Military Abandoning Trump
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Military Abandoning Trump

>>A growing number of military members are
turning on Donald Trump. In fact, a latest poll from Military Times
indicates that his approval rating among the military has dropped considerably and we’ll
get to those numbers in a second. But I think the most important take away from
the story is that, of all the Democratic candidates. Bernie Sanders, who does not take money from
Super PACs or big donors, has raised the most money. For members of the military, he’s the most
popular candidate among the troops, which is fantastic, and I’ll get to those specific
numbers in just a minute. But first, let’s get back to Trump and what’s
happening with this poll. So according to the Military Times, half of
active-duty military personnel contacted in the poll held an unfavorable view of President
Trump. Showing a continued decline in his approval
rating since he was elected in 2016, 50 percent of troops said they had an unfavorable view
of him. By comparison, just a few weeks after his
electoral victory in November 2016, 37 percent had a negative opinion, so the negative opinion
went from 37 percent to 50 percent. So, Trump still remains a little more popular
in the military as opposed to the general public, but let’s think about some of the
reasoning here. What’s been going on, Military time says,
when asked specifically about Trump’s handling of military issues. Nearly 48 percent of the troops surveyed said
they had an unfavorable view of that part of his job. Compared to 44 percent who believe he had
handled that task well, then that makes a significant drop from the 2018 Military Times
poll. Where 59 percent said they were happy with
his handling of military issues against 20 percent who had an unfavorable view.>>Guys, that’s the most important point there
because he’s actually done a ton of stuff against the military. But the turn is very recent and it is actually
about their views, not of how he’s treated other military folks as much as what he’s
actually done with the military. So that’s actually really, really interesting
and of course, I like it cuz it proves me right on a very important topic I’m gonna
get to in a second. But I wanna give you one more fact here about
how deep the military dislikes Donald Trump now. Because very unfavorable is at 45.1 percent,
very favorable is only at 24.3. So, when you look at people who deeply dislike
him versus people who deeply like him. It’s now almost two to one against him in
the military, active duty service members, okay. So what are the different things he’s done
against the military that might cause concern? Well, he attacks people that are in the military
all the time, he also attacks people who were killed while serving in the military. Khizr Khan’s son was attacked, killed in action
and Trump attacked him anyway. He attacked John McCain while he was alive,
after he died. He’s attacked John Mattis, that was a little
bit more important than I realize, John Mattis has an 86 percent approval rating with those
same folks. So they really respect him and so when Donald
Trump attacked Mattis after he stepped down as Secretary of Defense, that did not play
well. But a lot of this stuff was pre-last year,
he also did a benefit for veterans during his campaign in 2016. But wouldn’t give the veterans the money until
he was caught, he is, of course, Commander Bone Spurs. Ran from Vietnam pretending there are bone
spurs, he’s this spoiled little rich kid, right? So but again, no stuff happened before, so
what was the major event that happened this year that caused the military to turn on,
withdrawing from Northern Syria? Because a lot of folks in the military thought
we’re embedding the guys we fought with. And that’s, the biggest thing in the military
is the guy next to you, fight with the guy next to you and they fought with the Kurds. And for then, us to betray them and leave
them to get rolled over by the Turks, man, that pissed off the military guys. Now here’s by the needless part where I brag,
when he did that, I told you guys on the show, no, no, no, this one is super important. He’s gonna lose the military guys here, cuz
they feel betrayed by this, this is about honor, right? So there’s other things, he interfered in
the case against the guys who committed war crimes, he gave them clemency. That actually didn’t sit well with people,
either cuz it goes against military order and everything they’ve ever been taught, right? But the betrayal of the Kurds is what really
crossed me, in fact, when I looked at the numbers. And I dove all the way in on that issue, his
approval was only 27 percent, his disapproval was 58 percent, so they hated that decision.>>It’s amazing, yeah, now look, the other
side of this which I think is fascinating. Is that, Bernie Sanders has raised the most
money from members of the military in the primary election on the Democratic side, right? So, now, if you break it down based on, let’s
say, the State Department versus members of the military. Well, the State Department prefers Pete Buttigieg
over Bernie Sanders. The Department of Homeland Security prefers
Pete Buttigieg over Bernie Sanders. The Department of Justice prefers Pete Buttigieg
over Bernie Sanders. However, Bernie Sanders among members of the
military, the actual troops, is the most popular. He’s raised the most money and I say that
because he is the one who has consistently voted against. The increased military budget, he’s the only
one out of all these candidates. So, one might argue, well then, wouldn’t members
of the military be against him for that? Now, the State Department would, right? The Pentagon would, there’s no question about
that but I think that our troops are a lot smarter than cable news gives them credit
for. They see what the entry salary is in the military
and how devastatingly low it is. Despite the fact that the military budget
is increased every single year without question, with one exception, Obama did cut it a little
bit at one point. But, look, I say all this because the message
that really resonates with people. Including members of our military, is that
we need more economic equality in the United States. People need to be paid more, they need to
be paid a living wage. That is a message that resonates with everyone,
regardless of political affiliation. And I think that we need to take this messaging
that Republicans have been so successful in, take it back for ourselves. They say that they’re the ones that support
the troops the most, that’s just not true.>>Okay, so, lemme give you the depth of it
and then add one more reason why they like Sanders. So I’ll just double down on what Anna’s saying
with some details, so, Bernie Sanders has gotten more money from the troops than Buttigieg,
Elizabeth Warne and Donald Trump combined. Jo Biden further down the list, so that’s
a stunning number, okay? Now, back at what Anna’s saying, first of
all, the polling indicates that one of the most popular positions that Donald Trump has
among in the military is his promise to intervene less overseas. So a lot of times, the people who support
defense contractors in the Pentagon say, our troops wanna be out there fighting the fight. No, it depends, and so overall actually it
turns out the active-duty service members think we should do less aggressive wars not
more. And so and Bernie Sanders, the one in the
race, who clearly has the position of less overseas wars, so that’s one reason that they
support him. So it’s backed up by the polling and then
the last part, so Anna talked about the wages, so, I talk about this all the time. Service members coming in, their wages in
the beginning is in the ballpark of $19,000 a year, $19,000 a year. So there’s a lot of people who are active
duty, who make very, very little money. Now who’s the presidential candidate, that
speaks to people that are not making a lot of money and in the middle class. Bernie Sanders, so are there a lot of active
duty service members who are incredibly wealthy and want to protect tax cuts? No, almost none, right? So it actually makes perfect sense, that that
demographic would support Bernie Sanders, the candidate for the middle class, and for
folks not making a lot of money. It’s just that the propaganda we see on television
is, no, the military the troops love war. The troops loving when we overspend on defense
contractors in the Pentagon, and they love it when you keep their wages low. What the hell are you talking about? None of that is true, so the idea that the
troops like warmongers is indisputably incorrect, based on the polling and now the funding


  • Pablo Galan

    Trump has no honor never had an prove that by being a Coward during the Vietnam war turn chicken it's about the service man realized that he would have been some one to be in the battlefield with that you could rely on because would leave them and run

  • Ken Henry

    What about the Mexicans that fought in Afghanistan and Iraq came back home and were deported what shit bag is responsible for that

  • Kevin Marshall

    He's a disgrace to all veterans above and below grown , draft dodger, treason, chump family making money exchange for are blood spilling out on the sands, you know the Russians have no 💔 for are children's,lives, do CHUMP ,(STING Russian, dream of the blue turtles) REAL TALK 😎

  • Gia E.

    It’s like he resents the military because he wasn’t brave enough to join their ranks citing “bone spurs.” His millionaire father bought him a one way ticket out of it.

  • Twostones00

    Active military in my family object to sending National Guard members to the Middle East to Guard the Saudi’s and to wave war in Afghanistan. They also object to the breaking of the Iran Peace agreement that was working. Trump also made cuts to the food stamp program that active military depend on to feed their kids.

  • Twostones00

    Trump has handed the control of our military to the Saudi’s and to the Zionists. That is what a greedy evil lying conman fascist with fake bone Spurs does to our beloved military. Trump has no honor.

  • Derlin Claire

    Trump,s just a big fat Orange Jerk!In spite of my stupid sister thinking that this Boob is doing so "Trying to Do so much for us!".

  • Sailor Barsoom

    Losing farmers, losing Christians, losing military…

    Now, in none of these cases is he losing all of them, but he doesn't have to. He barely squeaked it out over Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College. He loses a few percent of the farmers he had last time, a few percent of the troops, a few percent of the Christians (wow, some of them do believe the things they preach!), and he's toast.

    Unless they can steal it, of course. But they can only steal it if it's close. We have to get out and vote, vote, vote. Vote in such numbers that even after they suppress as much as they can, there's still enough to throw out the pumpkin in November.

  • Helen Lowe


  • pebs pebs

    Yea no kidding he's embarrassing but you give us no choice because we are mostly republicans and your Democrats have some crazy policies they want to push

  • Ryan Brooks

    I don't believe that the military is abandoning trump he's the best thing that has ever happened to the United States. It's just CNN that's saying that because there all liberal and they want power and that's no way to run a country further more socialism doesn't work and if that's what y'all want then you can take all your illegal immigrants and take them back to Mexico and care for them and you can use your own damn tax payer dollars.

  • Stoned Raider

    I don't know why Trump wants to build a wall let the Mexicans in so they could run the black people out of their neighborhoods and take their jobs

  • Mary Torres

    My husband served 21yrs in the USmc with 2 purple hearts,and all I can say is this creep trump knows nothing about the military. Need I say more!

  • TheChristabella69

    How can any servicemen/women support Bone Spur Donnie a 5 Time Draft Dodging Coward who attack’s those that have served 🙄

  • Scott Robinson

    The military is nothing more than a microcosm of actual society. It's a citizen based volunteer military. It makes perfect sense for it to mirror society.

  • Timmy D

    God help us there was a Pregnant Chinese woman who was arrested at Mar A Lago last week. If you’re in the military do you want to go war with China after they have all our secrets!

  • Gary McMillian

    Fake news.. Trump is the only one that's funded the military in decades.the Dems let our military go to hell.. Trump will win again in 2020..can't wait to see y'all crying again….

  • Robert Carson

    I understand why! Most people don't like the smell of shit! Trump is a disgusting excuse of a man! He has no honor AT all!

  • Savanakhet Laos

    The mfer is a demon. The people was right. The electoral college was wrong. Only evangelical think he is god. That explain why more of our youth are turning away from God. They are disgusted of the gop willing to destroy the oath of their office

  • William Johnson

    A draft-dodging ,Racist ,lying Hypocrite, and hatemongering traitor and crook eligible to be buried in "ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETARY" is what those "LIKE " him voted for as he espoused what they believe to be "AMERICAN" -unfortunately he " IS" just "THAT"-the unvarnished truth of what constitutes this country.


    Hmmmm Why won't TYT talk about how the military DO NOT see Russia as an enemy??
    All TYTs hard work pushing racist xenophobic establishment propaganda hasn't paid off.


    LOL Yeh Cenk… Troops HATE to be pulled out of warzones they have don't know why they are in and have no legal right to be in. And Im sure Troops who signed up to defend America love being deployed to ME oilfields to protect Turkey Oil Companies as they illegally Ship Syrian Oil out of the country.

  • welcome to reality

    MIL honor bound brothers & Sisters will be given a most serious decision…. Protect against enemies foreign AND domestic. I feel theres lesser ways to do this like doing polls like this. Constitution & democracy is truly in danger…. please vote DEM 2020! vote out ALL complicit putin loving Rs too! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruthanne Perry

    I think the troops are beginning to realize that Trump has no loyalty to anyone including them he does and will leave anyone behind who is not currently useful to him

  • Lisa Stassi

    I think disapproval should be more like 70% and I suspect that it's covert racism. Americans have been brainwashed for so long and in so many ways to think that a white man should be in charge. The white man we've got in charge is a malignant narcissist with dementia. I'm still hoping, waiting, and praying that Trump starts pooping himself and drooling on camera. From my mouth to God's ears 😉

  • Robert Kondik

    If this little fact doesn't make any current or former service members rethink any allegiance to the republican party there is no hope for any of them. The G.I. Bill of Rights was a democrat plan that the republicans fought against tooth and nail.

  • Thirsty D

    As a veteran who still has close ties with the military, I say this is absolute bullshit! Trump has lost some popularity with high ranking officers (which were over sampled in the poll), but he remains extremely popular with the enlisted rank, & file of the military.

  • welcome to reality

    I think the soldiers went out of their way THIS TIME to do this poll for many good reasons. Keep doing the polls boys & girls your OP matters!

  • Evangelia Hernandez

    Trump and kids generationally never served or sacrifice for this country…cowards and unpatriotic. The biggest swamp for RV upt in history.

  • Evangelia Hernandez

    Buttigieg is a Koch puppet that does not have control of his own home town…last thing is spoiled overeducated brat. Playing a double game.

  • Daniel Guerra

    Look what you need to look at how the military increase is being used. You’ll find out that the money goes to the big contracts. Look into that and you’ll see that it goes into research and development. Why are we paying civilian company r&d? It should come of their own company budget not from the tax payers. Do your research. They should limit the profit margin by requiring only a 20% profit.
    When you look at the costs of big equipment you’ll see if they drop the numbers down they’d be able to pay the troops more money.
    The other point needed to be made is the military is socialist society and parts are communistic like. The rank structure is ref best examples. What a bullet stopper makes as a E4 and weapons expert makes or a aircraft mechanic makes. When you look at the military this clearly shows that a democratic socialist idea already is in place.
    The troops gets health care for free for whatever is needed to get that troop back on their feet.
    Just look at how the military society works.
    You’re right when it comes fighting with the person to your side. When you shed blood together they are your brothers and sisters in arms.
    I am a 22 year veteran and felt the betrayal of Trimp!!!

  • Kesley Cottrell

    The Military and Veterans should never support a draft dodger to begin with. They should support the 5 men that had to go to Vietnam in his place. Trump is a coward POS.

  • Mike Hefley


  • 52ponybike

    Hey big fat guy, are you an affiliate of Fox Fake News? No, you're not. Then why all the bluster? You sound as if you're a Fox news piece of shit. Tone it down and try to act civilized. This blabbering bluster is not helping and is only bringing you down.

  • Christine Gentles

    Those disapproval numbers are still so low given what an utter mean-spirited imbecile Trump has been with military matters! I never cease to be amazed at how lenient the electorate can be with him! Great commentary, guys. 🙂

  • John William

    I'm a former Marine who served in 2 wars which includes Vietnam ,Beruit , I have no honor or respect for the occupant of the oval office…

  • Marilyn Clarke

    Well yeah! The military has finally gotten what Trump is all about. Trump is pimping them for his own cause and it's not to care about them.

  • Terry Waltman

    Trump is spending millions of dollars hiring people to read a script and enter his talking points onto social media… one girl told me that she was making $ 95.oo an hour.

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