Minimalist Couple Living in a Tiny Camper Trailer That Cost Only $1,800 – RV Life
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Minimalist Couple Living in a Tiny Camper Trailer That Cost Only $1,800 – RV Life

[Music Playing]>>KATHLEEN: I think our lives will forever
be changed by this experience. I don’t think we’ll ever be comfortable in
a big house. We’re just more comfortable in a smaller space
surrounded by nature. That’s where we feel at home.>>GREG: Living in the camper is very powerful
in the sense that you hear the rain on the roof, and you feel the wind blowing through the
camper, and you can feel the crisp in the breeze. It’s nice. [Music Playing]>>KATHLEEN: We’re in Colorado and this is
our 1969 Terry camper trailer that we live in so come tour our house. [Music Playing] When you first walk in we have our closet
space for storing our clothes. This is my closet. Greg has the same just right across from me. His is a little bit smaller. Next up is our bathroom. Inside you’ll see we use a composting toilet. If you’re not familiar with a composting toilet,
basically what it is… it’s the same as a normal toilet, it just
doesn’t use water and it separates number one from number two. Number one goes in this container, number
two, you open the hatch like that it mixes with a soil amendment to become compostable and you can put it in your yard and use it
as fertilizer. Same with number one. Currently we don’t use our water, or our shower
because we’re not connected to a water source. We shower at the gym instead. And when we do use water, we use gallon jugs
instead and I’ll get to that in a little bit. So this is our main area where we have living
space and our bedroom and our kitchen. We have a basket for all our fruit and other
items that we want in there. Silverware and other miscellaneous storage
areas are below. You can see this camper actually has a ton
of storage space. Up above we have our cups and glasses, and plates and seasoning in here. Our spices are along the top here. And when we’re ready to cook a meal we will
wash our fruits and vegetables in the sink but we use a gallon jug instead of actually
using running water. Behind me is our bedroom. We sleep here and then we store things up
here. When we don’t have any guests, we keep this
closed, but when we do, this can actually come out
the full size of the bed and someone can sleep up here and we can move
everything down below our bed for storage which is really nice. We’ve had some guests who have actually slept
above us. [Music Playing]>>GREG: Before we bought the trailer, we were
living in Capitol Hill, in downtown Denver in an apartment kind of doing the standard downtown Denver
life and I had been talking to Kathleen about doing
the van life for awhile and she wasn’t quite ready to do the van life
at the time but she met me in the middle with a camper.>>KATHLEEN: It’s a 1969 Terry Trailer. We bought it for $1800.>>GREG: At the time we justified it as 2
months worth of rent basically. It was kind of how we equated that. Eventually we realized we needed our own space,
and to have our own backyard is really nice. It’s also really great to have a space to
have chickens and a garden.>>KATHLEEN: When we first moved into the
camper, I had a really difficult time, to be completely honest. You know, I had to make some adjustments like
using a composting toilet, shower at the gym, cooking in a smaller space. Man those first couple of months were pretty
rough.>>GREG: Yeah and at the beginning we weren’t
quite adjusted yet. We hadn’t insulated everything and situated
everything the way we wanted it.>>KATHLEEN: Now that we’ve been living small
in some form for the past 2 years I feel really silly that I made it such a
big deal in the beginning. Now living this lifestyle doesn’t seem so
hard.>>GREG: It’s actually been even more amazing
than I could have ever imagined living in a camper would be and it’s the perfect size really. We built these insulation blocks to fit in
the windows so that we could live in here in the winter. It also comes in really handy in the summer
as well. They’re made out of styrofoam and radiant
barrier and they pop into the window just like this. And now we’re insulated. What prompted us to come up with the insulation
blocks is the camper is really a three-season camper
by design. It has a furnace but these insulation blocks
really make it a four-season camper and allow us to live in here in the winter, and in the dog days of summer.>>KATHLEEN: Here’s our gallon jugs. After we use them we hang them up here and then we go back to the store and we go
all at once and refill our jugs. As you can see we have some of our essential
items in here like my guitar, my computer, notebooks, journals, and all the books that
we want to read are down here below us. So this is a really great place to hang out. We spend a lot of our time just using this
as our sofa as well. This is a curtain that we made. When it’s too sunny out we’ll have it hanging
like this. Otherwise if we want to look outside we will
pin it up just like this. Pretty easy to do. Over here is our seating area and it’s where
the dogs sleep as well. We had a table in here before but we found
that it took up too much space and it felt kind of crowded with us trying to
navigate around each other with cooking and everything else that we were
doing. So we took the table out and now it opens
up our layout a lot more. We use these two areas for more clothes and
more clothes down below which is nice. One thing that’s pretty important that we
do with our camper is we hang a lot of things that we use on a daily basis so we hang our cameras, the dogs’ bandanas, our sunglasses, my jewelry, some of our fruits
and vegetables, we hang our hats and that just makes it easy for on-the-go
grabbing stuff whenever we need it. [Music Playing]>>GREG: One of my favourite parts of living
in the camper is also the freeing lifestyle that your lifestyle doesn’t cost as much as a conventional
lifestyle. It’s very liberating to know that you’re using
less resources which means you have more time to backpack or fish or simply just enjoy life really.>>KATHLEEN: We continue to be inspired by
other people breaking the barriers on what an alternative living style is. It’s been really cool because that’s also
shifted our ideas and we feel like we can continue to brainstorm new new forms of tiny living and explore them. [Music Playing]


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