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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Antriksh yatra | Wow Kidz

Patlu, my friend, I’m very hungry. When do you not feel hungry? Tell me at least one instance. There is nothing! Ok now, don’t just sit there muttering,
quickly cook something. Why should I cook? Every day I am the one who cooks; today you cook! Look at the calendar. Every day I am the only one cooking food. Today I will not cook; you can do what you
want! You know that there are two things that I
cannot control one is hunger. And the other is anger that comes due to hunger! Now you just see what I will do!! My hand! I will not spare you. Motu stop or else! Throw down that stone or today surely I will not spare you. Throw that stone away! I will not let you escape!! What did I do? Hear me out. Ride fast. How much more fast can I ride? Looks like you are in a hurry. Yes I am. Then go! Go quickly! Help! Motu! Let me run. Oh, Ghasita, my friend. Just think. If you sit in this rocket and get off at the Pink Planet then you will get, name and fame in Furfuri town! Imagine Ghasita, my dear, my friend, think about it. Oh my lord! You are calling me “dear” and “friend” and at the same time planning to kill me! You are very dangerous! No, Ghasita, I’m just trying to make your
name immortal, my friend. You want to make me immortal but I am not going to get conned. I have twenty years of experience in conning Motu and Patlu. Hey! Why are you running? Is there some ghost after you? There is only one ghost who is always after
me; his name is Motu! Don’t be scared. Go and hide in the rocket. Motu will never suspect that you are hiding
in there! This is alright. I’ll not let you get away. This is called buy one get one free! Stop talking & quickly send the rocket
up! Take this! Where will you go, I will not let you escape? My revenge is not done yet. Patlu! I will shut the door. Hey!! What is this? Help! I am dead. Patlu, my friend, open the door. Open the door, Patlu! Help!! No, I will not open, you go from here! Where can I go from here? There is no place here. Stand in front of me, hold your ears and apologize and do a hundred sit ups. A hundred sit ups! Brother, if I do even one sit up I will go
up forever!! Big brother! Help!! Patlu! Motu, what are you doing there? Come inside! Jhatka conned us!! It was not Jhatka but it was Ghasita who conned us!! If I survive then I will not let him get away
with this!!! Which planet is this? Everything here is pink colored. See how there are so many statues standing there. They look so weird. Come on, let’s go down and have a look. Yeah run. Yeah run. Run. Run Patlu run!! Run! Run! I am running. Look here. These people are very useful for us. They are very brave and they can save us from dark stars. Motu, Patlu, don’t be scared, we are your
friends. This is fantastic! I didn’t know that we were so famous! How do these people know us? How do we believe that you are our friends? We will fulfill your any wish. Really. I’m very hungry; can you feed me some samosas? That too Furfuri towns’ tea vendors samosas! In such a situation also you are thinking about samosa? We will just get you the samosas just wait
a minute. Ahh! Ha! Smell! I have an addiction of only one thing, if
I see samosas in front of me. Then I take it. I want these as well. See, we are your friends. Eat how much you want to. If you are our friends then will you send us back to earth? Please send us. Send us back to earth. Yes of course, why not. We will send you back but you also save us. Help us! Save us. Our planet has been ruined by a dangerous
alien called dark star. He has made everyone into stone!! We cannot do this. If you don’t do this then we will not send
you back to earth. Ok, come on; let’s go to dark stars. Motu you have got legs. Walk properly. Sorry. Dark star. Your end has come near. Motu and Patlu have come from Earth to finish you. You still have time. Run away! Can’t see anyone. Go! Go! Fight! Go!!! Run! Run! Oh!! Why are you running? What kind of fight is this? Wait & fight. We defeat our enemy by tiring him out! We have defeated him; now send us back. No, he has not accepted defeat. You take away his stone laser gun and we will revive all our friends. And then we will fight with him. He cannot win without his gun against us. Really! Absolutely true! The red light of the gun turns you to stone
and the green light makes you normal again. Help!! I have caught it. What is this game you’ll are playing? Give the gun to us. Quickly! Take it. Take it. Sorry! Patlu don’t worry; wait for just a minute. First let me turn this fellow into stone;
then I’ll make you all right. Enough!! I accept defeat. I will go away from here. You stay like this for some time. First I’ll make my friends all right. No, this cannot happen. If everyone turns into stone, then what will I do? Patlu, do something. What has happened? My brain does not function on an empty stomach. Put the battery. Where will I put a battery? I’m not some toy that I can put a battery. Motu, the gun’s battery has fallen down! We have won. Now let’s see what big brother wants to
say. Please, don’t turn me into a stone. I am saying sorry to everyone. And I am going to my home. Mom. Now, send us on earth. Long live. Motu, Patlu you have returned from space. Thank god! I was worried for both of you. What did you bring for us from space? We have bought this gun for you. What have you done? Didn’t you feel a 440 volts electric shock? Now, it is your turn. Help!!


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