Macs Slimline Anchor Plate Cargo Tie-Downs- Mac’s Tie Downs
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Macs Slimline Anchor Plate Cargo Tie-Downs- Mac’s Tie Downs

Colin here with Mac’s Tie Downs to show
you a new addition to our anchor plate family of product here. For many, many
years we have built adjustable track systems for pickup truck applications,
and this little anchor plate is a very nice compliment for the track because it
accepts the same single stud ring. Generally, these anchor plates have been
installed as a complementary product on the floor of your truck typically around
the perimeter; but because of the corrugated bed floors some trucks are
too narrow to allow this 1.75 inch diameter to nestle down between the ribs.
So what we’ve done is simply machine two flats on our existing anchor plate to
allow it to nicely fit in between the ribs. A simple change, but a big one
because now that allows you to place anchor plates virtually anywhere in the
floor of this truck. This happens to be a brand new Dodge Ram, however, Ford and
Chevrolet it fits equally as well and also import lineup. These are available
in a four pack. They come with stainless steel backing plates, stainless steel
fasteners and single stud ring. Folks that products
rated of 3,000 pounds on a vertical pull. So perfect for dirt bikes, ATV’s, virtually
anything you haul in your pickup that’s capable of tying down, and actually it’s
very helpful to have a fitting on the floor because quite often the loads we
carry don’t extend up side walls of the bed or or beyond and therefore it’s
ideal to tie them down to the floor of the truck. Simple stack of lumber from
Home Depot let’s say, you can take a simple one inch strap come off of one
plate go around your load and over to the opposite corner, problem solved. For
more information, visit us at That’s MACS. Buy some,
you’ll love them. Applications are endless. Thanks for your business!

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