Mountain Quick Camping Overnight Hike
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Mountain Quick Camping Overnight Hike

Alright guys, how’s it going? I’ve been
walking a few hours here, and now I’m getting into the subalpine and reaching
the snowline. Main thing to consider is I got a watch out for snow bridges from
all the melting snow, but other than that, with the temperature, the snow is pretty
soft so, I want to make sure I get up into the high country before the Sun
hits it too much, and start post-holing. Alright here we go! Come along and this
is what I was talking about when I mean snow bridges, you got to make sure you
stay off the center of the trail most of the time, or anywhere there’s a big
rock that the Sun warms up, because it’ll melt around it when you step, you’ll go
all the way through, possible to break your leg, or your ankle, or your toes or
whatever, so be careful out here. Alright guys, we’re in here up in the high
country, you can see there’s clouds passing through, I’m really thankful for
the clouds actually, because if this was sunny day, being on the snow is like
being on the oven this time of year, so I will take this nice clouds, and a soft
mist any day. Alright gotta keep climbing. I’m getting close to camp.
You can watch the clouds drift through the area. I’m sure in a bit this is gonna
burn off and then its gonna be really sunny, we’ll see what the weather does,
now it’s time to go find water. Alright, got camp all set up, the weather broke a
little bit the sun’s out, we’ll see more clouds come or it’s gonna clear up. I’m
gonna get something to eat and then go for a day hike, I still got, I don’t know
six hours before dark, so there’s plenty to explore, oh yeah. There’s just hundreds
flowers, very nice. Alright, coming along here
seems like lakes almost melted. I might try to climb up there, but
we’ll see how energetic I feel, alright, better get walking. Alright, climbed up
to a few high points to get some views, now it’s time to head back to camp
and make some dinner, wildflowers. Sitting here waiting for sunset, I
already had dinner, I already got my bed ready, chores done,
and now we sit for the light, got about 45 minutes, before the official sunset. Feels
good to be out of the Sun and then to some shade. Being in the Sun all
day, takes it out of ya, I got even a little bit of sunburn today. Clouds were
moving in and out again, but right now it is currently clear so we’ll see if the
weather holds for sunset. You guys have a good night, sweet dreams. Alright, waking up here. I peaked my
head out at sunrise, but I already missed the prime light, so I just went back to
bed, I was being lazy, you could take a look
at camp here. Now it’s time to pack up and mosey back downriver. Good morning,
time to walk back downriver, so I gotta go across that Ridge line, to the
back side and then down, and then like nine miles out, so I’m trying to beat the
heat, because today is gonna be hot, and I don’t want a post-hole on the snow, so I
gotta get going.


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