Marmot Tungsten tent review
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Marmot Tungsten tent review

Hello my name is Joff Summerfeld and
welcome to Iceland. This is another of my On the road reviews. Today are we talking about the Marmot
Tungsten one-person tent this is the first time I’ve used this on this trip
and now I’ve been sleeping in it for about 20 days. I have to say I’m very
impressed it’s not very big its light and it does the trick it’s not leaking
at all and I’ve had plenty of rain here in Iceland so the main thing is that it
doesn’t leak now temperature-wise here it has been cold and with this type
of tent because the wind can blow underneath you do feel the wind inside
so maybe maybe not a single skin tent would’ve been better for the cooler
temperatures but that being said I haven’t been cold so as far as
the tents concerned I’m very impressed actually and it’s
still not leaking we’ll see how the rest of the tip goes got about another 15
days to go. It’s day 25 and I’m pretty close to Reykjavik now and a quick
update on the Marmot tent this is the problem as you
can see there it’s broken a pole so I’ve used this tent effectively 25 times and
I know how to put a tent up and this was a big thumbs up for this tent up until this
point but I’m afraid now it’s a major thumbs down because 25 uses is not
acceptable to break a pole it does come with a repair kit which I thought was
great but I wouldn’t have to use it you know I’ve been setting the tent up
properly 25 goes is not acceptable or what if you’d been out in the woods
or a long way away from anywhere you’d be stuffed now so unfortunately it was a
good tent has become a bad tent so I can’t recommend it now I’m afraid so
there you go yet another update on the tent front I’m not putting the tent up
again I just checked all the other joints on
the tent poles and about seven of them are all cracked so luckily I’ve got some
Gorilla Tape with me so I’ve taped them all up to try and keep them together but
they’re all cracked they’re saving basically a few ounces and making these
super lightweight poles but it’s not going to last it’s useless
so unfortunately all I can say is don’t buy the tent which is a real shame
because otherwise it was a really nice little ten light weight but can’t
recommend it at all don’t buy it really which is a shame I mean check out the
links and see what other people have found as well but this is why these On
on the road reviews are great because I’m properly using it you know
it’s something if you used it once you know once a month for a couple
of nights it will take a long time for you to discover the problem but I’ve
discovered it sort of fairly quickly so it’s rubbish there you go
please subscribe below and check out the links for the tent to see how much it
costs I think is about normally around about $180. Thanks very much

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  • Corso

    Hi Joff, do you plan to contact Marmot customer service? I’d be curious to see how they handle the issue. On a side note, I for one would love a quick update or montage of your ride in each video. Thanks for the vids.

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