Modern Warfare in a Nutshell…
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Modern Warfare in a Nutshell…

What’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and welcome back to modern warfare before we get into this video I just want to thank you guys so much for the support on the six modern warfare video that I uploaded on Thursday the support Was insane and I thank you guys so much for all the love. You showed in those videos I had an absolutely amazing opportunity to be able to play and record modern warfare early and I wanted to grind for you guys so again Thank you guys for all the support on those videos if you missed them and you want to see them I’ll have all the links In the description or definitely check those out if you haven’t already I don’t know exactly what I’m gonna be doing for this video and basically in the mindset that I’m sure all of you guys are in as well You just want to play modern warfare and not do anything else as I’m sure you could already tell I’ve played over like 12 hours of the game I’m ready level 31 which is very conveniently gotten me to the level of unlocking the origin 12, which is the bread She did you guys happen to miss it? I made a video covering the 25 round brush units in modern warfare But for this video right now, I’m gonna be playing some hardcore modes. I haven’t gotten any attachments for it yet I’m not playing against bots. I’m not playing against other youtubers as far as I’m aware I’m just playing against casual Call of Duty players. So now we’re gonna get a better idea So now we’re gonna get a better idea of how good the bread. She actually is. This is also my first game online today I’m completely worn down from how much I played yesterday by the grind continues. I’m not stopping Easy oh Dude, if you missed it, I made a whole video dedicated to me dying to claymores I know that video is only two minutes long, but I’ve died from so many fucking clips. There’s another one Stop it, cut it out. Oh my god, I go to sleep for one night and everyone’s camping now. Oh, God, there’s another clean one. Come on guys set off to the best start right now But yeah, I just wanted to let you guys know that right now. I am in the mindset of just absolutely grinding modern warfare I am just gonna apologize in advance if some of my videos don’t have as much editing as usual I’m still gonna try to do what I can but like, you know, I want to grind this game Dude I’m fucking actually 7th, no complaints just play. There we go. There’s a breccie More than half of my deaths in this lobby are from claymores if I can remotely closer an exaggeration This Lobby is horrible right now. Why was I putting this? Well, there we go. Oh, this is a tough one Don’t you fucking dare? God what are these enemies? I haven’t seen anything like this. Yeah. I think I got my first attachment Oh me reflex. Oh boy I might be going slightly crazy But yeah, when I was trying to say before is that I’m gonna be trying to get you guys videos But obviously I wanna stay on top of leveling up so that way I can get more weapons and show you guys more new stuff I also really like the idea of trying to make really weird class setups and then you know make videos on that as well and That’s take a lot of grinding because you have to unlock a lot of attachments Don’t do this to me now I’m not gonna deny that the breccie is probably pretty good in hardcore. I need to get attachments in general I just need to use it more when you’re playing the hardcore Lobby with this where everyone’s just watching certain angles for camping You know, it’s not gonna be as good I’m gonna do what I can but it’s not going well and regardless of whether I play like absolute dogshit today Or if I can’t hit any clips, I hit like five plus feeds yesterday. Oh There we go It’s pretty good range But I can promise you guys your boys hitting clips is just that I’m gonna be saving them for the coffee with every gun video This would be a lot of behind the scenes grinding on top of that I get asked this quite a lot because ever since I started doing like the Mythbusters series and black ops 3 a lot of people I’ve wanted it to come back. It’s a little mini series It’s a little mini series that I enjoyed making a lot as well Dude these are the worst enemies I’ve ever played against in my life I hope every single one of these people on it solves the game Look at that. Who does that I Literally can’t walk anywhere without walking into a claymore. These are the worst people in existence But yeah, I was really gonna say about Mythbusters is that you know in certain Col Judy games I haven’t wanted to do it at all The reasoning behind that is that I might not have like the coal to be game that much or maybe there just wasn’t that much To experiment with but thankfully I see a lot of potential in modern warfare And I think that Mythbusters would actually be a pretty good series to bring back So if I can find enough things to test I’m gonna bring the series back I’m the best player on the team at 17 and 32 I Saw the fucking. Oh, I feel like this video is basically gonna be claymores. Number two claymores v 2 episode 2, whatever I don’t know you’re gonna call it depression remaster. Everyone’s gonna get into horrible lobbies in modern warfare I’m not gonna let it like ruin everything for me I’m well aware of the fact that this is a game that’s gonna be prone to having some pretty bad lobbies So by and large, I really do enjoy modern warfare I think the biggest thing is that me using a shotgun is just gonna put me at a disadvantage These people are putting down so many claymores and camping so hard that I don’t have a chance to use anything Other than like an SMG or AR which is why I’m dying so much I don’t really care that much because I know what’s gonna be difficult. The odds are stacked against me Everyone’s just grinding the game using the same guns then for whatever other SMGs and assault rifles are good I’m out here trying to use like pistols. I think I’ve already hit over two-thirds of the quad feats for this game So yeah, I’m probably gonna be going 19 to 41 with shotguns and pistols. It’s all good though. It’s all part of the grind I would love to hit a brushy quad feed though. I mean I only have at level 4 It’s gonna take so long to get some of the really good attachments. I’m in the gap and hardcore Dom on Kroszner raid I don’t even know why that’s an option. That’s gross. I felt like yesterday when I was playing I was basically exclusively using the 357 Magnum. I was so close heading so many quad feeds with it I just couldn’t quite get enough luck. It’s definite not gonna be one of the easier quad fees to hit but I’m trying fuck off camping whop Look at him. He’s still just camping there. I Love some of the voice lines in this game, like if someone kills you But then you get a revenge kill and then your players have something sassy back one thing that I think is pretty cool is if you use dead silence It actually kind of increases your field of view when you use it. These hardcore lobbies are brutal. It was not this bad yesterday Oh, His name is trihard. Oh, I can’t believe how poorly this is going. I don’t know if I should even try touching hardcore Come out of here. I normally love hardcore. This is going so poorly that lets the other bride. She doesn’t core It only has eight shots. It needs to have triple those amounts. They don’t see me. Oh They don’t see me are there more nope Oh Probably should I died there welcome to the breccie There we go, that’s the brush I remember That’s what we need 25 rounds right there. I love how you can change attachments mid-game I mean that’s like one of the best features of this game Every five seconds everyone What what what was he doing? Hi, I am oh Okay. Oh My god, this is so much better than hardcore right now. It’s kind of tough Because you know hardcore it’s a little bit easier to hit clips but it definitely seems like there’s a lot of camping like there’s a lot of really sweaty nerds in there right now if you play Something like regular TDM, you know it’s gonna be a lot more casual because this is basically what everyone plays and this cave map isn’t necessarily even that great of a Shotgun map but I’ve already eleven to three. I’m the best player in hatred hardcore. I was getting slaughtered. Oh This is great, I definitely need extended mags though Come on you know you I don’t know why it lags there every so often it was happening in the beta and it’s still happening now if I didn’t you’re Worthy to look into that just random FPS drop Come on go there’s more Oh no, I Don’t know where they are. Oh No, oh no I can get it was a good try though feel like the only way it can hit this brushy quad feat with the amount of Shots I have is to get a reload off which is gonna be really hard fuck Hello one thing I would like to see which I’m pretty sure they’re not going to do is like having regular team deathmatch on gulag Showers, if I’m not mistaken, I think gulag showers might be one of the smallest coal Duty Maps we’ve ever seen I think it’s even smaller than shipping and that would be hilarious. Oh I just love how much better this lobbies been it does kind of give me some perspective because you know I love playing hardcore for feeds. It is a little bit easier to try to go for them in hardcore I think this video has really shown that it really just depends on the weapon I think I’m gonna have some better luck using the bread sheet in core versus hardcore I actually had some pretty close call to ending a coffee with it. That’s gonna do it for this video Thank you guys very much for watching. Hope you guys enjoyed just some random model warfare Brett you related stuff I just want to give a quick shout-out to teespring comm slash story slash Merc music I’ve got some new merch over there new hats new beanies new hoodies new long-sleeved t-shirts. It’s pretty dang So if you guys are looking for some swagger doshas new merch II know where to find it and with that being said I hope you guys enjoyed watching me rage at claymores and get camped on a modernwarfare if you guys did enjoy this video and you Want to see some more modern warfare multiplayer stuff, make sure to drop a like you guys later


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