Meet #Vanlife’s Cutest Couple | Outside
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Meet #Vanlife’s Cutest Couple | Outside

– Hi, I’m Janna Irons. – And I am Johnny Stifter. – And we have been travelling
in a van for a year. – And his name is Shaquille. Shaq. (they chuckle) (uplifting music) – So I used to be an
editor at Surfer magazine, and John was an editor at Powder magazine, and we met in the office
after working together for six years. I just, kind of, didn’t
see him for six years and then I finally talked
to him and ended up. And now we’re getting married. – So we’ve been talking about
doing van life for a long time and once we decided that we
wanted to get a Sprinter van we did some pretty intense
research on the internet and found Shaq on Craigslist. – So when we bought it,
it was completely empty, just an empty cargo van and we built it from the ground up. We started with the floors and then built out the walls
and everything else in here. We used this website called and they were just a couple
that we followed on Instagram and they had every detail
down to the last screw and size of everything and
so we just basically used that as a guide and made
tweaks along the way. – Yeah, we used the blueprint for this predominantly for the bed and underneath the bed we
have all of our gear, our bikes and tents and skis and the like. With the Sprinter you can
roll up to any trail head or parking lot and just
pull the bikes right out, or the skis or what have you. That’s what we’ve been able to do. It’s just so convenient for that. So I’m gonna give you a little tour, here. So this is our fancy screen,
kinda like opening a tent. It’s really nice especially
when it’s been hot, keeps the bugs out and
allows for more air-flow. That guy folds back. So this is our home here. We have the swivel seat which
is really nice for one of us just to sit, drink coffee,
do some work on the computer. And then the other person will sit here on our cool little bench that we have on six little castor wheels. So that’s nice and comfy. And then we got storage here. And then these two drawers
have a lot of our food. So here we have a sink that we cut out from this kitchenette. And that drains into this gray water tank. So this is kind of our living
room slash bathroom slash kitchen slash office. This is where we do all our cooking. We have our mini-fridge,
coffee and some other food. And that’s all hooked into
our Goal Zero battery, which powers our mini-fridge,
our lights and our vent fan. Back here this is where
all our clothes are, so we got all sorts of stuff there. This is what I call a garage. Underneath our bed here. So we have three bikes, two road bikes and one mountain bike. And then we just have all
sorts of gear in here. We got yoga mats, we got
a fold-up picnic table, we have skis that were underneath there, shoes, all sorts of jazz. Over here we got some camping supplies, tents, sleeping bags and the like. And we can fit a bunch of
different stuff down here. That’s the Shaq. We’ve learned that van
life is still real life, and we have jobs and we
have responsibilities, and obligations even though we live in an 80 square foot space. So Jan and I are living
proof that if you’re thinking about doing van life, do it. We’re not rich, we didn’t
come from super rich families. And yes, we are able to work from the road and we are super lucky in that regard. But it’s been, by far, the
best year of our lives, and the best decision of our lives. And I wanna do it again. I think we’re gonna do
this throughout our lives. – And it’s totally obtainable,
whether you save up, or work on the road, or do
the working on farms thing, it’s obtainable, and if you
are thinking about it, do it.


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