• Marcus Wilkins

    No Violence just Black History 💮
    ⚠️Black voting rights then & now:
    Originally set to expire after 10 years,
    Congress reauthorized Section 203 in
    1982 for seven years, expanded and
    reauthorized it in 1992 for 15 years, and
    reauthorized it in 2006 for 25 years. ⚠️

  • Louis Becker

    Contact your lawmakers and demand immediate action!
    This thug was driving under suspension, which means that he was illegally operating an Assault Van!
    Demand from your lawmakers that they act immediately to ban all Assault Vans nationwide!😏

  • Ravage Gonza

    Bro, did you see the cell vids? The uncensored version of the police report? I'm all the way in commiefornia. It's 6:33 a.m. it took me 30 minutes and I was able to get a copy of the original report/interview. Btw, I'm a dumbass…

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