Mountain Hares in Summer Rain | Wildlife Photography & Wild Camping | Nikon Z7 + 300mm f/2.8G VR II

yeah finally got close to a hare today hi folks I’m back in the monadhliath
mountains and back in the same location where I watched the mountain hares a few months ago it’s summer now so hopefully the mountain hares will be in their
summer coats completely and with a bit of luck there’ll be leverets about
so my plan is tomorrow morning to try and catch up with them and take some
pictures and some video but it looks like it’s going to be a really nice
night so rather than sleep in my car down in
the valley I’m actually gonna walk up the hill now it’s just past sunset but
it’s going to stay light for quite a while and I’m actually going to camp up
high on the mountainside with the hares and so I’m already in place to go look
for them first thing in the morning right that’s me up the hill it
definitely felt like a bigger hill with my camping gear on my back than it did a
couple of months ago with just the camera stuff got myself a cup of tea
right to heat some water to make myself a dehydrated meal of chicken teriyaki
with rice should be tasty and yeah I filtered some water so I’ve got plenty
of water to drink and yeah it’s all grand it’s really nice being up here on the hill
it’s been far too long since I camped up high somewhere must do that more this
summer saw plenty of hares on the way up and I’m very hopeful of seeing them in
the morning so I’m gonna have my dehydrated bag meal for my dinner and go
to bed and I’ll continue this video in the morning good night good morning I’ve wondered up the hill
in search of hares after making myself a nice cup of coffee when I got up
this morning had a comfortable night in my little tent is really nice to be
camping up in the mountains really love it I’ve seen deer I’ve seen goats and
I have seen a few hares although it’s very different to watching them in the
spring when there’s snow about and they’re still white they are much harder
to see they also seem to be quite a lot more flighty so it’s been much harder
getting anywhere near them I’ve seen a few that are quite a long way below me
on the slope and I can’t really approach them because approaching from above
doesn’t really work with wildlife a lot of the time they often find that more
disturbing than approaching on a level or from below so now I’m on the
sheltered side of the hill and that’s quite good because it’s raining from
time to time so it’s giving me a little bit of shelter from that but there’s
still a bit of a breeze which is good because that means there are no midges
such as our glorious now definitely midges down in the valley yesterday they
were noticeable so I’m not sure what the plan is now whether I should go up the
hill further or whether I should go down and then try and approach these hares
that I can see I think first I’m gonna wander along up high and then I might go
down a bit further let’s see what I can find yeah oh that was nice so yeah I found that
young hare as I was walking along the side of the hill here and he didn’t seem
too bothered by me I took a bit of video took a couple of pictures and then I
just sort of retreated before I’d outstayed my welcome oh that was good
finally got some quite nice footage quite a nice pictures of hares there I
hope it has been a very frustrating morning the hares have led me a merry
old chase it’s been so different compared to just two three months ago
there were several hares on that day as you all have seen if you’ve seen the
previous video from this area there were several hares that let me get really
really close that day but today they’re really skittish and there’s far fewer of
them I was pretty much on the point of giving up and I spotted those two
actually turned out to be three and unfortunately that’s where it went wrong
slowly made my way up the hill towards them just stopping every 10 meters or so
take some more pictures take some video let them get used to me being here and
then moving along a bit further up and yeah I was getting on very well I think
I thought I was going to get closer than I did but as I said there weren’t
two hares there were three and the third one was actually a lot closer to me and
I didn’t see it until I spooked it which is unfortunate but anyway all three of
them then moved off bit further up the hill and I’m not gonna go chasing them
they’ll they’ll be spooked now if I go anywhere near them they’ll just be gone
so I’ll let them continue their day and I think I think it’s really time for me
to go and have some lunch pack up my tent and get going it’s been really nice
up here on the hill yeah it’s been raining a bit but I’ve got the rain
cover on the camera I’ve got my waterproofs it’s fine the light’s actually
not that bad despite it being quite overcast their occasional bits
of sunshine and then it’s quite bright overcast and that’s actually quite good
for wildlife especially with something that blends in so well to the to the
environment like a hare because if it was bright sunshine
it would be so contrasty that you wouldn’t really be able to take pictures
that looked any good so yeah it’s kind of a natural softbox this kind of light
it’s quite nice so yeah I hope you’ve enjoyed this video I didn’t get this
close to the hares as I was hoping to but that’s wildlife photography you
don’t always get the shot you want but it’s been great being up here today and
so yeah it’s not wasted time it’s good to be here so yeah if you’ve enjoyed it
please like and comment and maybe share the video and consider subscribing to
the channel if you haven’t done so already thanks very much for watching
and see you on the next one probably in the northwest highands goodbye

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