Make A Toilet Paper Hanger For Camping- Camping Tips Tricks Hacks

toilet paper hanger for camping outdoor toilet paper hanger diy camping toilet paper holder or hanger hi it’s AlaskaGranny prepper we are out at Granny Camp off grid alaska cabin living camping and we’ve set up a little place for a bathroom or potty outdoor toilet for camping how to keep the toilet paper clean and dry in a little private area so I thought
I’d show you how we take care outdoor toilet paper problem keep toilet paper clean and dry at camp outs camping trips I took a simple wire coat hanger and folded it like this and hung it on a branch I get to camp I can take my toilet paper and stick it over this bend and it is hanging in a tree and it is not going to fall out somebody pulls on it then I can take a bag and tie it around here for any trash if it is raining I can take it ziploc bag pull it over the toilet paper drips are going to go down not going to get onto the roll of toilet papaer so then
anybody who’s using a camping toilet or little potty can use toilet paper take care of business the toilet paper stays clean and dry for going to the bathroom outdoors please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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