Mask (8/10) Movie CLIP – Rocky & Diana (1985) HD
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Mask (8/10) Movie CLIP – Rocky & Diana (1985) HD

Me and Ben are gonna ride
motorcycles across Europe. Yeah? Wow.
That’s so neat. My parents
are so overprotective. My mom is very…
modern. Yeah? Did she
name you Rocky? Yeah. My real name
is Roy. Roy?
When I was a kid, I used to like
to rock back and forth
in the crib. So she started
calling me Rocky. I like that.
Hey, you two.
There’s one apple left.You guys wanna share it?
Yeah. Thanks. Thanks, Maria.
Here. I’ll cut it
in half. I wanna
show you something. Rocky, what do you look like?
Describe yourself to me. Well, it’s too bad you’ve
never seen any pictures
of the Greek god Adonis, ’cause I kinda look like him. Wow, he was supposed
to be gorgeous. He was. Uh, we are. Here.
Geez.See the star?Five-pointed star
is supposed to be lucky. Diana, I don’t look like Adonis. I’ve got
this real strange disease, and it makes my face
look real unreal. Come on, Rocky.
Don’t be a chicken. You look pretty good to me. My mom says that I
look like a lion. She… She says that I was
a lion in a past life
or something, and it got left over. That’s funny.[Maria]
Hey, you two.Show us your pearly whites.Great.
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