Mit dem Fahrrad über die gefährlichste Brücke Russlands | Ein Tag auf unserer Weltreise

Exhausting, i don’t like it Galileo (German TV Show) says This is the most dangerous bridge in the world Here it’s getting worse Good morning Good morning and welcome to a new video
-Somewhere in Siberia- We are in the middle of Siberia, in Russia On a very special Road The so called BAM Road This it’s not The BAM Road is over there 300m away BAM is short for Baikal-Amur-Magistral Like a Baikal-Amur-Highway A road and a railway Which connects lake Baikal to the River Amur In the very east of Russia Several thousand kilometer We are here for Around a week Around 10 days On this Road now It’s just gravelroad In the middle of the wilderness Sometimes there is a small village Or a bigger city Today we have a really special stage We have to cross a big river, the Vitim river And there is a bridge over the river But as far as we got it right And all people warned us The bridge is in very bad conditions Galileo (German Tv show) says it’s the most dangerous bridge in the world Galileo made a report about the bridge That’s our todays mission To find out If it’s really the most dangerous bridge in the world I think we’ll try to interview some people To get some opinions and stories This will be a very intersting day i think We’ll see And we take you with us again Have fun! Our thermal bottle As usual, we cooked water already yesterday evening But then We didn’t made coffee as you might think It’s not coffee It’s a coffee substitute That’s german slang i think It’s made from a plant. Chicory And in Russia It’s still quite popular I think in times of war It was really popular But now they still have it And it’s super cheap Tastes quite good, as a hot beverage It’s without coffein, so not really like coffee But has a really interesting taste A bit harsh And we drink it in the mornings now Nice coffee substitute Here we go Going back on this path Over there is the mainroad The BAM Nice This is how it looks here For weeks Only gravelroads But we have to say we saw much worse Compared, here it’s really good And so far we can cycle very well Let’s see what the day will bring So beautiful Absolutely Amazing landscapes, really Unbelievable, and now On top of this, fall is coming The colors are so beautiful It slowly gets brown and red The trees and the leaves So beautiful The perfect time to be here Its beginning of september Some days ago the fall was coming It’s around one week i think Transition From summer to fall And i checked the weather forecast In one week we will have minus degrees here But now we check from above Where we actually are Okay Here it slowly starts This is not The Vitim, this is some small stream But the bridge looks quite good too The bridge really looks fucked up Be carefull with the nails I already fell in You’re falling deep here And again These big stones Puddles Exhausting, i don’t like these What do you say To the bridge And the street here The street got a bit worse now We’ll probably need a bit longer to the bridge But it’s just 12km i think Or even less We have 13km done We made half of it So It’s okay, it’s still early We will make it today, crossing the river And, I’m curious We just crossed two bridges One was okay, we didn’t record it But the one before was also quite crazy And it was, i don’t know Maybe 10m long Now we will have something like this in 500m long That will be a different story I’m definitely a bit nervous So, we are close to Vitim now 4 or 5 km i think Now we do lunchbreak Leftovers from yesterday Pasta with veggies And garlic! Lots of garlic! Then we go into the city City, lol. Into the village If we are lucky there are some houses Then we look for some people To interview them about the bridge A couple of days ago We met some people and Asked them some questions about the bridge It’s veryy dangerous I felt dizzy You have to go slow The water is floating Important is that you don’t hurry You’re falling deep I walked over when i was drunk And back… On all fours He means the bridge is so high and unstable Last time he went over it drunk It was okay, but the way back On the way back he was sober He crawled because it was too bad From Germany Allright, what’s your name? Allright And what’s your name? We need information About the bridge over the Vitim The bridge is over there Do you have some informations? Of course Come to my Terrace He invites us for a small chat Where do you sleep tonight? Behind the bridge He invites us to sleep here Thank you, but we want to continue later Allright, come here please We would like to interview you about the bridge Someone got hurt here? Some drunk peaople, but no one fell in No one died A big car, an “Ural” wanted to go over And after 50m He had a flat tire And they needed to change the tire And right and left no space They had to crawl around and get the tire It took them 5 hours to change it Got the bridge renewed? No There is Transbaikal region and here is Burjatia No one has money for it I had an aunt from Australia A spoon mustard and spices After three days you can eat it Thanks for tea and potatoes All the best That was Victor And his story of his life We were at his place an hour? Maybe longer It’s 3P.M. now But he gave us some really good information Also about the road after the bridge There this adventure doesn’t stop of course After the bridge It might just actually start there There is one village, Kuanda In 30km i think, and after that There is 120km nothing To Nowaja Tschara Street should be bad again One or two river crossings, where the bridge is destroyed Where we have to cross on the railway bridge He said that, yes So he gave us some good tips, nice Now we’ll check the bridge Here at the start it looks quite good But a bit further There you can see some destroyed woodparts It will be a bit destroyed On the right, the railway bridge That looks good of course But we can’t go there of course So we have to go here A bit windy Right Here it already looks more interesting Here you have to be carefull In central russia they have roads But here you just have a rough direction Bad roads here, no one cares A bad bridge You go over this bridge? Fuel trucks go over it But no one else, the men are scared Okay? Yes It’s really windy And there is still some distance ahead of us Yeah it’s okay, but But it’s moving, it’s windy And underneath is water The big holes are crazy, or? Yeah Damn it, but We have more than the half We did 2/3 We can do it What am i doing here? Now they started to save some wood Less and less wood and more and more holes But we almost did it! Maybe 30 or 40m Yeah, my hands… Mine too, from pulling the breaks Mine is cramping too, pulling the brake all the time Shit We made it! We made it! My hands And it was so cold partially So cold because of the wind The wind was crazy And the bridge was also crazy I tried to not look down I just looked forward and went as fast as possible How did you know where to step? I saw you going, and then i just went too I meant not looking down all the way In the water and in the deep And what do you think, was Galileo right? Is this the most dangerous bridge in the world? So Victor said no one died here So i don’t think you can call it The most dangerous bridge in the world I think there are quite a few bridges Where cars fall down regularly and people die Didnt’t happen here And we also crossed it Most Dangerous Bridge in the World Here we’ll pitch our tent Quite a nice spot With a really nice view We are at a small lake. This is how you imagine siberia! This just looks so amazing Write a comment What do you think about it This is one of the most beautiful parts of the world Wow, even more beautiful! Some old birch boletes But they look Not very good The small one is too small Let’s move on I look for some mushrooms In the village Is a wolf The apples are in the grass Okay i’m doing my russian excercises With the app Duolingo It’s a free app With which you can learn many languages I have the problem now That you need internet for it And when you invite friends for it Then you get a one week premium access I invited Olga, so one week i can learn offline now The problem is, afterwards it’s expired again Because of that in the video description is a link And when you use this link to create an account Then i get one free week of premium access And then i can improve my russian better and faster Thanks And you can also learn all kinds of languages It’s a really nice app, i use it for 70 days now i think Everyday, and you collect points etc. It’s a bit in the style of a game Makes fun! Thanks, check it out! So we have potatoes Some carrots And onions, Olga already chopped it Not all yet, but i’m working on it We got potatoes from Victor Freshly harvested And we make a stew Okay, so the food is Yes, stew It’s ready, Olga is making a cabbage salad It really got windy now On the bridge it was also super windy That was extreme What do you think? How was the bridge? I think this is what the video is about. It’s a big part of it This bridge, the Vitim bridge What do you think? Yes… I think it wasn’t the most dangerous bridge in the world I imagined it worse But with the wind, the combination It was really exhausting i think without wind It would be a cakewalk We already have some really crazy Roads behind us On our whole journey but also in Russia In the end we have to be happy that here is a bridge So we don’t have to push our bikes through the river Like it was at the Bargusin river 3 weeks ago So i would say it was an interesting experience It is a crazy bridge for sure I think it was crazy Some rotten wood, big gaps You could look down very deep, and then the wind on top Write in the comments if you would go over the bridge Walking, going by bicycle With a motorcycle or even with a car Or the supreme discipline Going with your truck People really do this! Write us a comment Give a Thumps up for the video Subscribe to the channel and tell your friends And family about our trip Thanks, see you in the next video Ciao

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