Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.12 Part. 1 [SUB : ENG/2019.10.01]

(Last week) I heard there are surprising participants today as well. Some go a long way back with Heechul and Sugeun. I might start crying right now. (It’s time to reveal the male participants at last!) Why are you here? I’m here to find love. (Jinho, please do your spot-on impression) (You want me to do that here?) (Jinho, the comedian, is here to find love) (But he goes overboard with his impression) (Eyes like a mad man) (How do we react to this?) That was when everything began to go wrong. (Another man that started off wrong) (We’ve never seen Hyuksoo like this before) (He must be nervous) He wasn’t like this earlier. I really just don’t know what to do. It was so awkward. The last time I’ve done this was in my first year of university. I haven’t done this in 14 years. Please at least do your sweet pumpkin potato line. (Sweet pumpkin potato!) (Cheondung, the singer, entered shyly) I’m hoping to meet my destined lover here. (Sincerely impressed) (Laughing) (And the one that made Heechul speechless) (Kibum hasn’t been on TV in the last 2 years) (Immediately after the episode was aired) (He was the most-searched term online) (Heechul is like Kibum’s mom, caring for him) (Kibum, fix your name tag) (He even fixes the name tag for Kibum) (Awkward) The reason I’m here is because I really want to date. (Kibum is 100 percent serious about this show) (Whose name did everyone say in the Love Tent?) (I like Kibum) (Kibum) (Kibum) (Most of the ladies chose Kibum) I want to change his personality. His smile is so beautiful. He seems the most sincere. Your 3 minutes start now. (The ladies begin to show off their charms to him) How was my first impression? My blood type is B. Really? All the men I used to like had blood type B. I’m not wearing any makeup right now. (Did that work?) (She’s embarrassed for trying too hard) Isn’t it a little less uncomfortable now? We ate together before. (Then how do the guys think?) Sikyeong. Sikyeong. (All the guys like Bread-lover Sikyeong!) (When she was talking to other men) (Even Kibum, who’s shy, began throwing looks) (Feeling anxious) (What are they talking about?) (What will be the result of this love battle?) (Then it was time for the Mart Date with their partners) She just looked pretty to me. (They found similarities through conversations) (They also shared deep thoughts) I don’t like anyone anymore. (Except for Hyuksoo, who didn’t get matched) (Facing the cold reality) You may put your badge in the box of the person you like. I don’t know who I should pick. (They thought over this a countless number of times) (Who do they have feelings for now?) (I choose her) (Matching Survival 1 Plus 1 begins now!) Did your dates go well? – None of you look too happy. / – It went well. Hyuksoo, did you enjoy your date? I had a great time alone. (Poor guy) It’s now time for mid-course selection. Pitter-Patter Love Box! (Pitter-Patter Love Box) It’s time for Pitter-Patter Love Box. I thought I’d add a little flair in since everybody looks so down today. Everyone, there are four Love Boxes in the booth, one for every participant. Please put your heart badge inside the box that belongs to the person of your interest. It’s going to be strictly confidential. Then why don’t we have Kibum go first since he went on a date with two ladies? – You may go now. / – That way. (Heading to the Love Box) (Kibum leaves, reflecting on all the dates he had) (All the ladies’ eyes are on him) (I guess this is where I vote) (Clueless) (Where do I enter?) Where do I enter? (He can’t find the entrance) (There’s even a camera in here!) It’s been over a decade since Kibum debuted, but he’s still clueless. Please take good care of him. (He’s still getting used to variety shows) (I need to vote now) (Love Box that’ll show how he feels) (To whom will his heart badge go to?) I really connected with Sikyeong and Hyejin. (Sikyeong and Hyejin) (He gathered the courage to ask questions) (And to express his interest in Hyejin) You’re really good at speaking. (The other lady in his mind is Bread-lover Sikyeong) (When she’s talking all excited) (Kibum was completely immersed in her charms) (Kibum put his heart badge in a Love Box) Done. I choose this woman. (Who did Kibum vote for?) (Next up is Jinho) This is just a mid-course selection, right? Yes. He must be really nervous, his voice is cracking. You think I never crack my voice? How was your date with Jinho? I thought he’d be very energetic and all excited… – But he wasn’t. / – He’s quite serious. He’s really good to his girlfriends. I’ve met some of them before. (I see…) Why would you tell them that? (I was just trying to help) Sorry, Jinho, I was just trying to help. I think I’ve failed you. (We’ll keep that in mind) (Not knowing anything, he came to vote) There are four ladies, but my heart goes to… The lady who I got to know more by talking to her. (He talked to Sikyeong during preference matching) What’s your favorite food? (He got to know her better by talking to her) (Then he went on a Mart Date with Ayun) (And Jinho was attracted by her unique personality) (He votes for the one he wants to get to know better) (The next voter is Cheondung) At first, someone else stood out in my eyes, but after some talking, I think I got closer to this particular person. (Cheondung is deciding between the two ladies) (Who did Cheondung vote for?) (Laughing) (What does his laughter mean?) Does Hyuksoo get to vote as well? – Is that right? / – It’s because… – He gets a vote as well? / – Yes. – He does. / – Everyone has a right to vote. – I can vote. / – I’m sorry. I thought you didn’t have a vote. Hyuksoo, you may go up now. You haven’t gone on a date with anyone yet, have you? Do you want a break? (Hyuksoo was alone during the Mart Date) I want to watch Kibum. (Hyuksoo watched Kibum and his 2 ladies) (Who stole Hyuksoo’s heart?) (Voting finished) (Who did Hyuksoo vote for?) It’s time for the ladies now. Ayun, you can go up first. Okay. (Have fun!) (Who will she pick?) (She heads to vote, leaving everyone curious) Jinho, you went on a date with Ayun, right? Yes. How’s Ayun? She’s really energetic. I felt like she took the lead. Don’t you like that? – I do, I really do. / – I see. So this is the Love Box. (Love Boxes are aligned neatly on the table) This is really difficult. (Unable to make the decision) I’ll vote now. (I’ll vote now) (I’ve made my choice!) (The second voter is Fly Mun Hyejin) (This is difficult) After the two dates, I thought I’d be sure of my mind. But it’s gotten even more confusing. I feel attracted to people who can do things I can’t. I’m quiet and boring. I really want to make Kibum a bright person. The world is a beautiful place, so we can explore it together and make great memories. I hit my head on the TV stand when I was younger. Cheondung told me even the smallest things about himself, and he seemed very sincere. I think Cheondung is a great person. I thought, why not give him a chance? (Who did she pick?) (Next up is Elegant Lee Ain) Who should I vote for? (Who will her heart badge go to?) Eat some songpyeon since it’s Chuseok. (She subtly expressed her interest in one of the guys) (And that’s none other than Cheondung) (Does she still have a crush on Cheondung?) (Next up is Bread-lover Kim Sikyeong) (Indecisive) Who do I vote for? (Who will she vote for?) (Who’s making her this indecisive?) Hyuksoo. He’s such a funny man and he has positive energy. That’s what made me become interested in him. My ideal type is someone like Hyuksoo and that’s who I was attracted to at first. You have to fit it in one mouthful. (Taking a big bite) Even when he was feeling so nervous, he really ate the skewer in a bite. I thought that was so innocent of him. He was adorable. I think I got to see how sincere he is. (Voting is complete) Everyone has voted now. This concludes the mid-course selection. Let’s get the Love Boxes here now. We’re checking right away? What if I didn’t get any votes? Kibum, please come up. – Me? / – Yes, come up. (Nervous) We’re checking now? You can sit here. Is this your Love Box? (The first Love Box is handed with much anticipation) (I think I’m more nervous for him) (The Love Box is open now!) (What will be the result?) Yes! (Impressed) He’s impressed. (Look at him react) How do you feel… – After checking your Love Box? / – I’m very happy. – Are you satisfied? / – Yes. What a good actor you are. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to date. You may go back now. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to date. You may go back now. – Jinho, please come up. / – Jinho is popular. You can pretend to have no votes, or pretend that you have lots of votes. I’m so nervous. (I can’t watch this) (Shuts the box close) – I want to see more. / – Why? Let him be! (I’m also curious) Look at that. (He finally gets to check at last) Look at that. (I see) I’m very happy with this. – Is that so? / – Yes. – You’re satisfied by this? / – Yes. (How many votes did he get?) Next up is Cheondung. (It’s time to check Cheondung’s Box) It’s so nerve-wracking to sit here. Honestly, it’d be so painful if Cheondung didn’t get any votes. Don’t say that. (As soon as he entered) (Everyone was cheering so loudly) (Fascinated) (All the ladies were interested in Cheondung at first) (Did Cheondung get any votes?) Right. It keeps making you look, right? It makes you look deeper in the box to see if there’s anything else. Love Boxes make you do that. It makes you search deep inside the Love Box to see for more. – Good. / – Are you happy? Sure. I’m satisfied. – I see. / – This is still early. – Hyuksoo. / – Should I check? Yes, go on. (What’s in Hyuksoo’s Love Box?) (I want to see too) (Watching closely) (Oh, my gosh) (I see) (Bursting into laughter) (What’s he trying to pull?) (Highly curious about Hyuksoo’s Love Box result) Now, we will find out who’s got the most votes. We’ll check now and announce it. What will happen to the winners? They will get a date with the number of ladies that is the same as the number of their votes. Alright, I’m going to announce the male winner. (Who’s the male winner?) (What’s wrong?) (What’s with that reaction?) The male winner, the most popular guy on Matching Survival 1 Plus 1. It feels like you’re closing the show. The male winner is… (Drum-roll) (Their tensions are escalating) (I want to be the winner) (Curious) It’s Kibum. (The most popular guy is Kim Kibum) (Congratulations) Stop pretending to be surprised. So come out of the house more often. “Come out of the house,” that’s funny. Thank you, Matching Survival 1 Plus 1, for pulling Kibum out of the house. Thank you. (Feeling great) How do you feel? I feel great. – He must be thrilled. / – What worried me the most… Was that I would get none. Everyone would be the same. First of all, the male winner Kim Kibum with two votes will choose two ladies for the Mart Date. This is nerve-racking too. Pick two ladies. (Kibum approaches the ladies) (Cautious) I’ll vote for Kibum. I chose Kibum. (These two ladies voted for Kibum) (Will Kibum choose them?) (He’s between Mun Hyejin and Lee Ayun) (Feeling proud) (They’re getting nervous) (What’s in his mind at this moment?) Is this a good thing? I don’t think it’s a privilege. It’s a kind of situation where I have to reveal who I like. I’m in big trouble. (Who is Kibum going to choose?) Could you please come with me to the Mart Date? Hyejin. (It’s Fly Mun Hyejin) (Shy) (Nodding) – It was Hyejin. / – Hyejin and? (Who will be his another date?) (All the eyes on her) Would you like to go to mart with me? – Yes. / – Gosh. (What’s the reason behind the choice?) At first, when we ate five-colored skewers together, Jinho asked them a lot of questions. So I’ve naturally got to know them quite well. The way they talk was very well-matched with their age. They sounded somewhat pure and innocent. Which is very different from me. So that’s probably why I chose those two. (What will happen at the Mart Date?) Shall we go? Let’s go. I can smell fruit. (Kibum and the two ladies start their Mart Date) – You said you don’t like sweets. / – Yes. Then you don’t normally eat fruit either? The only fruit I eat is mandarins. Mandarin? Because it’s so convenient to eat in your bed? (Meanwhile, the others watch them on the screen) These are the participants that were at the skewers’ table with me in the beginning. (During the first preference matching) It feels so awkward. Aren’t you getting indigestion? (Kibum had a deep and honest talk with the ladies) (They shared the same preference) Judging from the fact that Kibum chose the same ladies, he must’ve enjoyed the time earlier. – That’s possible. / – Right. One thing he didn’t like was you. – Get lost. / – Lee Jinho, go away. You should’ve left them alone. I know, right? You should’ve sensed that. I shouldn’t have been on this show at all. (Laughing) My sentiments exactly. (The same thoughts) This one. What do you usually buy when you go camping? – I buy sausages, veggies, and meat. / – I see. – That’s what I usually buy. / – Same here. Sausages, instant noodles, and alcohol. (Where should we start?) What else, sausages? Sausages, right. Let’s go buy some sausages. Okay. It’s over there. Alright. (What is he thinking right now?) What should I do? If I’m only nice to one person, they might get the wrong idea. If I’m nice to both of them, I might look like a player. This is not easy. (Matching Survival 1 Plus 1 is not easy) Don’t you think the winner is at a disadvantage? Why do you think so? Because I revealed my feelings. (I revealed my feelings) (Kibum naturally says how he feels) Don’t be ridiculous. Should we buy this? Here are some sausages. (He gets sullen at their cold reaction) What about this? – Look at him. / – He’s acting cute. (Is he trying to look cute?) This is… – His strategy to look cute. / – I see. I have a cute side too. (It turns out Kibum is such a cutie-pie) Which one should we take? This one or that one? (He’s cute when picking up items) – Dumplings. / – Dumplings? (He’s cute when he says what he wants) Actually, everyone likes different drinks… (Sending a signal) (Over and over again) (But no one even notices) You like garlic? (Trying to meet her eye) No, it’s not for me. (But she didn’t notice again) (Awkward) (Turning around) (Here comes the chance!) (Thrilling eye contact succeeded) (That was natural) What do you say to noodles? – Good. / – Let’s go. Here’s the noodle section. Which one do we buy? Let’s count three. Pick one each. – Okay? / – Okay. – 1, 2, 3. / – 1, 2, 3. (Three of them pick three different noodles) – No wonder. / – Gosh, we all picked different ones. While picking the cup noodles… – Gosh. / – Should we copy them? 1, 2, 3. (What’s so funny about selecting the cup noodles?) – What’s this? / – Cup noodles are so funny. I really don’t get what’s so funny. (What’s so funny?) (Jealousy makes them more focused) – He’s pouting lips again. / – Look. Kibum keeps trying to make a cute face. That’s his trick. This is nice. Now it’s getting fun. When I watched it alone, it wasn’t remotely fun. – Were you watching it alone there? / – Yes, I was. I wondered what you were doing there. Back then, I wished the world to get destroyed. (Laughing) – They’re so innocent it makes me smile. / – True. – I don’t mind sitting and watching. / – It’s fun. (At this moment in time, I’m the lead actor) Why don’t we pick one of our favorite items each? – Sounds good. / – Your personal favorite. Okay. – Alright. / – Okay. Let’s start with Sikyeong. Then I’ll pick mine from here. What is it? (What’s the favorite of Bread-lover Kim Sikyeong?) I’ll buy chocolate bread. Chocolate bread. Because I’m the bread-lover. What about you, Hyejin? What’s your favorite? (What’s her favorite food?) Well, I like this kind of frozen snack. – See? Women like this frozen stuff. / – I see. Chicken feet? Am I right? – I just said what I like. / – Let’s get one then. (Mart Date is fun as they get to know each other) Is one enough? (Feels like he’ll buy anything for them) Cheese looks yummy too. No, you can’t. He was strict for the first time. – He took the lead. / – Gosh, for the first time. Follow my lead. (Follow my lead) Thank goodness Kibum talks a lot. – His face lit up. / – That’s true. There’s meat! Here, this way. (A smile has spread over Kibum’s face) Which meat do you guys like? – Of course, it’s pork belly. / – That’s right. – Alright. / – What about beef loin? – Okay. / – You want beef loin too? – This one? / – No, this one. What about that one? Look at that over there. Let’s get some lettuce. You said you liked lettuce earlier. Here it is. Right. – Should we take these two? / – Yes. – Gosh. / – Alright. Hyejin is much quieter compared to when she started the date. Right. When she was on a date with me, she led the time as if she were the host. She seems like a third-wheel between the couple. (Fly Hyejin has zipped her mouth) It’s heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking. (Her date breaks Cheondung’s heart) What about kimchi? – Kimchi… / – We definitely need one. Right. We need kimchi. There are all sorts from young radish to Chinese cabbage kimchi. In 1, 2, 3. – Cabbage kimchi. / – Cabbage kimchi. (Only Kibum and Sikyeong said it at the same time) Why didn’t you say anything? I didn’t notice them sending signals to each other, but I have that woman’s instinct. I somehow… Thought I shouldn’t be there. (Maybe I shouldn’t be here) (Why did she think this way?) By the way, earlier you said it’s not that good to be in the first place. – Right. / – Because you were caught? Did you say that because you had to make a choice? (He just laughs as if he’s embarrassed) I mean, it’s understandable. Gosh, was it that obvious? You could tell? Gosh, I can’t believe it. (He’s the shiest when finding love) Would you like to share it with us? I really wanted to ask this. Did you… Well… Did you really join the show to find love? (Did you really join the show to find love?) – Of course. / – Right. Right, I thought we’d be the same. There were a few people who found love in the previous episodes. But I’m really curious what’d happen if we really become a couple from here. Me too. (He’s trying to remain nonchalant) Shall we go camping? (What’s this sudden mood change?) – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (The end of the date) Thank you. – They must be over. / – That’s not it. Kibum ended the date because he felt awkward. He ended it. (Why did he do that?) (Time to announce the ladies’ 1st place) Now, I’ll announce the first place of the female participants. Who is the most popular female participant? It’s Clueless Princess Lee Ayun! – Really? / – Yes, it’s you. You’re in the first place. You’ve received two hearts. You can ask two guys out for a date. (Who are the 2 guys she picked?) (She seems nervous) (And the guys are approaching) Welcome, welcome. (They’re Kwun Hyuksoo and Lee Jinho) Hello, hello. – Hello. / – Get in. (They have gathered to grocery shop) What? I won’t fit in there. It’s too small. Just put yourself in there, we’ll take care of the rest. Good job. I’ve watched it well. – You were watching? / – I can see and hear. (You’ve seen everything?) – Even our conversations? / – Yes. You seemed much brighter than when you were here. – Really? / – Yes. Gosh, that’s embarrassing. It was fun. (Don’t worry) I think you’re going to feel different when you watch this. (Now you can relax and enjoy) We should buy the items that the earlier team missed. They bought meat earlier… Why don’t we grill a pineapple? Let’s grill a pineapple. Let’s grill a pineapple. You can grill a pineapple? – Yes, we can. / – Is it good? – Really? I’ve never tried it. / – Yes. Really? Then you’ll experience a whole new world. No way. (Expectant) What about these things? They didn’t get any paste earlier. I don’t think they bought it. I’ll get a big one. It’s the seasoned sauce. (Is he showing off his charm as a sweet husband?) Shepherd’s purse. It looks good. Yes, Shepherd’s purse. – Two of these. / – We’re getting two? Cheese sausages? – Cheese? Sounds nice. / – That sounds nice. They’ll definitely have the bacon if it’s there. They don’t if it’s not there, but they’d definitely eat well. Hyuksoo really looks like he’s grocery shopping. The lady’s face doesn’t seem that happy. She’s left alone. And they’re not even in the frame. Let’s have something sweet. Let’s get white wine recommended by Hyuksoo. Earlier, I had a date with Ayun. And she said she likes red wine. – Red wine. / – Red wine? Red wine? In order to buy a good red wine… This type is quite nice. It’s quite sweet and delicious. – Let’s pick this one. / – It’s quite expensive. Yes, it is. We should make good use of this opportunity and drink it. Ayun seems excited. (I’m loving this!) (He smiles without a reason) Boiled meat sounds good. There are many meat products if you like meat. But we have to check if there’s a microwave available. So this has to be microwaved, right? Gosh, he’s reaching for something high up there. – Come on. / – When I try to get something high up… And a guy comes over and gets it for me, I get fluttered. He’d put his hand like this to protect me. Like I’m trying to grab it but I can’t and he grabs it from behind me. (Screaming) (Like this?) Is it written there? (Is their relationship firing up?) (The guys’ competitiveness also firing up?) This is so fun. Are you having fun? Choose whatever you want. – Shall we have a cup of coffee? / – Yes. What kind of coffee do you prefer? They have this thing. Gosh, do you know this brand? – What is it? / – I told you about it earlier. It’s the coconut latte. Vietnamese coffee, right? Let’s get this one. Earlier, Ayun told me that this is good. – This one? / – We have to get it then. (I’ll give the coffee first) (What?) (Hyuksoo was faster than Jinho) Alright. (Bitter Jinho suggests to clink instead) – Here. / – Cheers. (Does Hyuksoo have the upper hand now?) – The atmosphere suddenly changed. / – It did. No. – Oh, no, Jinho. / – Don’t let him steal your girl. He has to cheer up a little. He shouldn’t give up. Yeah, he shouldn’t give up. (This is like Jinho’s fan club) (The Mart Date was enjoyable) (They had a chance to check each other’s feelings) (The end of the date) This time, you can have a one-on-one date. So let’s play the Ladder of Fate. The Ladder of Fate. What’s important is that it’d be nice if you get the partner you already like. – Right. / – No one knows… Which number belongs to who. Please accept this as your fate. Male participants, please come forward and randomly draw lines. Kibum, please come up here. I’ll go with number one. Three. I don’t think it matters much. I’ll pick number four. (Jinho picks number four) For Cheondung, we’ll give you pink. The last one is always the dramatic one. (The Ladder of Fate) Alright, let’s start with Kibum. Alright. Let’s start. Can’t you color it with red? (Nervous) (When he was picking partners for the Mart Date) (He picked Sikyeong and Hyejin) (Is his fate among these two ladies?) (Kibum is matched up with number four) Will the result be the same as the one he’s hoping for? – In 1, 2, 3. / – In 1, 2, 3. It’s Fly Mun Hyejin. (Mun Hyejin and Kim Kibum are matched) You can have a one-on-one date with Hyejin. It’s a one-on-one date. (Sad) Next is Cheondung. Let’s do Cheondung’s. Alright then. I’ll follow the lines now. Who does Cheondung have in his heart? (Glancing) Cheondung was the type of guy I wanted to know more about. Will it be her? Will the line end up in her spot? It’s number one! (Cheondung is matched up with number 1) Let’s start. (Will fate bring them together?) – In 1, 2, 3. / – 3! I hope it’s… (Elegant Lee Ain) (Lee Ain and Cheondung are matched) It’s Cheondung and Lee Ain. For the last two, we’ll reveal them at the same time. Let’s reveal them simultaneously. (What will be the destiny of these four people?) (The Ladder of Fate) Alright, we’ll reveal them at the same time. – In 1, 2, 3. / – 3! (Lee Jinho and Kim Sikyeong) (Kwun Hyuksoo and Lee Ayun) – Hyuksoo, you’ll be… / – With Clueless Princess. Jinho is partnered with Bread-lover Sikyeong, right? (Kim Sikyeong and Lee Jinho are matched) Everyone, from now, you’ll enjoy a one-on-one date. There are many who change their thoughts here. We always had such couples for real. Alright, let’s go and reveal more charms. Let’s go! (Let’s go on a 1-on-1 date) This is the most important part.

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