• Davinxi P

    They throw people with mental health out?. Section 8 people are way worst. Always blaming people with mental health. They should sue. Mental health is a health right

  • Davinxi P

    Well it’s not like he was a criminal? They’re gonna throw everyone out over small fuss?? / mental outburst. Perhaps these homeless shelters don’t have beds for these to accommodate

  • Kelly Jean Smith

    Mental illness is difficult to deal with but it sounds like mom has given up. She doesn't want her son getting caught up in the system but it's inevitable if he's out on the streets exhibiting the same behaviors. If he's threatening people, a whole lot of things can go wrong. If she took the housing for 9 months that would give her a chance to get a job/find resources or at least work on finding a cheaper place to live. The SF Bay area is the worst place to be broke. It's a sad situation all around but mom needs to find some inner strength and get some support. Sleeping in a tent is not a solution to this problem.

  • Amanda G

    Wait, so after couch surfing for a year, her adult son and her couldn’t save up enough for a downpayment for a small apartment together?

    AND turned down multiple other options.. hmmmm

  • robert shuman

    Why don't pharmaceutical companies, with all that lobbyists $,help ppl,veterans, poor,homeless,22trillion dollars and 22vets killing themselves every day is a problem

  • Stephen Chen

    she basically sounded like she didn't want to try to earn a living. she was offered permanent housing rent free for 9 months which would give her an address and time to re-esestablish herself into the workforce and build enough of a nest egg and she turned it down? there lies the problem… doesn't want to work for anything; especially since the bay area is handing out jobs to basically anyone who is willing.

  • Valentino Smilezz

    You been homeless 3 years that’s a issue go get a life 3 years is way to long when you seem perfectly capable of working it looks like you just like free riding and living off the government you also was offered free housing for a year to get on your feet and you refused some people just like being homeless to get pitty from others and hand outs because they are lazy

  • American Jedi

    Follow the rules and you don’t have a problem. If you need meds and you are somewhere where they are offered then TAKE THEM! If you don’t then this can be a result.

  • Total Control 871

    "turn down multiple options"??? the entirety of this news piece centered around the fact that there are no options for the mentally disabled and that shelters are not calibrated and set up for dealing with that type of disability. Why not would you make false claims that this woman is turning down permanent housing when in fact she simply can't affordtit?! You also fail to mention that when the market rate goes up it would most likely be in the middle of a lease that she would sign. If this woman could afford market-rate rent then she would not be homeless on the street.


  • captain john Rambo

    Instead of talking shot why does t someone give her an R.v or a van…. or a good car . we live in silicon valley the richest place on earth and we cant find one good soul among us.. that's the problem today , nobody give a crap about anybody but themselves … ..

  • Diego H

    Its amazing how even the bay area local news turns people who refuse to accept any responsibility or have any accountability for their own lives and decisions into victims. There is this weird victim mentality behind a lot of the stories in the bay area. Like its always the system's fault. Its never the individual's. How did the son become mentally unstable? Was he a junkie? Did she raise him right? Is she a junkie? Why isnt she working? Is she just milking thr system? Why didnt she take the 6 months of subsidized housing that was offered? What life decisions did she and her son make that ultimately led to their homelessness?

  • George Nolan

    When this woman was without a husband or partner she should never have had a kid. She is lucky he is gone and should get a job and go on with her life. Maybe move to Alaska and change her name .

  • american ruse

    Maybe she should of been a better fuckin mother. Homeless with a 28 year old son??? Obviously she made poor choices in her life.

  • Alston Dolores

    I want to thank you for telling me about this one OH God Bless The Homeless United States Government show no compassion for mentally ill God the merciful He show merciful for the Whole World

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