Make Baby Wipes For Camping- Camping Tips Tricks Hacks
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Make Baby Wipes For Camping- Camping Tips Tricks Hacks

hi it’s AlaskaGranny one challenge of camping is staying clean whether you’re a baby or not knowing
how to make your own baby wipes can be a real help isn’t very expensive simple to do you need a
roll of paper towels I prefer a sturdy one like Bounty don’t get a cheap paper towel for this they fall apart then you need them baby wash and some baby oil and some water that’s
all you need to make your own and one bottle can make lots and lots so you if you have a big pack a paper towels and a couple of
bottles of these you have enough baby wipes and clean up
cloths for yourself and others at camp for a long long time so the first thing you want to do is cut
your paper towel roll in half use a serrated knife and know that it will get a little jiggly and uneven but that doesn’t matter once you get it cut in half you are going to set it in a container and that is going to be the holder so find something that is just
about the right in a bowl mix 2 cups water 2 tablespoons of baby wash and 1 tablespoon baby oil stir it together so it is all mixed up and then you’re
gonna pour it right over the paper towels saturate all of the towels its all nice and moist and soaking in now I reach in and pull out the cardboard Center and I can push this
down into my container and the lid will go on now when I want a baby wipe I reach into the middle a and pull one out and they come out nice moist and clean and you just stick the lid on it and it won’t dry out these are great for all kinds of clean up everything will smell fresh and clean when someone needs a wipe you just open it up and pull one right out of the middle see how easy that is stayng clean at camp
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