MARCAHUASI, How to Get There WITHOUT TOURS // Lodging – Camping
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MARCAHUASI, How to Get There WITHOUT TOURS // Lodging – Camping

Hi, I am Lorenzo Mora and I am Maria Lucero We are going to Chota avenue In that place we’ll take the minivan to Chosica city In Chosica We are between Trujillo avenue and Libertad avenue Two blocks from Echenique Park We’ ll take the bus to San Pedro de Casta town The ticket costs 15 soles ($4.50) Here We go You can do adventure sports in this place 100% Recommended After two hours, we’ve finally arrived there are only 2 hostels in the town this is the most recommendable and known It has a restaurant as well We are in the “Hotel Municipal” it is located in front of the main square of the town We’ve rented a single room because there are not more rooms avalaible this room has a shared restroom and hot water If you come earlier, you can rent a better room We are going to the Tourist Office,in front of the main square of the town. We sign in here and pay the entrance fee to the plateau We received the brochure with the map incluided The history of the town dates of the Independence Day It was considered a native community, that denomination changed during the Juan Alvarado Goverment in 1969 My mom is happy, it makes me feel good too Before the sunset, we’ll take a walk in the town We are going to the viewer A friend welcomes us Good afternoon Mr Donkey, how are you? Welcome to San Pedro
-Thank You very much you are friendly Eat your alfalfa to get strong and resist the cold Let me take you to Marcahuasi so you won’t get tired – You are a gentleman and handsome, take care Houses preserve their old balconies and there are cobbled streets yet It’s already evening, it’s time for us to get warm with a “mote” soup The temperature has dropped quickly We’ll depart early to the plateau tomorrow You can go to Marcahuasi hiking, riding a horse or a donkey, also by car We chose getting there by car because it takes around 40 minutes. It takes four hours on foot, for the local inhabitants it takes 2 hours, if you are not aclimatized to the altitude it may take you 5 hours to get there Parking lot The car driver has dropped us off half an hour away to the plateau It’s too cold This is the steepest section part of the trail Lucky me, I have a super power mom the ascent was quiet tiring but, I know it’s worth it Today is Sunday and the camping zone is crowded there are restrooms and you can rent tents, blankets, firewood, etc if you want to camp Marcahuasi is located at 4000 above sea level and it is known for curious shapes of human and animal faces visible in the granite rocks there are many theories explaining the origin like the one based on erosion or even one stating that they were made by aliens What is true is that we found on our way this preinca “chullpas” (funeral tower), for many these are the vestiges of the masma culture the one that built this curious shapes Some meters from there, We arrived to the most representative shape The Monument to Man kind We met four brave girls on the way they had camped the night before So, we joined them in this adventure Now, we are going to the Cachu Cachu lagoon Seals Valley The frog Attention! Keep your distance from the kliffs “C” (cliffs) The Turtle Black lagoon (It was dry) And we are here after 40 minutes walking from the camping zone After going up and down the hills, we made it You can do it and don’t miss this fascinating view It has been an excellent experience this is a misterious place where nature and humans worked together creating enormous and amazing works of art that still amaze us even nowadays It has been a challenge to get here I feel grateful and at peace with myself Age is only a number If I can do it, you too


  • Shirley Yernis

    Una maravilla natural, sorprende, místico y enigmático. Excelente video, y como dice tu mami la edad es solo un número. Visiten Marcahuasi, no se arrepentirán.

  • dagnet huerta

    Me encantó ¡¡¡ desde principio a fin todo un capo ¡¡¡ voy a ver todos tus vídeos amigo ¡¡¡ esto es lo tuyo 😁😊

  • Ismael Arias

    El mejor video de ruta a Marcahuasi, los demás chibolos desperdician su cámara, neofilicos poser… Me encanto la conversación de tu mama con el burrito, que exactaso jajaja

  • Julio Maeda

    Hola Lorenzo! hola María Lucero!
    Recontra chévere su video!, y super chévere los datos que nos dejas en la descripción.

    Lorenzo, el ver a tu mamá power me está animando a volver a este lugar (a la meseta llegué a subir y acampar un par de veces, pero de eso ya hace muuuuchos años. En aquellos tiempos no habían tantas "facilidades" y "comodidades" como lo estoy viendo en el video ahora).

    Me gustaría volver a visitar Marcahuasi, pero esta vez con mi esposa. Tu paseo con tu mamá se ajusta a lo que yo quisiera.
    Sin tour, sin prisas, todo al ritmo que nosotros decidamos darle.

    Por favor, tengo dos inquietudes:
    1.- ¿Por si acaso sabes si había alguna posibilidad de comunicarse con el hospedaje municipal para hacer una reserva con anticipación?
    2.- ¿El alquiler de las carpas y sleeping se hacía antes de subir a la meseta o también en la misma meseta ofrecían el alquiler de estos equipos?

    Muchas gracias por la respuesta que puedas darme.
    Muchísimas gracias por compartir tu video, sus experiencias, sus detalles y tips de viaje.

  • jose luis

    Amigo buenas una consulta uds.subieron a las 6am a la meseta verdad?el auto les dejó a media hora de la meseta.como hicieron para regresar el auto les esperó o como hicieron.apropo q días es recomendable ir para q haya movilidad ida y vuelta.muchas gracias y saludos

  • Alonso Montoya

    buen video, pero lo que realmente me gusto, es que compartas esos momentos con tu vieja, un abrazo grande chabon!

  • Goalkeepers Cracks

    Buenas amigo! Tengo una pregunta, he estado investigando y algunas fuentes dicen que los viajes de chosica a San Pedro de casta solo son a horas específicas (7 y 8 de la mañana), es así? O hay salidas a cualquier hora? Por favor 🙂

  • Abigail Dalila Guillermo Carhuaricra

    Hola, me encanto el vídeo. Quisiera saber si la atención en Marcahuasi son todos los días de la semana (L M M J V) o solo fin de semana?

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