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*Yawning* what a beautiful day, Today! I can’t wait to go to the pool. *walking* Ronald wake up! Ronald wake up! Wake up! Wake up sleepy head. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! C’mon, C’mon *laughing* *yawning* *walking down to bathroom* *Karina brushes teeth* *Ronald is still asleep* (why like why) *Karina does her hair* *getting dressed* (i think) Ronald wake up you can’t sleep all day! It’s called vacation. All vacation you sleep? *Karina slaps ronald* *Karina goes downstairs* Dad, we’re gonna restaurant.. I’m hungry. Okay aayie *Ronald is still asleep* Ronald wake up! I don’t care. *Ronald quickly dresses* Yeah Wait for me. *Ronald is panicked he will miss it* hey wait for me wait for me *exhausting* wait for me ronand you can’t where are your shoes? wait for me! I’m back you take like 12 hrs
did you take a shower, ronald? no *family is having fun* let’s go i’m gonna order eggs with toast
what about you, ronald? ahh, i hate it i’m gonna have cheese cake and ice-cream you are crazy ronald!
No, i’m just a normal human being hah
*eating* ronald, yo’re idea a bout having pastries is the best! I know, right! karnina, I think its time for ice-cream, now!
yup, you’re right! Let’s go sounds good ohh! where?
hmm oh, yeah karnina, i think about pool now!
yeah i’m really hot!
we should go to the pool let’s change back and go to the pool
okay! lady diana!
lady diana! eyv, its my swim suit now i look navel
you’re much better! Let’s go *they are in swimsuits* *music* *coming out side* three… two… one… go ohh, its so cool oh yeah i think its a beautiful morning *music*

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