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make a sleeping bag stuff sack how to store your sleeping bag sleeping bag care tips hi it’s AlaskaGranny when you’re camping
or using a sleeping bag and you’re going out on the trail you may
want to use a compression sack or stuff it down into littlest stuff sack that you can find but when you get home you don’t want to
compress your sleeping bag you wanna make a big stuff sack to allow loft in your lining to stay fluffed up so it
doesn’t get compressed and then it won’t keep you warm when you want to use it so I’m going to show simple way you
can make a stuff sack from things you have laying around the
house take 2 old pillow cases turn them both inside now cut them apart on the
seam cut all the way down this side and then cut them open across the bottom cut them both that way now lay them
the two right sides are the pretty side together and pin them all the way around leave the top where the
actual what used to be the opening will still
be open and it’s already hemmed all around it put your pins in it all the way
around and then you’re going to simply stitch it together take it to
your sewing machine remember the part that was the opening
on the pillow case before is still the opening on your bag you want to start up at that corner you wanna drop your presser foot stitch a a little bit forward and a little bit back to lock the stitches guide it through take your
pins out when you sew never sew over your pins it will break your needle go all the way around three sides it doesn’t have to be perfect you’re
just going to stick your sleeping bag in it across the bottom and up the other
side if you want to put a drawstring in it there’s already a
casing all the way around in this is what you do go back Crossways and stitch back and forth about an inch above and below where you might want
your string on both sides I took 2 old shoe laces three feet long tie a knot tie them together now I’m gonna go my opening and I’m gonna thread one end the pocket of the first side and go all the way across would be like old pillowcase number one
then you just thread all the way through to the other
side and then you take a shoelace number two and put it in the little pocket of pillowcase 2 and shove on until you get to the other side that one
when you get them both through to the other hand tie them in a knot on this end there you go you have it drawstring for your bag now if you wanna hang in in a
closet or cabinet your sleeping bag has room to breathe insulation will not get compressed keeping your sleeping bag clean your sleeping bag is an expensive
investment so take care of it so it will last as long as
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