Louer un Van en Australie – Camping Car Jucy Condo Présentation ( Sub English )
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Louer un Van en Australie – Camping Car Jucy Condo Présentation ( Sub English )

This is Papadam ! I hope you are doing well Live from Gold Coast ! we are doing a bonus video ! we decided together to show you the CamperVan Jucy Condo This Campervan is really beautiful look at this ! how cute it is ! the aim is to give you all the info to tell you the good and bad things about it is it good for a family ? for a couple ? for friends let’s go back to our camp site where I tested all this morning ! here is the beast ! Mystery Machine From Scoodibouuuuuu ! if you wanna rent , this is really convenient for 2 couples or a family with 2 kids lets have a look to the van with the upper roof upfront : There are 3 seats the back is convenient with a baby seat 2 seats with a small Sofa ( and Table ) below , all the cables for electricity and cooking gas set then at the back of the van, several pockets to put your stuffs 1,2,3,4….8 nets you also have a TV but we never used it there there ventilation system in case of bull smell inside super convenient ! then the cooking part 1 small and 1 big here is the chairs and tables that you can also rent… a small sink… here you can see the night settings…. so I will show you the night tradition… I am installing the upper bed we need to drag the bed of Timeo First… upper part for Titi and lower part for us ! we can easily sleep 4 adults… in JUCY Condo Van they gave us blanket , bed sheets and pillows to install the upper bed, this is really easy… you just need to slide the bed…. that’s it ! I dont know if you can see well ! I remove the 2 blankets ! 1 for the upper side one for downer side… so here is the shelter of Mr.Titi I dont know if you really realise the space here.. lets go inside the belly of the beast ! it is pretty deep …but not very high maybe 40cm …so dont feel claustrophobic… for 2 kids it is pretty convenient and fun ! you can put the night mode in like 3 minutes… just drag down all the curtains… little curtains here. here is the famous heater…that we purchased in our yesterday Vlog ! Really important to not freeze at night we can plug here…you need to take the power supplied site at your campsite. if you go in nature, You will not be able to use this heater ! only USB port will work… this campervan is really perfect to drive for 2 couples or family with kids… lets go to next morning… if you have questions about the van don’t hesitate… here is the seat of the driver… auto gear ! where do we drive in Australia ? in the left side ! small convenient light here small table at the back here is a small fridge 80L space for glasses and plates there is no toilet inside here is the electricity plug with this plug, you will feed these 2 – 110v plugs with Australian Pin 3 pins with a strange orientation lol at least you can plug your computer or you have 2 USB ports available for your phone here are the USB port if I take my phone, it should charge even without electric charge yes it works ! that’s it for our Van tour ! with Night mode and Day mode for 7 days, we paid 600 euro a bit less than 100 Euro per day then for campsite in Australia, we need to top up 12 euro per pax really well equiped around + 30 Euros for the whole family. I didn’t forget anything ? If you liked this video, don’t forget thumbs up ! share and ask any questions ! this is really working well ! this is GOOD ! xoxo Share Like ! It was Papadam in live !


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