Max & Ruby: Ruby’s Tower / Ruby’s Juice Bar / Max’s Tree Fort – Ep.72 | HD Cartoons
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Max & Ruby: Ruby’s Tower / Ruby’s Juice Bar / Max’s Tree Fort – Ep.72 | HD Cartoons

[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪]Max and Ruby…Ruby and her
little brother, Max…
[♪] [kids shouting]
Max and Ruby! [laughter] [sigh] Bounce. It looks like you won’t
be able to play with your ball
outside today, Max. Bounce! Basketballs
are for outside. You need a nice quiet indoor
activity on a rainy day. [sigh] I’ve already decided what
my rainy day activity is. I’m going to build a tower
that’s as tall as I am! Right here in the middle
of the living room. You’ll never guess what
I’m going to build it with. Spaghetti… Huh? And… Marshmallows! Mmmm! Isn’t that amazing? Bunny Scout Leader
showed us how to do it. This is what my tower’s going to
look like when it’s all done. See – these are the
pieces of spaghetti… …and you stick them into
the sticky marshmallows to join them together. Like this! Oh! I didn’t think you’d want
to help me build my tower. On second thought… Maybe building a tower of
spaghetti and marshmallows is a little too difficult
for little bunny brothers. I think you need to find
your own rainy day activity. I know! What about playing
knights and horses with your knight’s castle? I’m sure the knights and
horses are in there somewhere. [humming] Good! Now,
I can get started. Bounce! There. That’s a good start! [laughs] I see you found
my old paddleball. Bounce! That’s a great
rainy day activity. But I think you might
need a paddleball lesson. You’re supposed to hit
the ball with the paddle as many times as you can
without missing. Like this… [laughs]
Oops! Bounce! It takes a lot
of practice. But if you keep at it, I bet you’ll be able to hit it
five or six times in a row. Whoa! Why don’t you
practice over there, so you’re not too
close to my tower okay? [sigh] Thanks, Max. [laughs]
Bounce! [♪] [laughs] There. One more level is done. [gasp]
Whoa! Whew! These long pieces of
spaghetti sure are wobbly! Aaaah! [crunch] Oh no!
My spaghetti! Bounce! Yes, you’re getting better
at bouncing the ball. But you need to bounce it
far away from my tower. It’s very wobbly. [sigh] [groan] All my spaghetti
is broken in half. But if I make the rest
of the levels shorter, I might still be able
to finish my tower. And shorter levels
might not be so wobbly! [laughs] Bounce! There. Another level is done. Hmm… [siren] Red alert! Red alert! I am robot! Bounce! Nearly there! I just need another
level or two. Uh oh. I hope I have
enough spaghetti! Bounce! [humming] [♪] Eww! These marshmallows are
getting really sticky. Hmm. [chuckles] Oh they are really sticky! Phew… Hmm, one more level and my
tower will be as tall as me! Oh no! [sigh] That’s the end
of the spaghetti. [sigh] Well, I guess a tower
that’s almost as tall as me is almost as good as a tower
that’s just as tall as me.Bounce![♪] Max be careful where
you aim that ball! Bounce! My tower! [gasp]
Max! The tower! It’s taller than I am!
[giggles] I never would
have done it if you weren’t so good at
making that paddle ball… Bounce! A little bit more
that way, Louise. Perfect! Whew! A hot day like today is perfect
for our Juice Bar, Ruby. I know. And now we only
need one thing. BOTH:
Juice! [laughter] Let’s go! [laughter] [clatter] Max? Music! I don’t know if I’d
call that music, Max. But we can’t listen to
it right now anyway. We’re setting up
a juice bar to raise money
for Bunny Scouts! We’ll get lots of customers
on a hot, hot day like today! Whew! Come on, let’s get juicing! [clatter] We’ve got four different
flavours of juice – Orange, Grape… Lemonade and Cherry! Yum! All we have to do is add
water and stir them up. I’ll get some
spoons for stirring. And I’ll get
the pitchers. Music! [drumming]Sorry, Max,I need that can
to make juice. You can have the
cans for your music as soon as
we empty them. Orange… Grape… Lemonade and… Cherry! [laughter] Time to add water. I’ve got trays we can use
to take everything outside! Okay Ruby! [drumming] [sigh] Little brothers! Max, do you think you could
make your music outside? Thanks, Max. Music… I’ll stir the orange
and the grape juice. Okay, and I’ll stir the
lemonade and cherry! [drumming] I thought you got
spoons out for stirring. I did.[drumming]Max… [drumming] Max, I need those spoons
for stirring our juice. On second thought,
why don’t you keep them. I’ll find something
else to stir with. Have fun! [drumming] Hmm.
Music? Great idea to use a soup
ladle for stirring Ruby! We have to get our
juice bar up and running while the sun is hot,
and bunnies are thirsty! Oops! We nearly forgot! What? We can’t serve ice
cold juice without… BOTH: Ice!
[laughter] We should keep the
ice in the bucket until the very last
minute to keep it frozen. Good idea Ruby. Let’s get everything
on the trays first. [gasp]
Music! [grunting] Music… [clatter] [gasp] [clatter] Okay, time to put
the ice in. Where is it?[clatter]Max! Mu-sic! Mu-sic! That’s nice, but we need that ice
for our juice bar. There’s still some left
here in the bucket. Whew. Let’s go get set up! [clatter] Okay, I think
that’s everything. Ice cold juice… glasses… Container for money… Sign… And a nice hot day… BOTH:
Whew! There’s just one
thing we need. BOTH:
Customers! How are we going
to sell juice if nobunny knows
we’re here?Music![drumming] Max – you can’t make
music right now. We have to figure out how to let our customers
know we’re here! Uh, Ruby… Maybe Max should
keep playing. Look! BOTH:
Customers! Look at this juice bar! Oh, it’s just what I
need on a hot summer day. What flavour would
you like Grandma? Cherry, please! [coin clangs] Uh huh! Refreshing and delicious! Well done! You’re going to
raise lots of money for the Bunny Scouts
with this busy juice bar! But we would never
have been busy if it weren’t for Max
and his…Music![drumming] Doot doo-da doo-doo
Doo doo! Tree Fort!
Yah! Uh huh. It’s getting there, Max. Once we finish up this
end of the platform, we just have to
build the walls. Come on. Let’s get some
more wood. Okay, Louise, let’s find out
what we have to spot. Tree fort! Wow!It’s looking great, Max.While you and Roger
finish building,
Louise and I are
going to earn our Bunny Scout Wildlife
Spotting badges. Isn’t that exciting? Tree fort! [giggling] What animals do we need
for our badges, Ruby? Hmm. It looks like we have to spot three different types
of wildlife – a bird, a mammal
and an amphibian. Right. A bird, a mammal and an… amfimian? Am-phib-ian. Look. Mammals are animals
that usually have fur, like squirrels,
raccoons and mice. And you can spot amphibians because never have fur – like frogs and toads. I know what they are –
I just have trouble saying it! [laughing] [gasp]
Ruby! Look! [gasp]
Our first mammal! Oooh! We have to be
very, very quiet or we’ll scare it away
before we get a picture.Wait.It moved…Yes.
Oh no!Tree fort! I can’t see the squirrel. [gasp]
There it is! Max! Awwwww! Put it right here
by the other board, Max. Uh huh. Now let’s get the
rest of the wood. Did you see
where it went? [gasp]
What’s that over there? BOTH:
The squirrel! Oh no… Ok. Did you get
the picture? Not yet. One… two… I can’t see
the squirrel. [gasp]
There it is! Perfect! Be very, very quiet… 1, 2, 3 — [loud clatter] Oh no! [groaning] [loud clatter] Uh-huh. [loud clatter] Did you get the picture? No. And with all
that noise, I don’t think it’ll
be back for a while. Maybe we should look
for something else. How
about an afnimium… Anifumbi… Frog? [chuckles]
They like water. Come on –
let’s go to the creek! If you can hold it there,
I can hammer it in place. Tree fort! Uh huh! [gasp]
Look, Ruby. There! It’s Froggy! [croaks] Hold still Froggy.[croaks]He keeps hiding from me. [whispering]
Maybe if we move closer. But we have to be
very, very quiet. Okay…
1, 2, 3 – [hammering] [croaks] [groan] Are you nearly finished? I said are you nearly finished? What did you say, Ruby? It’s hard to hear you
over the… …hammering. Your hammering is
scaring away the animals. Louise and I
can’t take their… [hammering stops] …pictures. Oh.
Sorry. I’ll use my screwdriver
for the rest. It’s way quieter. Thanks, Roger! Bye! [knocking] I thought Roger was
going to stop hammering! Huh? He did stop! [gasp] [knocking] Look, Ruby! BOTH:
A woodpecker! Tree fort! Uh huh. Just a couple more boards for
the railing and it’ll be done. This is going to
make a great picture. Stay still, little
woodpecker – pleeease… Oh!
It’s gone again… Ooo. Right there… Tree fort! [sigh]
Okay Max, we’ll come and see
your tree fort. The woodpecker’s gone anyway. [sigh]
Nice tree fort! Uh huh. Now that it’s finished, do you think you can
be quiet for a while so we can finally get pictures
for our wildlife pictures? Um… Ruby… We haven’t been able to
get a single picture. Ruby!
Look! [gasp]
The woodpecker! [whispers]
And there’s nothing
in the way! Oooh! And there’s your squirrel
over there! Got it! Ruby, there’s
our anfumbian… am-funnian. There’s Froggy! [croaks] We did it! We’ve got all the
pictures we need! A bird… a mammal… And an amphibian! [gasp] You said it! I said it! Yay! We earned our Bunny Scout
Wildlife Spotting badges! And we did it from the best
wildlife spotting place in all of East Bunny Hop! Max’s — Tree fort!

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