Minecraft Recess – CAMPING WITH TINA !? (Minecraft Roleplay – Episode 1)
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Minecraft Recess – CAMPING WITH TINA !? (Minecraft Roleplay – Episode 1)

Hey, I’m Ryan, and this is my house! I live with my mom and my dad, but let’s get right to the point. It’s the first day of summer and it’s time to partay! What a great first day of summer no school especially no homework and.. 104 days of pure lazing around. Life couldn’t be more perfect. Ryan breakfast is ready, I made chocolate chip pancakes. I stand corrected. It can get more perfect coming mom! Hey Dad. It’s so beautiful. Thanks mom! No problem. How else are you gonna start the first day of summer? You got that right! Time to dig in. Whoa slow down there Ryan you’re gonna choke if you keep that up. Sorry mom. Oh by the way, could you do me a favour and go check the mail? Yeah, no problem. Let’s see bill, bill, bill, coupon! Bill and- Camp Recess? Hey cutie… Huh? Hey Tina! That’s my next door neighbour, Tina. She’s a bit- Energetic to say the least, but I think she’s got a good heart. I get the impression she likes me sometimes and I… sorta- well.. We’ve been friends for a while now, and- Hey cutie. Why are you just staring at me not that I have a problem with that. “giggles” I was just thinking about how much I love to read mail. Yep, better go and get reading this stuff before it becomes old news. Oh really, well if you say so. Huh, I thought Ryan didn’t like to read. I’ll have to rearrange my “Ryan” notes. Anything important Ryan. Nah, just a bunch of bills, oh and a coupon to Dirty Dan’s diner! Are you sure nothing else popped up in the mail? Nope! No extra special camp acceptance slips? I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! Oh Ryan…. No, I said, I didn’t want to go to camp. That’s what the pancakes were for! You were just trying to butter me up! Ryan, you’re going to be a big boy about this. I’m the one who didn’t want to go and you go ahead and sign me up anyway. It’ll be good for you. You don’t honestly expect to stay inside and do nothing all summer. That’s exactly what I expected to do. Dad! Listen to your mother Ryan. Whatever I’m heading to my room. “sigh” Maybe we were too hasty to push the camp thing on him. Stupid camp, I didn’t want to go. Huh? Tina, what do you want? I just came by to see you Ryan! Should I not have? What no, no, no! it’s great to see you and all, it really is. It’s just- Just what Ryan? Well.. My parents want me to go to this stupid camp. Is it camp recess? Yeah, how do you- I’m going to camp recess too! But you said it was stupid so that probably means you aren’t going. Wait hold on. I never said I wasn’t going I was just uh… Saying I was stupidly excited to go! Really?! So you are going, oh, that’s great! We’ll be able to spend so much more time together and play games, and eat campfires and sit around s’mores. Eat campfires and sit around s’mores? Oh whoops! I got a little tongue-tied in my excitement. The point is that we’ll be together all summer! Right yeah. Can’t wait.. You don’t sound very happy to be going with me. Do, do you hate me?! No no on the contrary I like you a lot! You know what I mean.. Oh, I know what you mean. Wink wink. Oh jeez, look Tina. I’ve got a lot to think about so I gotta go, okay? Okay, but you’re coming to- Camp… I catch you later Ryan. Oh man. Now what am I gonna do? I don’t particularly want to go to camp, but Tina’s going and- And it sounds like she definitely wants me to go… And I don’t want to see Tina get upset. Also, if I stay behind I won’t be able to see her all summer. and that wouldn’t be particularly. Well, if I’m being honest with myself. I wouldn’t like it very much. Okay, time to swallow my pride. Camp Recess here I come! Okay mom I have to tell you something. No Ryan, I have something to tell you first. Huh wha- Yeah about the camp, I realised that your father. and I were a little forceful about you go into the camp. and didn’t consider how you felt about it. Oh, that’s fine, mom. I appreciate that but- No it’s okay as a gesture of good grace. I ripped up that silly acceptance form. You don’t have to go to camp if you don’t want to Ryan. You what?! No, no no no no no. I’m sorry. What’s wrong Ryan? I thought you didn’t want to go to camp. I don’t, I mean I do, but I don’t it’s complicated. But the short of it is I actually do want to go to camp! You, you do? Why all the sudden change of heart? I, you know just really want to experience the wide outdoors. Yeah, it’s like you said. I don’t want to be inside all summer right? Right well, I don’t know. What brought this on all of a sudden, but if you’re sure you want to go. Then I suppose I could tape together the torn bits of this slip. Great! That would be awesome mom. One other thing. What’s that dear? When am I supposed to go to camp? Tomorrow! Tomorrow!? You mean like a week from tomorrow right? No I mean tomorrow. I don’t even get to have a week to myself or something? Well, this is an all summer camp. Oh, you know what I’ll fix the slip, and you better start packing. I- I- I think I might regret this. As for you my loving husband we’re back on for that three months couples cruise! Heck yeah! Nice! Um… Hello, is? Is anyone there? I’m here for camp. Um hello, I suppose I just follow this path. That’s odd though. Shouldn’t there be a counselor here to escort me to camp or something? Huh, so this is camp recess. Sure is fresh meat, you’ve got quite the eyesight there. Where did you come from? Who are you? Hey fresh meat, names Zeke. I was following you through the woods congrats on passing the first test by the way. I’m sorry. Did you just say you were following me through the woods? and I passed some test. That’s right. I was busy patrolling the woods for bears. and then you came along so- I decided to do you a solid and make sure the beasts of the woods left you alone. What does that have to do with the test? The test was to get here, you got lucky. Seven campers before you have got lost and we never heard from again. What? Really?! But it does add a certain intensity doesn’t it? Hold that thought fresh meat. I see some kid eating dirt while they encourage that sort of wilderness survival. Today is not the day for it. Eating dirt? That doesn’t sound okay. Hey cutie! Cutie? that sounds like- Ow my ribs…. Sorry Ryan I just saw you and got all excited. because I thought you wouldn’t come to camp. But now you did, and I’m so happy I don’t have to spend my summer without you! Yeah, I missed you too, but can you get off it’s kind of hard to breathe. I’m so so so so, So sorry are you okay? Do you need mouth to mouth? Mouth to- no! no, I’m okay. I’m fine really. Aww okay.. Ahem! I almost forgot to tell you Ryan! Cookies here! Now I have my two most favoritest people. Uh hey Collins! My name is Cookie. Call me Cookie. Sorry Cookie. This is Collins, She prefers to be called Cookie and- Well, to put it bluntly she doesn’t like me very much. She’s Tina’s best friend, and she goes to the same school as Tina and I. I was kind of hoping she wouldn’t be here. Only Tina gets to call me Collins. Why am I the only one who gets to do that anyway? B- because you’re my bestie. Anyways, I’m really glad we’re all together. Yeah, me too. All right fresh meats line up. No slacking come on! All right fresh meats welcome to camp recess. I am director Zeke, and I’ll be- Hey Zeke, sorry I’m late. Director Leigh. Fine of you to show up, Sorry I was getting the girls camp ready. Girls camp? You mean we’re being separated from the boys? Sounds fine to me. Well we won’t be completely separated. Just living quarters, Wouldn’t want any secret activities going on under our noses right director Zeke? That’s right director Leigh. Now you little fresh meat are going to the dining hall. Where we’ll have the finest camp cuisine! We’ll be getting dinner is what director Zeke means. After that you’ll be assigned your cabins. Alright you fresh meat, start marching! Ok director Zeke. I think you’re pushing it a little bit. Sorry director Leigh. Everybody head to the dining hall. This looks like trash sludge more than food.. Hey, Ryan. So how are you looking camp so far? Um? It’s okay so far. I saw a kid eat dirt. Oh, that’s interesting. Director Leigh is so sweet and amazing. How’s your director? Well he’s a bit too gym coach for my taste. Ah don’t worry Ryan. It that old mean Zeke hurts a hair on your head- Tina, calm down. Remember your therapy. Right excuse me. I need to meditate for a second. So Cookie how have you been? Wouldn’t you like to know? Yeah, that’s kind of why I asked. Look Ryan. I see what you’re playing at. I’m not gonna let my best friend fall for some freeloading, unappreciated boy! What? Also Tina’s sitting right there. She blocks out all noise when she meditates. You’d know that if you actually cared about her. But I don’t like her. I mean I do but I d-d- you know what I mean. Good keep it that way or else. And finished! Okay, sorry I blanked out for a second. Oh you didn’t miss much, I was just telling Ryan how great of a time we’re gonna have here at camp. Right Ryan? Uhhh yeah! It’s gonna be fantastic. Good. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. Right Ryan? Right! Hey, uh I gotta go, Wha- what? Where are you going? You haven’t even finished your food! I’m not very hungry. Besides big first day tomorrow! Gotta sleep and get those energy levels up. Okay, see you tomorrow cutie. Yeah. Wasn’t I supposed to be getting a cabin mate? Fresh meat have you seen your roommate? N- no, I was just wondering that myself. Oh geez all right. Well if you do see them. Make sure you tell me immediately. Uh.. okay. Who is it? I don’t know some freshman with a weird getup. You’ll know him when you see him. Anyway, I gotta get back to searching. All right, I guess I better head to bed. Well things could have gone better today, but I’m optimistic things will turn out better tomorrow! I can’t believe I came here because of some girl!


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