Motorcycle camping gear: Lightweight cooking set
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Motorcycle camping gear: Lightweight cooking set

Hello my friends… Not only backpack hiking has focus on lighweight equipment. It is also interesting for us, adventure motorcycle riders. Today I want to introduce you my cooking set, my lightweight cooking set with only 1,2 kg based on my experience and for very cheap price. You need a pot with lid like this one. I prefer stainless. Do not take aluminium, because during the transport the neverending vibrations will grind down the aluminium surface and enjoy your meal later. Next important part of my cooking set is a stainless coffee cup like this one. Spoon, knife and fork- all made of stainless. In the past I used the foldable versions but later I recognised that it is complicated to keep it clean when travelling and went to simple versions like there ones. The stove. This is the topic for a long discussion. My meaning is: No petrol stove, with heavy weight and carrying of fuel bottles, no wood fire stoves with neverending searching for dry wood on rainy days, and dust and carbon in your lagguage, I prefer gas one. With a small cartridge 250g, which is enought for one week and in simple and compact package. Remember a lighter in a waterproof package. All the gear fits into the pot and is really everything you need for your adventure riding and adventure cooking. Ok my friends, it was my adventure cooking gear I wanter to introduce you today, and now I want to send a special hello to all adventure riders from UK. Guys, thank you for watching me, thanks for subscribing and commeting my videos, stay tuned and see you next time. An very special hello goes to Albert from London. Albert, good luck at you journey through Russia!


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