Military Hero Dog Reunited with Hero Handler
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Military Hero Dog Reunited with Hero Handler

Today was a very special day, we are in
Tucson Arizona near an Air Force Base here and that is because Staff Sergeant
Amanda Cubbage is based here and she’s adopting her retired military working
dog whom she served with in South Korea. Military working dog Rick has served
overseas for six years and now he’s of age where he’s ready to retire and take
care of his health. So today we presented his handler with his leash and
permanent ownership of Rick into retirement. When Rick walked out today I felt amazing
it’s absolutely just amazing to be able to have him home and be able to have him
sit there and know that I’m going to have him forever.
He was my support. He was there for everything I needed. He was there when I
was happy. He was there when I was sad and everything I needed came from him.
Good job buddy. We are so grateful for the service that military dogs provide us,
in keeping our country safe and so we are honored to be able to bring these
heroes back home to the US and have a comfortable retirement that they so
deserve. I’m sure he’s going to be extremely happy that whenever we go for
car rides it means he doesn’t have to go to work anymore. I do want to thank
Hormel and the Hallmark Channel for making this possible with the effort of
the American Humane Society they made all this happen. They brought me my dog
back. They brought me my partner back American Humane could not have brought home
military working dog Rick without the support of Hormel Foods, thanks to their
generous financial contribution we were able to underwrite the airfare, hotel and
travel cost to escort Rick back to the US. The military is important, the service these
people put forward is important. A lot of times they’re putting their lives on the
line. Even Rick put his life on the line what he was out there trying to detect
explosives and things like that. And we wanted to demonstrate that we are
inspired by them and appreciate the things that
that they do. Hormel Foods is honored to reunite Staff Sergeant Amanda Cubbage
and her faithful companion Rick. We thank them for their service. They have truly
inspired us all. You’re home. You don’t have to go to work no more.


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