Motorcycle Camping Trailer – How to Set up Solace – a Demonstration
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Motorcycle Camping Trailer – How to Set up Solace – a Demonstration

to set up your new solace camper you
will need solid ground and at least 15 feet of unobstructed side to side space
first set up the stabilizer jacks they swing-out from underneath the trailer
box by pulling the foot away from the hinge and down the tubular top rack doubles as
the front floor ground support bars the bars have small locking buttons
that need to be pushed in now extend the bars into the support position release the four side latches at the
corners to allow the top to fold out pull out the top and position as shown the mattress platforms A & B will be supported on the ground by
the U shaped legs approximately 16 cubic feet of usable
storage space when closed usable storage space is an approximation
and will vary depending on how tightly or loosely you roll the tent unfold the leg of platform a and lock into
place fold over the platforms and allow them
to rest on the stand of platform A unfold the tent canopy to the four
corners of the camper locate the front rib and bring it
forward now locate the center and back rib step onto the camper platform lift the
front rib and step inside now lift the rib
completely up the telescoping poles will snap into
place lift the center rib up it will snap into place now push the back rib back until it
snaps into place push the back window rib and pull the tent canopy down around
the sides now attach the roof supports between the
ribs the telescoping supports pop into place and snap right into the ceiling ribs now walk around your solace camper and
snap into place all the buttons that hold the canvas to the trailer exterior your solace camper is now up it is imperative that you also reading
and carefully follow the towing and setup instructions located in the owners manual failure to
follow the instructions can potentially lead to damage to your tent or your trailer or injury to you or a
loved one and we know you don’t want that to find your solace visit read, ride, camp, and enjoy


  • Sicut umbra transeunt dies

    i wonder, the side wall that later is used as a part of the lower floor doesnt have any support. wont it come down and flip up the front part of the floor(the lid when closed) when you step on it?

  • TheUSATrailerStore

    Our Solace camper is $2799.00 plus shipping or free customer pick up! We have a screen room accessory that you can add onto the camper to give you an additional 72 square feet of space, which can be used to store up to 2 bikes in and keep them out of the elements! The floors are very supportive underneath them, all flooring in the camper is help up with supporting rods on both ends of the flooring. Stable enough to hold up when folding out the trailer all the way to folding in the trailer!

  • Winnipeg Gal

    If it's pouring ran while setting up – the inside panels and all of that gear will get soaked. If I'm festival camping, I don't have the luxury of waiting until the rain stops before setting up a campsite.

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