Matt Damon Recounts Dangerous Vacation with Chris Hemsworth
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Matt Damon Recounts Dangerous Vacation with Chris Hemsworth

You went to Australia? I did. That wasn’t your first time? No, no. I’ve been there before,
but it was the first time I went to Byron Bay. We were visiting Chris
Hemsworth and his family, because we’re all friends. I mean, you and Chris
Hemsworth– people would freak out to see the two
of you together and walking around. Well, I mean, I kind
of hide pretty well. He can’t hide at all. Yeah, he’s a big guy. He’s a big guy, yeah. He sticks out in a crowd. Yeah. And a nice guy, too. He’s great. The whole family, just
really good brothers, right? They’re all great. Yeah, I’ve become buddies with
all three of the brothers. The whole family is great. Yeah. And you hung out in– did you
go like snorkeling and scuba diving and all that stuff? Are you– We went to the beach. We took the kids to the beach. It was funny,
because Australia is famous for having a lot
of poisonous things. And you know, I’m telling
my kids, don’t worry, you know, it’s fine. And Chris is all, it’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it. Come on over. And my daughter,
my six-year-old, got stung by a jellyfish
worse than anything. It was the worst thing. Oh, man. I mean, even Chris
said he was like, mate, that’s the worst thing
I’ve ever seen in my life. Like it was really bad. Where’d she get stung? She was in a little bit
of surf, like about a foot or two of water. So just like her leg? No, I think she– this thing like literally
wrapped around her. It was like this
little Blue Bottle with these long tentacles that– I mean, I could
show you pictures that would turn your head. I mean, she had like these
looked like shoelaces kind of. Red shoe laces around her. So you saw it was on her still? You had to get it off her? Oh, yeah, we pulled it off. Yeah. Yeah. Did you get stung
pulling it off? Yeah, a little bit,
but not like her. I mean, she was really– Did you pee on her? We did not. In fact– because that’s what
they say you’re supposed to do. But there is– It’s so weird to pee
on your daughter. I mean, I would think– Well, you know, she peed
on me enough in her life. But, no. In fact, there was
enough around her chest that a lot of the locals
said you should actually call the paramedics, because
you can go into shock. And so they showed up and
they said, actually hot water. Like if you put
her in a hot bath and just gently sponge
away– because they stick to you with these
little needles, basically. Like really painful. Well, I’m glad she’s OK.


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