Mesa de picnic hecha de madera | Mesa de Jardin | Merendero de palets
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Mesa de picnic hecha de madera | Mesa de Jardin | Merendero de palets

In this video picnic table like this! We have achieved these woods from a local supplier, They are full of quills let’s adecentarlas to work with them. We will use 13 woods Hems got some patet are 2 meters long by 10 centimeters anccho we will use 7 for table and 6 for banks 3 for each. To reinforce the table, we will put three like this, measures 70 centimeters long, 10 meters wide and 4 thick. For the legs, let’s use 4 boards of the same type as reinforcements table but 1 meter each, in this tablon crossing is where iran supported banks tables 3 in this side, and 3 in that. To strengthen banks have cut six pieces of ribbon and will 1 in the center and 1 each side. To fasten the structure we will use threaded rod 10 millimeters. To make the structure of the table we will use two basic lines one that will be the top and we will use the side of the table and perpendicular to 90 degrees that is the central axis. The total height of the table is 72 centimeters, from here, to where will cut the legs is 75 cm and the center on each side 25 centimeters. We match on the top of the boards both perpendicular and we will cut excess. We catch strengthening mark half the table and put it right in the center. A 25 centimeters ralla we have marked on the floor, we will put the bottom bracket banks. Once the structure of our picnic, we will put the top of the table. Cojemos 7 wood pallet and put the good side down and mark the center of all, we will strengthen below by matching centers and atornillaremos. To facilitate our work, we made some pilot holes. The first and the last timber will close to the end and we distribute the rest to the same spacing between all stay. To put the legs, let’s lift We pushed and nailed the screws. Once we have a nailed hand, if on the other side we see that do not match the separations We use a wedge to bring the desired site. Once you’ve assembled the legs are going to turn it over to the table to place the two reinforcements that will rigidity. To make the reinforcement that runs from the middle to the leg let’s take a piece of wood that does not serve us to make the template after transfer to the main board not to waste it. Once you have prepared reinforcements we are going to screw your site, we use the square to see that the legs are at 90 degrees. To give more consistency banks are going to put these three reinforcements 1 in the center, and 1 each side to 40 centimeters. We have put banks, now we cut the legs missing as we want for our jarfin we will leave 10 centimeters more than what we originally said. So ended our table quedaria If you enjoyed the video click LIKE and subscribe !! See you next Friday.


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