Making a Bento Picnic Lunch in Japan
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Making a Bento Picnic Lunch in Japan

Hello world, where I’m from in Japan, this is what a… Ahh, I said it wrong. Hello world, where I’m from in Japan, this is what a picnic is like. Should I say cousin… she’s my cousin, her name is… And this is my cousin Shoko. Yay, one, three. When you start something, you can say “hajimemasho” Making tamagoyaki (fried eggs) I’m making this. How many are you making? I’ll make 10 for now. And I know this is the other way. The wrong way? Yeah! I’m cutting the thing. The thing? What thing? The vegetables. Oh! – Is this going to be on TV?
– I think so. Shin, how many tamagoyaki’s have you think you’ve made before? 10. See, those guys are filming right there. Yeah, I know. Done. Strike! Oh, this kind of smells good. (indecipherable talking) A rabbit! Ok, thanks. Ah, you ate it! – What are you making?
– Meatballs Meatballs. You’re not really making it, you’re just pouring out a packet. Yeah, that’s true. You just put it in this thing, the microwave oven, and then… done. – So simple.
– Yeah! I think Shin’s job was harder than yours. (laughing) I will use this on the egg. If you rip a paper and you needed to use it, you say “shouganai” Oh no… Oh no! – Look at this.
– Oh, that’s not good. – See, look at this.
– Oh it’ fallen! No ears.. It’s not good because there’s no, umm… ears and then it got kind of broken. And then so mummy’s just going to buy one more. More cheese? More cheese and egg. Oh no! This one won’t have an ear… Good enough, right? No one knows if I do this. – Yeah.
– Ok, I’m done. Don’t worry, it’s fine. If Shin was in the middle of the road, you’d say “abunai”. – Wieners.
– Wieners? Octopus wieners. Octopus. Ah, be careful, be careful. Careful, careful. Here, cut like this. Do it like this. Ohhh… but it shouldn’t be… Dangerous. Yeah. 5, 6, 7… 7 tentacles. There’s supposed to be 8, it’s an octopus. Yeah. It lost a leg, oh no! I cut it off… it should be fine. “Shizuka” means you’re quiet This is the quietest cooking I’ve ever seen. (laughing) This is dangerous. Crack about 3 eggs… – I dropped a shell in.
– That’s fine. “Machigatta” means you made a mistake Ahh… I found it, I got it. You’re like Shin-chan. Like shin. (laughing) – What can you do, what can you do?
– What can you do? When you finish that, we pack it? When I finish this, yes. Look who’s behind you Aiko. Shin-chan… (laughing) Anything is fine. Do whatever you like. I am not really good at peeling. Then leave the peels on. What kind of egg is she making? I don’t… Oh, it’s like scrambled egg. Ah, scrambled eggs. Ah, no, I’m NOT making scrambled eggs. – It looks like scrambled eggs.
– Yeah, it looks like them. It’s moving a lot! When you can’t do stuff, you say “dekinai”. This, from the bottom? Which way? You want to cut… Ahhhh, probably not… give me a sec OK. I’m not good. I can’t do it well. Just be careful please And you can do the rest I think. Oh no, not good. Wait. Is everything OK? Ahh… I’m not OK. あぶねえこれ。We have to be careful. – Nice.
– Nice. You make me so nervous. Ahhh… (wincing) I’m not that good at cutting. When you’re tired you say “tsukareru”. Ahhh, I’m exhausted. Everything? Are you going to put toothpicks in everything? Ahh no, I mean, some for each dish. Ahh… I think I should put one in for each type of dish. This makes a really weird sound. フフフ。Hehehe. You’re just making a fruit one? Yeah. (mumbling and nervous laughter) Ahh… I have extras. It’s OK, everyone can eat it. Everyone can eat them? I want to eat one too. “Setsumei suru” means to explain stuff. Why are you using dividers? Hmm.. well… To make it look cute? Ah, because like the meatballs, the sauce will go on the rice and ruin it. The sauce, yeah the sauce will go everywhere so you put it inside and the sausages are kind of, oil, goes and spreads and we don’t like it. How did you know what to make though Aiks, like… Well, when say obento it’s kind of like vegetables, vegetable stuff and a little tomato and meatball and sausage, octopus wiener. And it’s kind of onigiri stuff, character bentos… So there’s like 5 colors for like food and like I don’t, I forgot the colours, but umm… one’s like green, red, and some brown… and there’s colours to make good food and then we’re using all the colours so it makes it beautiful and it’s healthy. – That looks really small though.
– Yeah. Is it small? Like are you full after you eat this? – Umm… kind of, yeah.
– Kind of, haha… “Junbi suru” means to get ready for something. Whatchya doing Aiks? Ah, putting the thing (indecipherable speech) You can do picnic! Why are we doing a picnic inside, is this the Japanese way? Nope, it’s just fun. It’s our way. You can do it! If I drop this, it’ll be a big mess. This is for Aiko, and this is for Shin… ? Shin, don’t break it! (giggling in background) Isn’t this the one? No, no, this goes in here. Shin-chan, don’t do it. Shin… Who is gonna sit here? What is that? What animal? Let’s eat well. – I’m super allergic
– You don’t have any allergies. Ah, a bear. – Shin’s already eating.
– Haha… He’s already eating. You say “dou desuka” when you want to know how something is. The rice ball is tasty! Yummy! The rice ball is good. How’s Shin’s tamago (egg)? Ahh… Is it really good? Is it a sweet one? Salty? Peppery? – Poopy!
– Oh wait, you’re eating. I’m sorry. – It doesn’t have any taste.
– Huhhh! There’s no taste? Shoko! How’s Shin’s eggs? – Ah, it’s good.
– Really? – Yes.
– For real? – Yes, yes, yes.
– Really? Shin-chan, what do you think about your tamago? – It’s delicious!
– Really? What about Shoko’s onigiri, how is it? Let’s see… Tasty, not tasty? – Tasty.
– Really? You’re allowed to say “not tasty” if you made it. It’s not tasty. What! (laughing) Not tasty? – Yeah, not tasty.
– Why do you say that? (indecipherable talking) So do you usually make bentos though? Who makes it? Um, mummy. When you say “otsukaresamadeshita” you mean good job. Milk pudding. Dessert. What’s “gyunyu pudding” in English? – Umm… – Milk pudding!
– Milk pudding. Milk pudding broccoli. (laughing) – OK, try it!
– No! – Try it!
– This! – No, the broccoli pudding! Shoko’s going to try.
– No! It just tastes like regular broccoli. Thanks for watching, see you next time, bye! What are picnics like where you’re from? Finally, I’m on! You guys are like the quietest kids ever. (laughing in background) – Always?
– Except me? Except you, yeah. Thanks for watching, see you next time, bye! Say bye bye. Shin-chan, come out. (laughing)

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