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– Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I thought I would share with you our morning routine on holiday. I make these videos all the time back home and you guys seem to really enjoy them so I thought I’d show you
the routine that we got into while we’ve been away ’cause I love a routine and
I love having a schedule. It keeps me nice and organized. So, yes, I hope you enjoy this. And if you’re new to my channel, I would love for you to
subscribe and stick around. I post three videos a week so I’d love for you to subscribe
if you like what you see. But, yes! Anyway, let’s get into the routine. – [Emily] So my morning
starts with this little cutie waking up at about six AM. He did have jet lag for the first few days but he’s back to normal now. So we will normally have
some cuddles in bed. He loves to cuddle. I’ll also give him his
first feed of the day and just hang out. Then I’m gonna take him
out onto the balcony because the two older
boys are still asleep. So it’s a good place to go
to keep it nice and quiet for them to continue sleeping. There’s a beautiful view as well. And we will normally sing songs, cuddle, and then I’ll also try and
entertain him with the iPhone. He loves the movie Trolls. That’s one thing he will watch
for about 10 to 15 minutes. We’ll also play with some toys, just hang out really. Then the big boys have woken up and I normally let them
hang out with their iPads just while I get ready in the morning. Jackson has been really clingy lately. I think it’s because he’s one now. And so he even wants to be with
me while I’m getting ready. So I’ve come up with this solution. There was a spot where
he will sit quite happily next to the sink and this will allow me to wash my face and get ready in the morning. He’ll sit there the whole
time that I’m getting ready. It’s really cute to have him there and I kinda wish I could do this at home. But I’ll wash my face and then I’ll tone my face and moisturize, put some deodorant on, and then brush my teeth as well. And while I brush my teeth, Jackson always wants to brush his as well. He loves brushing his teeth and he’s getting really good at it. So it’s quite a good little
habit that he’s got into. Then I’m gonna put on
some makeup for the day. I’m putting on my Estee
Lauder Double Wear. I wear this in Ivory Beige and
I literally just put a bit on with my fingers just like I do at home. Then I’m also gonna put on some concealer. I’m using Instinct concealer from Clarins. I love this one. And then I’m also gonna
put on this bronzer that I got from Jane Iredale. It’s a bit darker so
perfect for this holiday. And I’m also gonna put on my
Benefit goop proof pencil. I like this because it
has a pencil on one end and a brush on the other end so it’s really quick and simple to do. And then I’m gonna brush my hair through with my Tangle Teaser. This is my travel Tangle Teaser
so it’s slightly smaller. And then I’m gonna get ready for the day. Today I’m wearing a
black swimsuit from Next. I really like it because
it’s very supportive but it has a zip on the front if you did need to feed your baby. I’m also gonna wear this
black dress from ASOS. I really like the drop armhole on it Then the boys are gonna
get their shoes on. They’re getting really good at
putting these on themselves. I really love these sandals for the boys. They are Crocs but they
are obviously the sandals. And Caleb’s been really good at putting them on the right feet. – Mommy, is this the right feet? – [Emily] Yeah, that’s it! And then we’re ready
and all out for the day. The boys are wearing these SPF suits which they basically live in on holiday. I love them because they are 50 SPF. Then the boys will
normally entertain Jackson while we wait for the lift. And here are all of us
in the lift together. And the boys have gotten
a really cute routine of picking me a flower
every morning for my hair. It’s so sweet and they both do it. Just really really cute and this is one reason
why I love having boys. I’m basically the queen of the household. But, yeah, I’m gonna
just put that in my hair. And I forgot to say I’m also
wearing these sunglasses, which are my RayBan sunglasses. And also these sandals from Primark which are so, so comfortable. And then we’re just gonna take
a little walk to the buffet. It’s a really beautiful walk
with lots of palm trees. And we go through the village square of the resort where we’re staying. And here is the buffet where we’re eating. It’s called the Sugar Cane. The boys are gonna take the steps. And then I’m gonna take
the ramp with the buggie. And then we’re quickly
gonna choose a table and leave our stuff on it before the boys run off to the buffet. We’ve been here for over a week now so they basically know
exactly where they’re going. Caleb always runs off and gets
a big thing of fruit loops. But he only really eats a few of them. I think he really likes the idea of them but he doesn’t actually eat them much. It’s actually Halloween here this week so that is why there’s some
decorative pumpkins around. The breakfast buffet here is incredible especially the fruit. It’s really really delicious
here in Punta Cana. It’s so fresh. It’s so yummy. There’s lots of cereals. So we always get lots of fruit. And Jackson’s favorite are
the pineapple and the mango. He loves the mangoes so much. I actually have to limit how much he has because he will not stop eating it. We also love the croissants here. And, unfortunately, there are even desserts out at the buffet so the boys are always staring at them and begging to have some of the desserts. Fraser makes toast for himself and his brother every morning. He’s worked out exactly how to do it and he flips between having
beans and cheese on toast or Nutella toast every day. And Caleb pretty much
every day has cheese toast, which is his favorite thing. Then I’m gonna get
everyone back to the table and the high chair that they have out here is the same one that we use at home so that’s been brilliant. Jackson today has some raisins, an apple, and he’s eating a croissant. I’m holding back these fruits because as I’ve said, he will just eat all of it straight away and not eat any of the other things. I’m also gonna give him
some Rice Krispies today because he really enjoys
just picking them up one by one and eating those. Today, Fraser is having some Nutella toast and also some fruit. And Caleb is having is Fruit
Loops and his cheese toast. Caleb is also having
an apple juice in a cup that I’ve brought from home
so he can’t spill his drink. And then I’m gonna have
some much needed coffee. For my breakfast, I’m having pancakes with a side of bacon. Matt thinks this is really weird but this is a totally normal
breakfast to have in Canada. We’re also sharing a plate of fruit. The pineapple is amazing. And Matt is having an omelet with beans and also a coffee as well. So we’re just gonna eat up our breakfast. I’m so gonna miss this buffet when we’re at home and I have
to actually make breakfast. The boys will help me
entertain Jackson as well. They’re such good big brothers. And then we’re off back to the room. We go back to the room
every day after breakfast so that Jackson can have
one of his naps in his cot. He normally goes down at about nine AM. So I’ll just literally
put him into his cot with his blanket and
he will snuggle into it and fall asleep. While Jackson is sleeping the boys will normally play
with Lego or do some drawing. Caleb loves coloring. Or I’ll let them have the iPads and they can chill out with that. Or we have also been
Facetiming some friends while we’ve been here. If I need to check some emails, I will also catch up on a few work emails. I really haven’t been working
much since we’ve been here. But it’s good to just keep your hand in. And while I’m checking emails, Matt will normally use this time to put sun cream on the boys. They did protest at the
beginning of the week but they’re so used to it now. They’re really good at putting it on. We’ve been using the
Dermalogica 50 sport on them. Matt sells it at his shop and we just really really like it. Jackson normally sleeps for about an hour and when he wakes up, Fraser really likes to go and get him. He is so happy and smiley when he wakes up so Fraser will normally
go in and chat to him. Play peepo with him and just
generally be cute together. Once he’s up I’m gonna put him in his little matching SPF suit. I love that Next do them on
all of my children’s sizes and again it’s 50 SPF. And then he’s all ready for the day. And you can see he’s
walking really well now. Then we also have to get his sun cream on. And we’re off to the beach today so I’m gonna put my hair
in two fishtail plaits. And I thought I would show you how because I’ve had some
messages on my Instagram asking for a tutorial. But it’s so simple I’ll
just show you it now. Just literally section one of the plaits into two sections and then take a small bit from one side and put it over to the other side then take a small bit from the other side and put it over to the
other side and so on. You just keep taking small
pieces and putting them across. And even though it looks messy now it will turn out really well. It’s so simple but I
get so many compliments on these plaits. Or I should say braids if
you’re in North America. But this is them nearly at the end. And then I will secure
it with an elastic band. And I found these elastic
bands from Accessorize which are a similar color to my own hair, which I really like. Then once they’re done, I will literally just go through
and loosen them up a bit. It just adds a little bit of texture. You don’t have to do this if you like a really clean look. But, yeah, that is it. It’s so simple and easy to do. It literally takes a minute and then my hair will stay put. And then we’re off out for the day. And before we go to the beach we’re gonna make our way to
the Nickelodeon water park. And on the way, there is a cute little coffee shop so I will normally stop
on the way and get a latte and then carry on. We’re also gonna hitch
a ride in a golf buggie because it’s literally across the street but it’s so quick and easy to do that. And then we’re here! And it’s brilliant. And as we arrive you can see
that Pool Patrol characters where there they have
different characters every day. We’ve met the Ninja Turtles, we’ve met Dora. And, yeah, we’re just
gonna have some fun now. We’re just gonna play in the swimming pool and all of the slides over there and then we’ll probably just go for lunch and then the little ones
have a nap after lunch. And this evening we’ve got a beach party so it’s like nonstop over here. But, yeah, I hope you liked this video. I hope you found it interesting and you enjoyed watching
our morning routine abroad. And, yeah, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you soon! Bye guys!


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