Molle Webbing How to Attach Weave Tactical Backpacks Bags
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Molle Webbing How to Attach Weave Tactical Backpacks Bags

Molle webbing how to attach weave backpacks bags gear straps PALS tactical water bottle holder go time gear hi it’s AlaskaGranny your outdoor and
survival gear can really meet your emergency needs bug out bag gear when you choose gear that includes MOLLE
webbing you can add accessories where you want them you can have them secure
and holding the things you want when you’re out on the trail the most
important thing to know about the molle webbing is how to fasten your extra gear
onto the molle webbing PALS=Pouch-Attachment-Ladder-System there’s a trick to adding it on you don’t just snap it
on the molle webbing wherever first you have to decide where it is most convenient spot to attach your gear to you and
then you need to actually weave the molle straps together so you know it’s secure
because it’s woven it’s not gonna bounce around
stays put PALS=Pouch-Attachment-Ladder-System try weaving on the extra gear you want
on your backpack with your MOLLE webbing see if it doesn’t hold it secure so it’s
not bouncing around and it keeps the specialty items you want close at hand
when you need them most learn more at please subscribe to the
alaskagranny channel


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