Melania Trump Vacations Using Gov’t Plane As Trump Blocks Pelosi’s Flight | The Last Word | MSNBC
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Melania Trump Vacations Using Gov’t Plane As Trump Blocks Pelosi’s Flight | The Last Word | MSNBC


  • Bill Flyer

    Yea she works so hard. YES I'm being sarcastic. Seriously she no doubt loves to get away from the jerk she is married to. Why not, the rest of the administration are all fleecing the taxpayers for every dollar they can get. After all the only cure for all of this is to run them all out of the Whitehouse.

  • Safuwan Fauzi

    Melania Trump just like ex-PM Wife Najib Razak, Rosmah Mansur, she live like quee, enjoy using taxpayer for vacation, shopping. poor Slovenian now 1st lady of US

  • Karen Juarez

    It's not the first time they misuse transportation and money this way. Also he shows up to work super late! And spends more time playing golf than any other president ever. He is lazy, a pathological liar, narcissistic, sociopath, egotistical, self centered and has thoughts of grandeur like he is a God. He is dangerous to a democracy!

  • Elvia Yribe

    come on America let's face it Melania is a stair climber just like her husband and ruthless as her husband don't be fooled by the Broken English.

  • IT'S ME FROM 713

    If I had to spend any significant amount of time being in close proximity to Trump, I'd get as far away from him as possible too.
    But isn't Trump a "billionaire"? Surely they can afford to pay or reimburse all those liesure trips.

  • Erika Welindt

    Melania is a cheap flussy, send her back to Slovenia . Slovenia wanted to be part of Austria, put the man who was fighting to avoid this, was assassineted. Sad

  • Eva Sartorius

    My father had an expression that would cover this but he would rise up from the dead and break my fingers if I used it.

  • John Hood

    Trump act just like a little kid who because, he couldn't play in the game, he going to take his ball and go home so no one can play.
    All that saling of wolf tickets and he doesn't say not one word about what Putin is doing. Wonder why? Putin got him by his balls.
    If you have ears, and common sense, you better listen and wake-up. It's all about him.

  • Robin Zero1

    45=88. Trump is a dictator he say what people are thinking. To him what people think and want is what his mind tells his mouth to think….psychopathically….

  • V'GER Lightning

    Talk, Talk, Talk…. Pres. D. J. Trumpet Man, he will be re – voted KING of U.S.A. surprisingly, by the great majority of our bigoted citizens, wholeheartedly, In God We Trust, America.

  • Hari Paris

    The use of tax payers money is appauling. Why is ir necessary to pay for things that do not benefit the citzens, tax payers of this USA. Melania does nothing for this administration, how dare she. They continue to mismanage and misapproiate funds. Sickening.. I dont believe that the president has a high school equivalent education. I believe he like many is PRIVILEDGED and stumbled into his position of president. He didnt even believe he would truly win. He knows nothing about this country, just reality TV.. This coyntry is at a serious crossroad. Someone has to step in and take a stand. The congress is cowardly laying back watching this country crumble. Other countries are laughing at us and or feelibg pretty bad for our country because of its leadership, rather lack there of…

  • Helen Heard

    Money that could be used to send her as back, and buy some food for the Mexican families. This trump family are full of traders. I bet her son took a bath bath and brushed his teeth. I don't like what is being allowed by this rot ton as family.

  • Bruce Wing

    This is not a big deal! Obama took several ships to India! Obama s wife flew to California, and flew back when her husband went the same place went the Texas after and she went back to Washington because she didn't want to go to Texas costing 800000dollars! She refused humanitarian aid to border,Latinos.

  • Sharon Walters

    The nation needs to impeach him the crook , dishonest President of the United States of America. He needs to go to the big house ( jail) ,give him the injection, the electrical chair or hang him seriously . No more Donald John Trump Sr or the rest of them either the President of Russia etcetera.

  • Jay Britt

    Before the end of his term( providing He doesn't get impeached and indicted) itemize. the bills for Trump and family. Send him the bill.

  • Allan Simoes

    It was Rudy Julliani who hurriedly shipped the 9/11 steel to China.
    This Wilbur Ross Trade War with China is a Hoax to Increase indirect taxation on Consumer goods and call it Inflation and 3 jobs a day is not Enough to make ends meet for the Common Man is proof of the Murdoch Controlled Media of Lies, Lies, Lies.
    What happens in USA is reflected in all the colonies of the European colonies.
    Hope this Financial Slavery is stopped by a better Morals President in 2020 to prevent the seeds of more wars and more wars.
    It won't be long before the Hand of Jesus Christ strikes with Famine and Starvation and prophesied for the End of Time.
    Allan Simoes.

  • Daniel Kruger

    Trump knew Paul Ryan new mitch McConnell new Vladimir Putin new this and I suspect more but let's let the professionals investigate it.

  • Daniel Kruger

    Wow why isn't fox news telling these facts and by not covering all news fax are actually enabling and trying to cause more division and riots which is dangerous as a news media. So are they going to be held responsible for the next time people are killed

  • Beverly Vinson

    Trump is nothing but a criminal!! . And melania is not a citizen . Shes not smart and shes a golddiggwr . Bet she divorces him within years after trump loses in 2020!.

  • MechanicalValve TimeTraveler

    This man is a wild hog! He is out of control. Shameful behavior will be his legacy. He is petty, mean spirited and far below the office of the President.

  • Lan Hughes

    Can't not getting any lower…nothing new the monster parasite Trump…no words can't be used on this human parasite Trump..what a nightmare disgrace for the country..
    Russian Putin's victory to planer a agent Trump puppets for them ..

  • Lan Hughes

    Trump a bad kid since 5 years old small monster grown in bigger monster…why ? not checked Trump back ground????Paul Manafort the one nominate Trump…but no one bothered check on him…we have check of his biographer.of Trump. And so much Blackness we didn't vote for him ..Trump a organizer crimes gang and mafia..again USA.Con artist buffom importer water Mitty. Psychopath sociopath nassisisic hateful means spirits bullying lies chits immoral nothing good about him …and all his CHILDREN and all his Connies ..his third wife Melania too ..Russian worked on him since his first wife ..Trump not a billionaire or millionaire ..bankruptcy 6 times robs Peter paying paul ..
    Evils Trump sold his soul to Demons Satan's himself…Trump Anti Christ Kushner the mark of the beast. plain..sight. and people who sported Trump are Cults following… drinking same koolaid evils..brains washers by popergenta from Satan's Russian Putin's ..what a nightmare for the country of USA .one man have all the sins of human beings…of the this planet..may God helps USA..from hand of evils monster Trump….over two years too long ..of nightmare.

  • Jeff Zabelski

    Whitey House … he’s a malignant narcissist, Our Lord LittleHands.
    Lunatic LittleHands must be perpetually harassed to resign, incessantly!

  • Jeff Zabelski

    Melania only cost me $20.
    but she got my wallet.
    I think she charges a lot now. She’s going to leave Our Lord LittleHands… on taxpayers dollars.

  • Pat Depaula

    We are fast approaching 2020 almost a year down the road since last noted that Nancy Pelosi wasn't using the government plane is she now allowed to fly on the government plane or is she still quote-unquote supposed to fly commercial public If someone knows the answer please respond thank you

  • Darlene McHugh

    The arrogance he must have to keep breaking the law as there investigating him for breaking the law!!! Trumps ignorance about the presidency and everything involved in it is terrifying. Keep moving with this impeachment please.

  • Darlene McHugh

    MSNBC if you really care about what’s going on you will promote Bernie Sanders more! He will be able to clean trumps corrupt mess and clean house of the corrupt Republican politicians!

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