Mini Portable Toilet? | 10 Strange Chinese Products!
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Mini Portable Toilet? | 10 Strange Chinese Products!

What’s going on guys I am Matthias now, I know you’re thinking wait what the heck why is this video different? What’s different about this video? Oh my gosh?! He’s not sitting at his desk. I’m gonna die! No, It’s okay We’re gonna get into the video really shortly, but this little part that I’m talking to you right now we’re adding on way after we made this video because I wanted to talk to you guys about some comments that you’ve been leaving a Lot of them being about the like to buy items and how we didn’t buy them and where are they and like he’s just trying to scam us for likes and stuff like that and There’s some complication with the like to buy stuff um basically To throw YouTube under the bus anytime we make a video shorter than our normal video like this one Which is like probably over 20, 23 minutes it just bombs the channel and it effects every single video after that and I’ve tried my best at Contacting YouTube support to be like hey How come when I make a video anything different than this little tiny niche that I’ve done It just kills my channel like right now this month 26 million views less than last month simply because of one short video That I uploaded no joke 20 And I got I got employees here that I really really care about so I’m trying to not take risks, so What I’m trying to do is make sure Before we make any specific move that it’s the right move for my team that being said you guys are all questioning Where are those items they’re really honestly right here? They’re all right here Straight up and a lot of these items as you know because we’ve looked at them take months to ship no joke we have the — what is this the EcoSmart Scooter we have this what is this called Dave. It’s like a fan the wind dance the wind dancer We have a sky sky runner with the jumping thing We got a huge huge mini Segway huge pogo stick we got this stuff you guys I mean I hope you trust me that the reason why we didn’t put these in the videos is just simply because it’s super super risky For a channel this size to miss 26 million views video over video, so I’m calling out YouTube right now What’s up, give me some support. It’s crazy. It’s literally insane That how much money I make for you guys, and I can’t even get an email back in a timely manner really chaps my hide Really really does so hey? Email me back give your partner some support when they ask for some support when they’re making you So much crazy money the amount of money that you guys get from me YouTube is the same amount of money that I pay 40 people to work for hi-fi Studios crazy money give me an email all right on to the rest of the video Dude, this is a sm for a small head, bro Dude Derpy You look so Derpy. What’d you say about me? Ew Oh gosh, that’s nasty What’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome to 10 strange Chinese items That Connor found on Chinese websites. This is Connor from Team edge gaming You see that right there team edge gaming is a little bit of a gaming challenge place. It’s pretty dope go check it out, but after this video. Don’t you move a muscle? Besides clicking that Bell icon you gotta move a muscle for that. It’s like this you got to do that Nailed it dude so click that ball icon cuz I comment back within the first 30 minutes So hope to see you here in those first 30 minutes. Am I right my boy Unisex stylish creepy unicorn cosplay Halloween dress-up costume prop, okay. I just have a couple problems with the what The title first up unisex. Yeah, who thought it was only gonna be for one gender I bet it could fit your head you got a big head The next problem I have is stylish coupled with creepy. Is that a thing yeah, dude I’m going for the stylish creep right now buy now Why is that not look as good? It looks translucent see that little teeny hold. That’s what you’re supposed to look out of Oh, no, maybe you’re supposed to look out of this Ew Stop All right Connor Dude that thing is That is small I don’t know this could absolutely fit your head, dude You think so Yeah, for sure dude. It’ll just fit it, bro Put it on dude. You know how it is ohh i hate latex smell It’s so trash It’s barely gonna fit over my head you look more demented I mean definitely looks creepy so it’s like halfway, right? You don’t look stylish obviously you can’t tell your gender, so unisex right ouch! dude that pinched me Stupid desk I hate you. I’m gonna have to say that one is a trash it But for the sake of the fire seat we’re gonna keep it on Connors head Connor stop touching your horn What — Its got five stars what the hell is it what the hell is it Creepiest things in the world what are they just like pipe cleaners, but creepier yeah, that’s right We sense it’ll work because we don’t know why it’s in there Oopsie Poopsie , Oppsie Poopsie Wait wait , Why dose it have five stars 686 feedback look it that look it they’re all five stars Oh, well, the only six six votes, but why is there so many people — okay hold up hold on , fast delivery Order at the request of his wife. It was satisfied. (Laughs) Wait is he talking in third person perspective No He’s talking about his wife as a — as an object It was satisfied his wife it what a dill. Ohh you’re right , the goods are good How long delivery to Moscow almost two months due that’s what i’ma say Yes, I’m gonna say when anyone ever gives me something the goods are good The goods are good. Buy now Oh My word they’re so flat Look how flat they are dude Oh, this is so weird there’s so much softer and like more malleable than I anticipated I was informed that in a previous video I said I wanted these but I don’t remember why I would have said that It was an Amazon video so guys extra points to you if you name that video in the comments down below Why why is there fishing wire? Can we figure this out? There’s a video we can watch to see how — No theres not . Ya there is. Look guys. It’s alive whoa Oh my god –ohhh Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh That’s so creepy whoah — ew Wiggly about, here’s a funny, Furry creature with a life of his own astonish your friends with his amazing antics in and out of a — Ughh uhh I hate it so much. It gives me the willy’s On Just how you do it , a little practice Ugh oh So what they’re saying — oh my gosh, I –I got major cringe from that yeah So what what they’re saying is like this right so say I have it in my hand like this, and I’m like and Connor’s say something to him Hey, big guy won’t you come over here dude? Oh? Why’d you feeling big guy? He’s small yeah, you’re right I think what happens is you rip this piece off right here, so you can’t see it And then you wrap it around You wrap it around a finger right like this does this look like he’s doing his own thing right now Kinda, yeah, but it looks like he’s always headed in a different direction Well, he’s gonna be headed in the direction of your fingers No, I know but it doesn’t look right unless I’m moving my other hand around I mean I guess hold on that one was cool wrapped around your whole hand Dude This is a town that I’m going to perfect all right. I’m gonna drop everything I by studio screw it I’m no longer CEO of hi-fi studios. Do it this is what I’m doing for the rest of my life, man I’m doing this dude. Are you thrashing these? Yeah? Electric scooter intelligent walk car Two-wheel sama to sensory remote-control like a sketchy RipStik Yeah, how does that work old Bluetooth and LEDs so they can listen to music? dude I never read that functionality because the speakers always stink of poopoo 427 dollars guys if you want to see us buy and try this somato sensory Intelligent walk car click that click that like button But we gonna need to get some real likes for this one because I need to know that you guys actually Want to see this product because it’s not only that but it’s eighty five dollars shipping click that like button 300,000 likes 300,000 likes and we buy this cuz we gotta know that you guys actually want to see it Funny new arrival grasshopper model solar toy children outside So what are these this guy just crawlers? He hop yes Both ? Both?. Just you don’t know Okay, hold on. Let’s look at some feedback here. I’ll find out before I even see . it rattles, but works Garbage honestly vibrate only when the lamp is exposed no need to buy it it is a useless thing Oh really, it’s useless. It’s useless Carter. Just in a solar grasshopper is useless , no way I thought I had a thousand uses Wow What can you do dude throw it I Guess we’re gonna have to try it Vienna. There’s no joke dude, so you can use your cell phone light for this Can you really yeah? You just have to hold it really really really close to it dang. It’s way bigger than I thought oh Wow it just it doesn’t jump it just rattles Why that’s all it does Why okay I see I see you see that that little little thing in there. That’s Basically what a vibration motor looks like in your cell phone too, but this is much bit much much bigger, just right It’s just a weight. That’s off proportion right so that when it spins it swings whatever, it’s attached to And that’s why it feels like vibration if that little object on the end there was a perfect circle It wouldn’t vibrate it would just go it’s cute. Though. It’s kind of not cute enough Trash it One piece news 7 centimeters shangzhou three-layer strange shape rice dumpling Magic cube, okay, rice dumpling was that needed dude to someone searching for rice dumpling, and they’re like yes That’s what I wanted. I wanted a master morphix song guy speeds puzzle. It is good quality and works well The only problem is that at the moment. I don’t know how to solve this cube The Rubik’s dumpling sir two Rubik’s Rubik’s Rubik’s dumpling so in a past target video I had one of these things But it was a sphere And I would use it right and I would solve it and like and it just kept getting easier and easier and easier But when I was solving it would just like let my mind just release right because I was just focused on solving this and Just all of my problems anything any like thing that I had to like to try and like figure out We just like go away, and I was like relaxed . Buy now Well, I don’t know see — no — do it Okay you can I don’t need I’m not And this looks pretty identical. It’s already solved ah I solved it Conner It’s a little greasy. No so the thing is is there’s always there’s always an algorithm, right? There’s always an algorithm on how to solve it and you could see right here It actually included me it actually included the algorithm on how to get there, which is really Which is a little strange because it’s all in Chinese No no no, it’s already solved, i need to get mixing up I know, but I’m not gonna be able to solve it because I don’t know the algorithm I have to figure out the algorithm oww Wow wow that’s actually kind of cool So it can spend what what ways can it spend? Oh it can only spin on that tilt is that true? No, no it can spend three different ways. Oh my gosh And Then so it can spend three different ways this way right it can spin a couple ways this way Three different ways there are three different ways on every plane Which is really interesting the way you the way you solve these things is you look for patterns? And then once you find a pattern right then you know what algorithm to use. This is a lot closer If not identical to a rubik’s cube because — actually no, it’s not Because of rubik’s cube and any given point you can rotate it one two and yeah There’s there’s three different ways on a rubik’s, cube, but you can also go this way, right And you can’t do that on this one right so this one already is gonna Be easier to solve than a rubik’s cube And that’s one of one of the reasons why it’s good to start with one of these guys as opposed to a rubik’s cube I need to spin it to win it in my right guys so I need to match up red with red Oh weird, there’s only like a couple combinations that you can spend – that is kind of strange No, it’s easier Which means because it’s like look see right here This is green the only other option is the other side on this one, right? There’s only there’s only two sides, so this is gonna be infinitely easier I don’t know about infinity, but it’s gonna be a lot easier to solve. Yeah. Yeah, now. This is a cash for sure Yeah, I’m gonna take this home relieve some stress Light up to his kids Elsa LED magic wand Singing let it go ice snow that all it does singing. Let it go I mean you just have to wonder about like the knockoff Chinese products Yeah, no I’ve seen frozen it’s not great from an objective storytelling standpoint alright Let go of your inner six-year-old girl, okay from an objective Story standpoint movie is trash if we get everyone shocked right now. Dude everyone’s like What are you talking about it’s so good, even the music Even the music alright the notation is good the lyrics are like someone without a brain robot I’m getting I’m getting shocked because it’s like she’s like describing things. I’m opening the window It’s like why do you need to sing that I could see it? Let it go . (laughs) Let it go Alright buy it now dude — let’s –lets get shook I’m analyzing because here’s the thing of all these knockoff products alright. This is a knockoff right? You can always tell it’s a knockoff by how cheap They make the actual Elsa you’ve I’ve seen some cringy. Elsa’s before look at this cringy Elsa right now oh Oh My gosh her eye Balls are huge — doesn’t even look like Elsa — that is creepy –this doesn’t even look like Elsa either Here we go guys *let it go song* COPYRIGHT AHH ! No, it’s not supposed to spin it’s literally just supposed to light up. Oh what — it does spin She spins It just rolls away Geez Holy Crap dude I didnt know that was going to break open like that — dude that shut Apart insured all over the place There you go — guys–, I think she spins a little too fast though, don’t you — alright guys , trash 3D sad frog sleep mask rest travel. Dude is this Pepe yes its from Batman. This is pepe Yeah, dude. I thought this is an international hate symbol now Bunch of crazies Look yeah, how Pepe the Frog went from harmless to a hate symbol is killed off to avoid being a hate symbol Because they have nothing else good in their life, they have to get upset over nothing I was– no No, I was seriously reading I was seriously reading why do people nowadays get upset over everything and I was reading a study and the study and the study Said all right get this the study said that people don’t have enough real problems in their life So they manufacture fake problems, no joke and we can arguably say this isn’t Pepe right. I know this isn’t Pepe guys It’s 3d sad frog dude (laughs) alright add to cart Nice It’s like half open wait, so how do you how do you open it so wait wait? How do you how do you keep it open like that guy was doing do just fold it up? I guess you just fold it under dude. This us up for a small head, bro Derby , you look so derby its rediculous. Uh excuse me I’m trying to sleep Connor What did you say about me? I’m drunk There you go man Pepe the Frog I mean 3D sad frog did I thought the dead maymay did All right, dude. I have to say. This is a cashew. Just just to shake some people just to shake the community up What the heck Halloween fun RC Toilet toy for children why do all these companies think that kids wanna play with toilets?! Why? anti-stress anti-stress radio-controlled gift novelty gags practical jokes No, dude, I don’t know maybe it’s anti stress because when you get someone if you laugh but if you’re the one got then it’s stressful because you just got sprayed with a Toilet does it drive or does it just spray or does it dump do ball. All right. Buy now Oh My gosh look this biggest beat to hell What color did i get? It looks like it already went thru the toilet . Did I get white? Oh, I got black. I got a black toilet guys. It’s a black toilet everyone. It’s black I was hoping to drive a dirt toilet. Yeah, drive a dirt oiler for sure okay, so that’s literally all it came with Oh Oh, that’s actually kind of quick Really that’s it It’s not a button It doesn’t squirt what what’s up. I’m shookith Gee to the toilet seat dude look at this guy’s you see this All right guys. We’re rolling up this rug right now. Cuz we gonna do a little race look up fast look up What’s this guy’s moves dude? Alright guys, so this is the track right? This is the track you start you start here, and you have to do this What?! Safe to go around. Can you have a back side of the couch a mini? Yeah, if I start here already yeah, three two one go Let’s see let’s see okay. How many lost we do it just one Just two laps two laps. Okay, okay, last one done Fourteen seconds okay all right Connor That’s when I showed you that’s when I showed you I started right there Already yeah, yeah, no. I’m ready dude come in all right put it man three two one go Oh Bad news oh yeah you have it. Oh you beat me, let’s say you just need a white or turn there made it work i past it, I passed Good no no see this is what this is for right? oh Crap I have to go to the bathroom everyone. Oh, what do you do? All Right see you later I Mean I say cash it Guys also I’m gonna go drive this around the office. I think I’m gonna go drive. It around the office and see genuine Reactions from the people at the office to see if they think this is a cash or trash, so follow me on Twitter I’m gonna do it there link down in the description below my handles right here do that? Join in on that kind of awkward fun. yanno Guy before we get into the next couple Prize make sure you click that big ol’ subscribe button down below If it looks like this make it look like this am I right, haha Next product what the heack Conor yeah, love this cam you don’t want to do a c-section Sucktrure sorry, that’s not a thing Doesn’t dude hot sale. Oh, what sale dude. I don’t know my man a hot sale. Yes, I’m out suction therapy yeah Yeah, Michael Phelps also gets high regularly, yeah you’re Correct, so why would you honestly think we’re the good he’s a good source because he swam against a shark net what does that even? Mean he’s a great individual. You know being straight up. I’m shocked by this. Let’s try it. Okay. You can try it I’m not an idiot This is my touch whistle dude like if if someone in the fire seemed to touch me too much Okay, all right. Buy buy-buy oh I’ll let you be a pervert today Connor oh I Suggest that but okay, but you got hair. Oh, what the heck did you do boy boy? Hey, yeah, more glory more. No. This is gonna be no it’s not healthy I have to do it This is not healthy do not do this at home, and then I’m telling you I’m Telling you guys 100% not healthy. I don’t care What medical journals say there’s some things in life that you just inherently know On what you pervert? I’m not a pervert. Thank you, though. Yeah I mean, but but for real though Who’s the bigger pervert here me for doing it on you or you for accepting ?me for accepting you hate this so much No I missed that’s a tragic for realsies all right Stop stop, dude you’re gonna pop something oh haha nope Top sell magic UFO magnetic levitation floating flying saucer toy Amazing I’ll do this amazing says so It says so I saw I guess I don’t have to review it they reviewed it themselves and it’s amazing alright So it’s just a hovering top. Yeah, I’m sure that it’s $12 because it’s just piece of plastic. It’s 46 votes buy now i Can’t slam that oh Alright, what the heck like oh jeez this is heavy. That’s why it’s $12 That’s like seriously heavy well, I don’t think it needs to be that heavy oh jeez Oh you see that really fast oh Oh anything shot at me, okay, I gotta watch a video this is So he’s waiting it, so I’ll wait up to he’s putting on 1 2 But mine doesn’t do that Mine didn’t do that at all oh Wait wait Closer nope it. Just jumps away. Oh There we go Here we go here we go I Trash it trash it . See that video right there that is the gift of nothing straight up. I bought nothing and I Can’t even explain it further check it out. I’ll see you over there guys high five


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