Marmot Tungsten 3P Backpacking Tent
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Marmot Tungsten 3P Backpacking Tent

Affordable, roomy and very easy to set up,
the Marmot Tungsten Three Person Tent is the perfect option for camping or backpacking
when you have got three people to split up the weight between the tent. We will take
a look at all the features and what makes this tent so great. A unique feature about the pole structure
of this tent is that on all corners you have pre bent knees on these aluminum DAC poles.
So they are aluminum poles, very durable. And you have two poles that cross over one
another with a hub in the middle. And then you have also got a brown pole right here.
This is a different color pole. It brings the side walls of the tent up to be a little
bit more vertical. So you have a lot of livable space above you in the tent. And the neat
thing about these pre bent knees that we talked about is it brings the corners of the tent
out to be a little bit more spacious so that the four corners of the tent you have a lot
more usable space. If you think about a regular tent that is more of an A frame style, those
corners are virtually useless space. So with these pre bent knees it gives you a lot more
livable space inside the tent. If we look at the water proof floor, the floor
of this tent is a very durable, 68 D polyester material. You have got 68 D polyester taffeta
material up here. And this is kind of an angled material. It gives you a little bit more privacy
over here. But on that side you have got a lot more ventilation and then up here you
have no-see-um mesh that is going to keep the weight of the tent down and let it be
a little bit more breathable in warmer temperatures. Down here on the floor the seam on the edge
here is cut up to be above the ground. So this is cantenary cut. It is intentional.
It leaves that seam up off the ground so that you are not going to get ground water in through
that seam. This is a free standing tent. So it is very
easy to set up. Once you put the poles into each of the grommets, it is really easy clip
system here. So you just clip the poles to the tent body and it pitches really easily
that way. You also have color coded clips here on the front of the tent. And it is a
pretty symmetrical tent. You have two doors and two vestibules. But one of the vestibules
is a little bit bigger. So that is what it would use as my front door, access in and
out of the tent. And the front of this does have two red little pieces of nylon webbing
in the front. You also have red tabs on the rain fly. So you can orient the rain fly on
the tent the first time every time. It makes it really easy that way. And while we are
talking about the doors, you have two really wide open D shaped doors. On the zipper here
you have jingle free zipper pulls. So if it is windy at night that is not going to keep
you up. You open the door here and just roll it back and see how much interior space there
is. On the interior of the tent you certainly
have a lot of room. This would be a great two person camping tent if you want sprawling
comfort, you want a lot of room in there. But there is certainly enough room for three
campers or three backpackers. This tent is 90 inches long by 66 inches wide.
And with a 20 inch wide sleeping mat, you can certainly get three people in here comfortably.
With those two doors you don’t have to worry about crawling over each other to get out
of the tent. But some other livability, you have got pockets here on either side of the
door. I have got a pocket over here as well. And what is convenient about that, if you
just zip open the door, you can tuck it in the pocket really quickly if you need to get
stuff in and out of it, but you can also roll back the door like I have here with this toggle. You have a 46 inch peak height here with this
tent. And there are gear attachment points in the top. So you could hang gear if you
needed to. And there is also lamp shade pockets in this tent. So it is a really convenient
little pocket, one here and one there in the corner. And that is great if you put a head
lamp in there. It really diffuses the light and makes a really great even light inside
the tent. If I get all the way into the tent, you can
see how much sprawling room there is. So if you are splitting up the weight between three
backpackers, this could be a backpackable option, but I see this more as a camping tent. With this sprawling room in here you definitely
have room to sit up in the tent and with those bent knees on the corners, you… it makes
it feel a little bit more livable inside the tent here. We are going to put the rain fly on and talk
about the features of that. There is a standard, full coverage rain fly,
meaning that all of the corners of the tent go down around each side of the tent. So you
don’t have to worry about wind, getting water inside the tent if it is really windy
and rainy. This is a completely waterproof and seam taped rain fly. And the material
here is 68 D so there is a lot of durability with that fabric as well. The features here: you have a vent on the
front and on the back. This vent is really convenient if you have got a pretty heavy
rain, but you need some ventilation still inside the tent. This vent can be accessed
from the inside, so you can open and close that from the interior of the tent. If you
really need to batten everything down and there is water coming through that, if you
have got some sideways rain, you can toggle that down from the inside and there is just
a piece of Velcro there. With the zipper on the rain fly, you have
a nice flap in front of that zipper so that is going to protect water from leaking in
through the flap. And you have a really big open vestibule here, so a vestibule on the
front and on the back of the tent. One thing I really like about this zipper
is you have a zipper from the top and the bottom. So I still have the bottom connected.
If you need to vent a little bit more from the top, you can do that as well. So this
provides a little bit more ventilation, a cross breeze through the tent. But if you
want to, you can zip this completely open and roll back the door. You can actually roll back that side as well.
And you can do the same thing on the other side of the vestibule. So if you want a really
nice cross breeze without having to take the rain fly off, you can do that. And then if
it starts to rain, you can just roll down the vestibule again. We have got this side of the vestibule rolled
back just to show the space on … underneath the vestibule. There is certainly enough space
for three people’s gear, so backpack and boots. On the other side you have a little
bit smaller of vestibule, but it certainly gives you a little bit more space. A couple of other key points to point out,
there are some guy out points and toggle points on this rain fly that help you to stake it
out a little bit more. So we are… we have a nice sunny day. It is not windy. I don’t
need to batten anything down here. So I don’t have any of those guy out lines staked out. Marmot gives you enough guy out lines and
stakes to pitch the tent really well. But they don’t include guy out lines and stakes
for every single point on this tent. So if you know you are really going to need to stake
out every point, if you are going to be into nasty weather, I would say: Just bring alone
some extra guy out lines and extra stakes. Marmot includes a custom fit footprint for
the Tungsten 3P tent, so this is going to protect the fabric of the tent. It is going
to allow you to get more years of use out of this tent. It also protects from ground
water and that sort of thing. So it adds a lot of value. A great option for camping or backpacking
if you are sharing the weight with three back-packers. This tent is very affordable. It is going
to give you a lot of protection from the elements. It is very roomy and easy to set up. It is
the Marmot Tungsten 3P Tent.


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