Most SHOCKING Discoveries In Russia!
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Most SHOCKING Discoveries In Russia!

From creepy creatures in the mountains to
alien hieroglyphics, here are 10 of the most mysterious things found in Russia…. 10. Creature in a Diamond Mine In 2016, miners in Siberia found something
truly bizarre while they were digging in the sand. Described by some as a mummified demon spawn,
it’s not entirely clear what creature it is. With the age of the region, could it be a
dinosaur? Or, perhaps, a more recent creature like a
sable or a pine marten (members of the weasel family)? It was found in the Mirninsky district of
the Sakha Republic, in a region known for the large number of diamonds that can be found
there. The sands have been dated to the Mesozoic
era, more than 66 million years ago, and pretty often reveal ancient fossils and things, but
no one knew quite what to make of this particular discovery. They think it could be some type of mummified
mammal even like a young wolverine. Its small body, and deadly looking skull means
it could conceivably be any of those suggestions, but further tests are needed to know for sure. The specimen was taken to the regional capital
of Yakutsk to try and understand more but, as of yet, no results have been published. 9. Megalithic Monuments Deep within the Caucasus mountains of Russia,
near Sochi, are thousands of strange structures that archaeologists are still struggling to
understand, despite having been there for up to 25,000 years. Known as “dolmens”, there’s some dispute
as to quite how old they are- but one thing’s for sure, they’re a unique type of architecture
that’s seen nowhere else. Like other megaliths, they were built using
large rocks that were cut following the natural geometric shapes. Usually there’s a court towards the front
that may have been used as a place for rituals, and bronze and iron age pottery has been found
littering the sites, which is why they have been able to be dated so far back. New dolmens are found all the time, and there
are at least 3,000 that are known of- usually in clusters of tens or hundreds. No human remains have been found in them,
so it’s unlikely that they were being used as tombs, but the mystery continues and is
one of the most prevailing unanswered questions that Russian researchers have yet to solve. 8. Giant Craters These next discoveries have only just started
to appear in recent years, and are thought to be some of the first noticeable signs that
global warming is having a damaging impact on world, starting with the Russian landscape. In 2014, three gigantic craters were found
in Siberia, with some as large as 250 feet (76.2m) in diameter! One of them, on the Yamal peninsula, was then
seen to be surrounded by 20 smaller craters, all full with water, within a year of the
original one appearing. As each year passes, more of these holes are
being picked up by satellite imagery of the area, which is now intently looking for more
evidence of why this is happening. Craters are everywhere and the landscape is
falling apart! The size and immediacy of these craters suggest
that some explosive force might be to blame. The leading theory is that, as temperatures
in the land are rising, large amounts of gas hydrates are being released and start exploding
through the softened ground. The craters are beginning to have a detrimental
effect on the region, with wildlife suffering the most. The tundra, is literally starting to thaw!! Herd animals better watch out as they migrate
across. If it continues to happen, measures will have
to be taken to try and prevent its spread, or risk losing the landscape for good. And now for one of the most mysterious events
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the notification bell!! 7. Dyatlov Pass Incident In 1959, mountain rescuers found what would
become an enduring mystery in Russia, known as the Dyatlov Pass incident. A few weeks earlier, 9 ski hikers had gone
missing while on a trip to reach the Otorten mountain- a route that was, at the time, classified
as a category 3- the most difficult. They were all very experienced with this type
of expedition and shouldn’t have encountered too many difficulties. Something, though, went terribly wrong. Rescuers first of all, found the tent that
had been abandoned and badly damaged and slashed. All of the groups’ belongings and shoes
were left inside, but there was no sign of them. It appeared as if the tent had been cut down
from the inside, and everyone ran out into the woods in socks or barefoot. Sets of 9 footprints led from the tent to
the nearby woods in the snow. Here they found the first two bodies near
the remains of a fire. They had attempted to climb up a tree for
unknown reasons, but succumbed to the cold. Their bodies lay there, but showed signs of
having been moved after they had died. Things got more bizarre when the other bodies
were found over the next few days. Three of the final group that were found showed
signs of fatal internal injuries- the sort you’d expect from a car crash, but without
any external damage. One was missing her tongue, and some of their
clothes were found to be radioactive. The story has since become legend in the mountains,
but to this day it’s still a complete mystery as to what happened to those unfortunate travellers. 6. Volgograd Discs In 2015, when a group of UFO hunters began
excavating a site in the Volgograd region, not even they could have expected to find
something so bizarre. In the ground were more than a dozen stone
discs. Most of them were about a meter (3.3 feet)
in diameter, but there was also one that was twice that size. The shape of these discs have clearly excited
UFO theorists because of their similarity to a traditional flying saucer shape, and
to add fuel to speculation the team that found them said they were primarily made from Tungsten,
a material often used in military applications. The team that discovered the discs have come
up with some radical theories about their origin, claiming that they’re more than
a million years old and from an alien race. Scientists who have been studying them, though,
think there’s a more believable terrestrial reason for them, and think they could be unusual
features created by the flow of ice across the landscape. So what do you think? Alien Hieroglyphics or natural markings? 5. Arkaim In 1987 an archaeological team, from the University
of Chelyabinsk, uncovered an ancient fortress that dated back to about 2 or 3 thousand years
ago. It’s called Arkaim, and is often referred
to as the Russian Stonehenge- possibly even pre-dating the structure built by the druids
in England. There are two circular walls, all surrounded
by a defensive perimeter wall and a moat. Inside there are a series of rectangular shaped
structures, thought to be living spaces. A further 35 houses were found outside the
main structure, and there was even a sophisticated water and sewage system. Tombs and mines were also discovered, and
the entire place would have been meticulously planned before being built- something quite
unusual for the time. It looks like Arkaim served as a fortress
for its inhabitants for about 200 years, but then they all suddenly left. There are no clues yet as to who these people
were, or why they were so advanced compared to other cultures at the time. Some strange phenomenon has been reported
at the site, such as magnetic anomalies and unusual weather, but this could have a lot
to do with its location. Similar to Stonehenge, Arkaim was purposefully
built with the understanding of the movement of the sun in the sky, and would have been
used to celebrate the summer and winter solstices. 4. Ancient Flying Saucer In 2015 there was another discovery of a mysterious
disc, this time in the Kuznetsk Basin in Siberia. Lots of strange activity and alien discs in
Russia!! It’s a region known for coal deposits and,
during an excavation more than 130 feet underground, they found this flying saucer-shaped rock. It’s almost perfectly circular, weighs about
440 pounds, and is about 4 feet in diameter. What’s more, the excavators actually found
two of the objects but the first, unfortunately, was destroyed while they were digging. To give some perspective of how old this object
could be, mammoth bones have been found in the area at depths of about 80 feet, so this
disc seems to be much, much more ancient. It seems highly unlikely that this is a natural
formation, but if it was manmade, what was the purpose of it? There’s very little record of civilisations
living in the region, which makes this all the more bizarre. But, with large rock structures being found
all over Russia, who knows what else could be lurking deep beneath the ground and ready
to be discovered? 3. Creature Near Power Plant This next discovery is the real life version
of one of the most famous Simpsons episodes, but far more bizarre than a 3-eyed-fish. In 2015, two residents of Sosnovy Bor were
walking along the local river, and found this bizarre body floating in the water. The river was built in the 1950’s to provide
water to the Leningrad nuclear power plant, so what kind of creature is this? Initial suggestions pointed towards it being
a mutant chicken embryo, but with no neck, wings, and such an elongated head this seems
unlikely. It doesn’t, though, resemble any known animal,
so DNA swabs were taken to try and understand more about it. Since then, no information has been released
about what was found, which has excited alien researchers- some of who think it’s an extra-terrestrial. Despite the more outlandish theories the answer,
however, is likely to be far more simple- quite often animals are born with deformities
that make them unrecognisable around this river and, with the presence of a nuclear
reactor nearby, this is by far the most likely and disturbing explanation. 2. Ancient Microchip Computer chips are a relatively recent invention,
right? Well this bizarre discovery has got some people
thinking that they aren’t as new as we thought. A fisherman in the Krasnodar region found
this peculiar rock and, on it, there appears to be some form of ancient technology that
resembles today’s microchips. Tests on the object show it to be embedded
in the rock, with some suggestions dating it to as far back as 250 million years- long
before humans evolved on our planet. Geologists and other scientists simply cannot
explain the creation of this chip, and it certainly isn’t made by natural processes. If it truly is that old, then it would completely
change our understanding of the development of life on earth. Of course, it could also be a natural formation
of the type not ever seen before, or even something much newer that managed to get itself
entombed within the rock somehow. So far nobody knows. 1. Demonic Skulls and Nazi Briefcase Saved the weirdest for last! A team of explorers found a cave on Mount
Bolshoi Tjach, and inside were a pair of very odd shaped, demonic looking skulls. To make things even weirder, someone else
made another find in the region- a Nazi briefcase with a full German colour map of the Adygea
region that had been made in 1941. This briefcase bore the emblem of the Ahnenerbe,
a secretive Nazi faction that was tasked with proving the Aryan race once controlled the
whole planet. The Nazis were also known for their dealings
with the occult, and the links between these two finds haven’t gone unnoticed by some-
thinking it’s proof that they made contact with extraterrestrial beings, or managed to
summon something deadly from deep within the earth. Or at least they tried. There is a more down to earth explanation
for the skulls, which could have been exposed to weathering processes for long periods of
time and been misshaped, but there’s still the question of the briefcase, and why the
Nazis were so interested in the region during the war. Mysteries, mysteries. Thanks for watching!! Be sure to subscribe and see you soon!


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