MANI | Season 4 | Ep. 1: “Karma Meadow”

(slow rhythmic music) – Let’s find the correct… – This summer, my friends
and I convinced our parents to let us go to the most
amazing camp in the world. Chris showed us his
cousin’s promotional video. One look and we were sold. – [Announcer] Camp Karma
Meadow is the answer to all your summer dreams. It’s complete with five-star cabins, three infinity pools,
wi-fi, yachting, facials, a 50-seat screening room,
dirt bikes, pony jumping, and at the end of summer,
a megawatt performance by Multi-Platinum, award-winning, and my personal friend, DJ S’mores. – My cousin, Billy, actually
inherited this summer camp. He says this is more than just a camp. – It’s an immersive, lifestyle experience. Hey, did that sound sincere enough? If you can fake sincerity,
you can sell anything. (slurping) Am I right? (slurping) (upbeat music) – Hi! – Hi! Hi, Jade. I can’t believe this is our last summer before we go to middle school. – This camp looks so dope! – It’s going to be lit. – I’m just so glad that we’re
all going to be together this one last summer before
we’re officially adults. – I’m gonna miss Skye though. – Too bad she had to move to Australia. – We’re all still best friends, though. – Yes. – All I’m really thinking
about is me and Harmony. We get a whole summer together! – Dillon, I don’t know how to say this, but I’m just gonna come out and say it. I think it’s best for our relationship that we consciously uncouple. (intense music building) (record scratching) It’s like you weren’t
even listening, Dillon! – What are you saying? – I have a limited amount
of emotional dollars and I need to start spending them on me instead of spending them all on you. – Are you breaking up with me? – I prefer, reevaluating our relationship, and exploring other options. – What other options? – You know, ways we can grow
apart, instead of together. – That’s only one option,
and it’s very bad. (engine starting) – The bus is here, better board. (sad music) – Hey, son, you ready
for Camp Karma Meadow? – Shhhh! Don’t blow my cover! We talked about this at
camp, I am not your son! Remember, Camp Karma Meadow
isn’t just a camp, no, it’s an immersive summer experience! – Hey, kids, you ready
for Camp Karma Meadow? – [All Together] Yeah! – Dad, what are you doing? – Welcoming the campers. – Okay, well, what you
should be doing is… Can I see this? Thank you. You’re supposed to be
collecting their checks. – Right. Okay, as you board, if you could
hand in your final payments and your signed release forms. – Uh, hey dude, have you seen Mani? I thought he was supposed
to be our counselor. (snoring) (cell phone ringing) – This better be important. – Manny, where are you? You’re gonna miss the bus! – It’s 6:00 a.m. – Your clock is wrong, it’s
not 6:00 a.m., it’s 9:00 a.m.! You’re gonna miss the bus! – What! Oh, what! Okay, okay, I gotta go, I gotta go! (upbeat music) – Oh, ho, ho. Like I know it looks fun
and everything but uh, you gotta have a check. Have fun! – Welcome. – Here you go. – Thank you. Any spare change, by the way? – No, sorry. – Okay, don’t worry about it. – All right, is that everyone? Should we do a head count? – Head count? (scoffing) Forget about it. Can I have your attention, kiddos? Camp Karma Meadow is a no-cell-phone camp. I’ll be taking that, thank you. (scary music) – No! (loud protesting) – You’re going to be thanking
me later, believe me. You’re gonna thank me. – Wait, what about Mani? – Who’s Mani? – They guy you hired to
be our camp counselor? – He’s meeting us at the
camp, that’s what it is. Anyway, who’s ready for Camp Karma Meadow? – [All Together] Me! – All right, here we go! – Let’s go! Ha ha ha ha! – Hey, wait! Hey, wait, wait! Dang it! (panting) What kind of idiot leaves on time? Where my phone at? Don’t worry, kids, Mani’s
gonna get up to that camp, if it’s the last thing I do. My shoe… (slow rhythmic music) (bus hitting sign) (crashing to ground) (fire crackling) – Well, that’s not a good sign. – No, it’s a burning sign, a symbol of our relationship actually up in flames. (sad sigh) (ominous music) (doll saying “mommy”) – Is it me, or does this place
look nothing like the video? – It’s a heck of a lot
creepier, that’s for sure. – I don’t understand,
I gave you $100-grand to fix this place up, and it’s a mess! – Why would I waste $100,000,
when we can spend nothing and make a lot of money still? – Won’t they just quit, and you’ll have to give them the money back? – All we have to do is keep
them here for 48 hours, then after that, no refunds. – It’s wrong, Billy. – What’s wrong is me not being on the “Forbes 17 Under 17” list. – It’s cheating. – Look, just let me do the
thinking around here, okay? All the other stuff, like
cooking, and taking care of these little rodents, that’s your job. – I see a bunch of campers, but I don’t see the
camp counselor I hired. (cow mooing) (camera clicking) – Don’t worry about it, I uh, I fired him. – Why? – Why spend the money? Look, just let me do the thinking for the next 48 hours, all right? And then after that, who cares? (bees buzzing) (lions roaring) (upbeat rock music) – What’s up, buttercup? I’m Marlon. – Uh, hey! I’m Harmony. – Um, who do you think you’re talking to? – The pretty one, who apparently would rather be talking to me than you. (upbeat music) – So far, so good. In less than two days, I’m
gonna be a rich, rich man. Oh, I forgot to tell you the best part, the counselor that I hired for the girls, I didn’t fire her. (chuckling) ♪ I want you. ♪ ♪ Yes, I do. ♪ ♪ Don’t make me wait too long. ♪ – Hi, Desiree, right? – Yeah, who are you? – Billy, the guy who hired you. – This looks nothing like
the video you sent me. – I told my marketing people
not to come on too strong, but you know how marketing people can be. – Mmmm, nope, actually I don’t. – Look, I’m sure none of
that actually matters to you, but I can tell you’re
ready to give these kids the best summer of their lives. Am I right? – I guess so. – It’s gonna be all right. Me and you, we’re in this together. We’re gonna make it great, okay? – Hey, is this Joe’s Original Pizza? Do you guys deliver? Okay, okay, perfect, perfect. Let me get a pepperoni
pizza, extra cheese, make it vegan, but gluten free. Okay, kay, kay. Hey, and one more thing,
when you deliver the pizza, Ima ride back with you,
but Ima pay you a hefty tip to take me to Camp Karma
Meadow, can you do that? No!? Man, fine, be that way! – Welcome to the Rec Room. This is the beating heart
of Camp Karma Meadow, and here you will laugh, and sing, and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and when it rains, we’ll huddle here. – You expect us to eat here? – You know, this is a big
health code violation. – Don’t worry, you’ll get
used to the splinters. – Even for me, this place was starting to look a little scary. And not the good scary you pay money for, I mean the scary like we’re never gonna be seen again, scary. – I don’t know, this place reminds me of a really weird movie I shot last summer. It’s called, “I’m Scared of
the Movie I Shot Last Summer”. – What happened in it? – Basically, all of these
kids got tricked into going to a really frightening camp with no food, and
monsters, with no escape! – Okay, kids, let’s go back to the bunks. – Have fun! See ya later! (chuckling) – You know, this whole
thing seemed terrible. But Desiree, she seemed solid, so I thought she would make it all better. – Um, okay, so this is the girls’ cabin. I know it looks bad, but
believe me, you guys, the boys’ cabin is much worse. Shall we go in? – Yeah, okay. (rattling) – Oh my God, snaaaaake! (screaming) – [Announcer] Next up on “Mani”… – You expect us to sleep here? – Guys, we need to figure out
how to get out of here ASAP. – I’ve got a plan. (can spraying)

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