’s not good I was like oh my god something literally
just like fell off the truck so we get out look at it and there’s a bolt on the
ground not good don’t want to see stuff falling off the engine of your truck or
car if you figure out what’s going on so that’s like a it’s like a brass color
right if we can’t find what this go to then
all I can do or all he can do to is pray that it’s something really generic and
it’s one of like 50 bolts where you know something’s not going to just fall out
while we’re driving I just climbed under there with him we were looking we didn’t
see anything so we’re going to just hope for the best and try to get out of here
and get home we made it home so haha you I feel like that could have been really
bad but anyways we’re not done yet we still have to go bring the trailer on to
our storage unit and we have to empty now and do a bunch of stuff I think they
do a version dropping we have to get dinner blah blah blah a lot of boring
stuff so I’m going to go ahead just end the vlog now because I’m not going to
show all that boring stuff if you guys like this video please give me a thumbs
up it really helps a lot and if you want to see more videos from me then don’t
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