Making a 4WD Remote Area Tool Kit – What to carry in your 4WD

Now for those of you wanting adventure in
remote parts of Australia or in your home country you are going to need to be self sufficient.
Able to carry out simple repairs or servicing when it’s required. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in the middle
of nowhere due to a simple fault which anyone with a basic level of skill can fix. So those of us with pre-computerised Land
Rovers, there’s nothing you can’t fix with a basic level of mechanical skill. So you’re going to need to carry a good remote
area tool kit which includes your spare parts and recovery gear. And that should basically make your Land Rover
unstoppable in the right hands. Lets take a look at what I carry when travelling
in remote areas. Ok for starters you’re going to want to carry
a good supply of all your oils and fluids for your vehicle. So I’ve got some engine coolant power steering fluid engine oil diff oil clutch and brake fluid It’s good to add in some Inox or RP7 for waterproofing
electrical parts or lubrication. And I added some Bars bugs for cleaning the
windscreen. So this is a good starting kit. You’re going
to find in remote areas you won’t have access to all these when travelling. So keep your fluids with your vehicle especially
for Land Rovers. Ok these are the main spares that I carry
for my vehicle. I’ve got my 2 fan belts one for the alternator
the other for the fan. I also carry all 3 spare hoses for my radiator. They can be prone to bursting and you don’t
want to lose all your coolant when you’re 5 to 6 hundred kilometres from the nearest
town. So that’s a good basic spare parts kit. Some other parts I like to carry, an axe shovel jumper cables air compressor. You definitely want one of
these when travelling out in remote parts. If you’re going to let your tyres down for
sand or beach driving or going across soft water crossings you’re going to want to pump up your vehicle
again. I also have a work light in case I break down
in the middle of the night just plug it in get under the vehicle and
see what’s there. For my tool kit I’ve got a good selection
of tools to do my bush servicing and repairs. I have a good quality socket set. I did buy
a cheap version of these and the bloody things started breaking on me. I have a good selection of spanners hammer pliers a little saw for cutting off nuts and bolts lock pliers and shifters. I also have files wire is usually good to carry for tying up
things. For my electrical system I always carry spare wire in case I need to
do a reroute if there’s a major fault. I also carry a good set of electrical connections and a digital multimeter is excellent to have. Make sure you learn how to use one of these. I think the most important tool you can have
is a manual for your vehicle. Even if you’re not mechanically skilled there
maybe someone who can help you meet you on the road that can use this to
fix your car. It gets quite a bit of use. It also has electrical
diagrams for your vehicle and that can help you track down any problems
you may have. So that’s a good basic remote area tool kit. Now I store all my tools underneath the drivers
seat keeps them neat and tidy and they’re always there for me when I need
them. This is my basic recovery kit which I keep
with my vehicle. I have a 1600kg Magnum hand winch absolutely valuable piece of equipment out
here especially if you don’t have a front mounted
winch. You can see this winch in action in one of
my videos. Now it’s fairly slow going but it will get
you out in the end. Also have my rear recovery point which fits
in to my tow bar I have a basic kit here from TJM which comes
in a ready made bag You got the tree protector snatch strap and winch extension strap So that’s 3 basic things you’ll need plus some spare D and bow shackles. Make sure they are properly rated for your
vehicle Also have a winching blanket and its great to wear some gloves too. I also carry a high lift jack which I mount
underneath my rear seats and also the original land rover jack which
I use for my rear jacking points. And that’s my remote area kit which I like
to carry. Now depending on where you’re going you may
need to add more or take less but it’s a good standard to keep your Land
Rover going wherever you go in Australia. From BushmanProductionsAU catch you later.

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