Me and the boys go camping
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Me and the boys go camping

Yo, what’s good Gourmet Gang? ChefG’s here, in the woods. Today, you know what we’re doing? We’re freakin’ camping. Look who we’ve got here, look who we’ve
got here. We’re all camping. We’re in, uh, I forgot where we are, but
we’re camping. Hope you guys enjoy this fun vlog of us camping. Alright boys and girls, we finished our tent,
look how beautiful it is. Hey guys, this is our tent. Look at how good it is. This is my bed. Hey guys, we’re doing a raft competition. That’s our raft. We’re gonna lose. We did it. Hey guys, ChefGourmet here, cooking dinner. We got some bratwurst. It’s delicious. I don’t think it’s working. Give me some aluminum foil. Ohh. That’s too much. Oh hey Franz. This is not working. Is this how you’re supposed to like, cook? Look at that. Look at that, quality. Oh yes. Franz likes. Imma eat it. It’s good. 7.8/10. I’d say a 7/10 Chef Hats. Good, that’s a good number. What’s your rating, Franz? This would be a 7 7s all around Look at his glasses. Such a meme. Oooh. See this? It’s for you, Mr. Ranshaw. Gonna put an actual use to it. Rip it. Yes! Gotta make it smaller. It took me like 2 months to do that. Beautiful, this is beautiful. Look at dat dog. Look at how much work that is. Ah yes! I want it gone. Yesss… To Mr. Ranshaw retiring. That took me so long to do. It is currently night o’clock. It is time for bed. As you can see, Franz and Ben are getting
ready for their night. This concludes day 1, tomorrow we’re going
on a big hike, so we need energy. Gourmet Gang, out. Salutations boys and girls, it’s currently
like 10 o’clock. We finished breakfast. We had some cereal. We’re gonna go on a big hike today, so that’s
fun. We’re starting the hike. Look at how good that is. Best view I’ve ever seen. We’re approaching a waterfall right now,
look at this thing. That’s pretty hot. Hey boys, girls, and everything in between. We’re currently hiking up a very very steep
hill, it’s pretty hard. We are here, at the lake. Nathan’s gonna eat two brownies in one bite. Do it. Ew, how? How do you do that? We’re going down now. Mini weed. How does it taste? Tastes uh, tastes like lettuce actually. Oh, delicious. Oh, you just want my beautiful face on your
camera? Hey boys, girls, and everything in between. We finished our hike, heading back to the,
or walking back to the campsite. Gonna get up to some shenanigans this evening. Are we? We are. Hey guys, that’s our nachos. Hello boys, girls, and everything in between. Night has fallen indeed. This is day 2 of 3 tomorrow’s the last day,
it sucks. Breakfast time. We’re making hot chocolate. We’re all packed up, getting ready to leave. It’s the last day. Hey guys, girls, and everything in between. Looks like the end of our vlog is coming. Yeah, it’s coming to a close. Fun three days. Smash that like button, smash that subscribe
button. Have a great pride month. Peace out.


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