(This video is rated PG-12.
Suitable for viewers over the
age of 12.) (Run, BIGBANG Scout) Tofu for stew? G-DRAGON is on the main screen Mom, I’m Hungry! I really have no idea. It gets
harder My mother? DAESUNG! Please turn the camera off
If you had wanted the show to be
realistic you should have prepared
I have eaten before (Episode 3. BIGBANG’s mothers!
Don’t skip your meals!) It’s time to open the second
lunch box
(The second lunch box) Let’s see the second one Two boxes
(An amazing scale!) I think I know who this is This is unbelievable!
(A stunning handmade lunch box) Awesome! What’s this? I can guess
(This menu is beyond your
imagination!) What’s this? Cranberry juice?
(Interested in the mystery
juice) This is awesome There’s kiwi, grapefruit…
(Kiwi and grapefruit) Golden kiwi! Oh my god, gold…
(A lunch box full of sumptuous
fruits) Oh my god! My god! Holy!
(The surprise continues) – I know who this is
– A champagne glass – I know who this is
– So do I
(Everyone knows the answer?) It must be my mother Is this fruit wine? This is wine, it is Wine? Fruit wine
(Smell) – It’s sangria
– Sangria
(A mother who makes wine at
home) Let’s try the food This is going to be amazing
(Let’s try the food!) This is almost a feast
(Mom knows what her son likes) (Dishes made with love and
affection) (The five sons really enjoy the
food) It’s braised ribs
(Food for a special day!) What a luxurious meal Can you make a guess who she is?
(Who made this luxurious lunch
box?) The menu tells me the answer
(I know!) This glass is definitely a cue
(Detective G-DRAGON is
convinced) (The main suspect(?)) She knows what her son loves Her son enjoys wine with a meal
(T.O.P’s style!) She made this wine by herself
for her son Let’s take a sip
(What does ‘Made by mom fruit
wine’ taste like?) I knew the dishes were made by
my mom
(T.O.P knew the answer by the
menu) I think I don’t think she knew
she had to keep this secret She texted me few hours ago – Your mother…
– Mom prepared fruit and wine Enjoy the drink with the members (Reconfirmed:
The second lunch box was by
T.O.P’s mother!) Nice Let’s taste this sangria
(What does mother-made wine
taste like?) by his mother with love Cheers Let’s play a game. 1!
(Counting game) Kiss!
shot?) I can do this (DAE DAESUNG ;;;) To G-DRAGON’s future hit songs! Mine?
(No, no) To the 20th anniversary! Yes, go for it (Gulp, gulp) (Bottoms up, wine lover!) I can taste many different
(Fresh fruit) We will be drunk in this hot
weather Yes, it’s…
(Mom, I think I’ll get drunk) Drinking in the middle of the
(Unexpected alcohol) To make this show even funnier we should get drunk quickly One of us should make a mess
(The leader wants a dynamic
scene) get naked and… Bottoms up! I already emptied the glass
(Guys, at a gulp!) Fast
(Big brother) I think she knows exactly what
her son loves because it’s quite a strong
(Strong fruit wine, perfect for
her son) – One more glass
– So quickly? He’s like a general manager
[Drinking in the daytime with
manager T.O.P]) – Usually a chief manager does
– Let’s finish this project well (Plenty) Sir! – Thank you, sir
– Nice shot I trust you. Don’t feel any
(Don’t feel pressure) To Manager Choi’s health! (Cheers! Cheers!) I just sensed it
(Q. When did you know it was
your mother?) (as soon as I saw the lunch box)
I knew it was my mom and looking at the food with
love I decided to return more love to
her Let’s see the third lunch box
(Time for the third one!) Did mothers prepare the bags,
too? (The package full of love) – Oh my god!
– I know!
(Tada! A panda came out of the
bag) This is! This is too obvious!
(Hello, you know who I am) This is definitely SEUNGRI’s
(I’m sure it’s SEUNGRI’s mother) (Mom, what’s this?) This is awesome I have no panda stuff at home This is…
(A sad face) As I told you, it’s quite sad
because SEUNGRI worked on the panda
image making but it was Jiyong
who actually did the panda
advertisement In China The fans kept calling me panda so mom thinks I’m a panda Meaningless! Jiyong got the ad,
(Mom, it’s Jiyong who appears in
the panda ad) Wait a second (There’s one more) So funny I can’t get a sound sleep
when I see a panda
(Sorrow) (There’s something inside) (Almost choked by laughter) – Inside
– There are pandas inside
(This is a hit!) A panda should have delivered
this food A panda should have
(Amazing, mom!) Let’s try the food The sandwich first
(Finally, tasting time) There is another cue She prepared bellflower and
jujube tea Bellflower, jujube, and cactus
(For her son’s health during a
busy schedule) – Pumpkins?
– Nice smell (A sandwich with SEUNGRI’s
mother’s love) (A big mouthful) She made this by herself? Let’s move on The cue is too…
(The answer is so obvious) It could have been quite hard to
without the pandas – Yes
– Panda helped
(The panda gave a cue) He wants the spotlight SEUNGRI wants the spotlight too
(Mom wants her son to get the
spotlight) SEUNGRI, it’s you
(SEUNGRI panda) My father always goes to crowded
(Confession of SEUNGRI) I think my father does too
(GD reveals) Jiyong’s father and my father enjoy taking pictures with our
(A picture with a V.I.P) Always doing this pose somewhere
(Somewhere, with a V sign) There is a trend among our
fathers When we have a concert
they don’t care about the show – They keep wandering
– Walking around They walk around where our fans
(A trend of watching fans, not
the show) “Excuse me, are you SEUNGRI’s
“Yes, I am. Come on!” “You are Jiyong’s father.”
“Yes, I am.” My father is really healthy but he always carries a stick
(Healthy father’s stick
performance) His legs are healthy
but he carries a cane with him (Swag, Swag) I don’t know why
(Parents as witty as their sons) Let’s see the answer The third lunch box was made
by… I’m sure
(SEUNGRI’s mother) Yeah – She’s adorable
– It’s my mom This is amazing. The panda here
(The pandas gave us plenty of
laughs) Pandas in the fruit
(The key item! Pandas in the
fruit cup) But SEUNGRI
After the 10th anniversary why don’t you change your image
to another animal? – A raccoon or…
– These days…
(Try a different animal) – He has no dark circles
– The dark circles are gone
(Has SEUNGRI Panda lost his
identity) Try another animal
Jiyong already got the Panda ad. Try another animal like a weasel
(Look for another ad!) A weasel?
(What are you talking about?) – A weasel?
– It’s cute There are a lot of other
animals. A weasel?
(There are cuter animals…) Something like a weasel or a
flying squirrel
(Candidates for the image change
– weasel and flying squirrel) A flying squirrel? (SEUNGRI’s mother wrote a
letter) My mom wrote a letter Let me read this for you TAEYANG, please read this
(No, no) Don’t read your letter to
(Someone else will read this for
you) Okay, okay SEUNGRI, control your emotions Emotions. Cue
(Ready to shed tears?) Because I began acting this year
(Wait) Actor Choi Seunghyun,
I’ll focus on my emotions, then Okay Dear son, congrats on the 10th
(Immersed) I know you’ve been working hard I hope you keep doing well Stay healthy and enjoy the food I love you. Too short
(Good timing before shading
tears) – It’s a bit short
– I cried instead of SEUNGRI (Tears) A message to your mother
(A reply to mom) Mom, I really enjoyed the food I’ll always do my best Okay, the lunch boxes left
are from Jiyong and Youngbae’s
mothers (The remaining lunchboxes are
Jiyong and Youngbae) – At the same time…
– My mom and Youngbae’s mother – have a totally different style
– Yes, we might be able to
recognize them It’s easy. I’ve had Jiyong’s and TAEYANG’s
mother’s food since I was a trainee I think I can make a guess when
I try them Let’s see the last two lunch
box!) The last two lunch boxes!
(The last “Mom, I’m Hungry”
lunch boxes) Let’s check quickly It’s Gimbap – Nude Gimbap
– Youngbae likes Gimbap
(No. 5 lunch box, Gimbap) This is… – This is really…
– The one we used as kids
(The 4th is a standard pink
picnic lunch box) It’s Gimbap
The same, tofu rice rolls and Nude Gimbap. Unbelievable
(The same dishes as if planned!) I can’t believe it How do we guess?
(Different, but similar Gimbap) Did they make the Gimbap
at the same place?
(Confused) The same Gimbap and tofu rice
with different rice
(The same menu, different rice!) This is a real quiz (Fantastic! This is real!) – This is really…
– The rice here is special I think it’s mixed with
(No. 5 rice is mixed with
vegetables) Let’s try the food
(The last BIGBANG tasting – the
flavor detectives) (Hmm, this taste is familiar) I don’t know
(Is this my mom…?) I don’t know who prepared this but the Gimbap tastes similar to
my mom’s
(This tastes like my mom’s
Gimbap) It’s a homemade Gimbap Yes, it’s harder to guess
(Confused) I like this kind of Gimbap
(G-DRAGON’s mother’s Gimbap?) Nude, Nude The basic Let’s try this one (Time to try the lunch box No.4) It’s nice I know the answer I think… it’s a bit cold but I think
this is my mother’s Gimbap
(TAEYANG thinks no. 5 is his
mother’s) But, why did my mom cook yellow
She has never done this before Is she a fan of SESCHSKIES? She is over 50 now How did they cook the same… I think the pink one is my
(The detectives are confused
by the 2 similar menus) This one?
convinced) The key is that this one has
perilla leaf I like perilla leaves
(The key to lunch box No. 4 is
perilla leaf) Do you like apricots? That’s why there are apricots? Apricots? I think they could be opposite
(The opposite answer?) Really? Then make your decision
(Hesitating) – What do you think?
– I think this is my mother’s Me too. I think this is mine
(No. 5 is TAEYANG’s mother’s
lunch box) Let’s open them at the same time
(G-DRAGON is sure no. 4 is his) The last lunch boxes
(Whose mother prepared them?) It’s Gimbap and tofu rice rolls
(BIGBANG was confused by the
same menu) And nude Gimbap. I can’t believe
it It’s nice I know the answer I like perilla leaves
(Cue 1
Gimbap with perilla leaf that
her son likes) The rice here is special I think it’s mixed with
(Cue 2 Healthy Gimbap with
special rice) But, why did my mom cook yellow
She has never done this before
(BUT unfamiliar yellow rice?) Let’s open them at the same time The last lunch boxes!
(What are G-DRAGON &
mothers’ lunch boxes?) One, two, three! (Dong, Youngbae) We were right
(Kwon, Jiyong) Perfect
(Lunch box matching, success!) – What a relief
– I’m glad Then we apologize to DAESUNG’s
(Mom, I’m so sorry) Youngbae’s mother wrote a letter to Youngbae
(A letter from TAEYANG’s mother) Youngbae’s mother wrote a letter
on a “Thank you” card… – Let me read this letter
– Your voice is no good today (Host SEUNGRI’s letter reading
fail) (Embarrassed) Wow, this is really… This is really meaningful
(DAESUNG moved by her letter) – Are you ready to cry?
– Focus on your emotions (Ready) I Love you, My Sun You go abroad so often that you
feel like
you are suffering from
airsickness I’m thankful that you are
healthy and doing well It’s been almost 15 years Enjoy the food like
you did in your school years between parentheses, it’s not
pretty, though You are always consistent.
My dear son, thanks again! May God be with you, from your
mom She wrote in English “I Love
you, My Sun.”
(Touching) It could be the Son
(My dear son, and the sun,
TAEYANG) – And also, the Sun.
– And son. Is she willing to go compete
in “Show Me The Money” next
year? I… This is a rapper’s rhyme
(G-DRAGON detected the rapper
sense) I’ll make her participate I’m actually preparing for Show
Me The Money
(A sudden announcement?) You do rap these days Freestyle rap about today’s
boy scout, please Describe this situation
(Show me the BIGBANG, freestyle
rap) – This situation
– Boy Scout – The lunch boxes and Boy Scout
– It should come out instantly
(I can do it) Instantly? (MC SEUNGRI getting ready for a
freestyle rap) You know rap music
(The real rappers are
interested) My rap has flow (Uh!) (Oh!) (What a funny guy~) You can hear my beat, can’t you? (Embarrassed) The five guys here in Boy Scout
uniforms Here in Gimpo Campground near
Gimpo airport We’ll be in China tomorrow and
also on Sunday and come back to Korea G! That’s just our schedule Seunghyun, that’s just our
(You can’t win the competition) (I’ll work on the punchline next
time) We’ve tried the lunch box prepared by our parents
(The lunch box with mother’s
love) Lunch boxes with love Let’s try the food with our
staff Help yourself
(Enjoy your meals dear
staffers!) Help yourself (Mother’s love and generosity) (gave everyone a great time
enjoying the food) (This is nice) (My mom made it) (Thank you, mom) (Energy charged for today with
homemade food!) (The next episode) Here are the guests who will
help us today What is G-Dragon doing these
days? Hold on a second! He is always on the set I see Q. I feel sad in this situation! No gifts You mean, he’s stingy? Q. Did you want to quit your
job? I thought several times I should
go back to Korea in secret Swearing is okay. We will ‘beep’
it out.

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