Mountain-top Picnic and Japanese Food

Hello hello we are at wutiangang and its on top of Yangmingshan or Yangming Mountain (?) and I’m telling you, half an hour ago it this wasn’t the case. Yeah it wasn’t this– we’re kinda like in the clouds I know Half an hour ago it was like blue sky and sunny and now it’s just like cold and misty hehehe so we had a picnic a picnic which was so good. Junie made some veggies and meatballs, we had some mango, Wushilan, Yah bread and cheese! uh, bread and cheese… and some… some fruit bought at the, uh, fruit market. yeh It’s a Saturday, so we’re just chillin Did you have a fun trip on your way up the mountain? Yes! The view was beautiful It was gorgeous. We took the motoche up the mountain If you do want to come to this particular park it does cost some monies and you have to use your EZ card 30 NTD, like 1 dollar USD an hour longer, then more But um, the thing is it’s not worth it this time because it’s under construction It used to be… the mountain sho– oh the mist kind of covered it, you know there used to be more stuff over there but now it’s all… under mist. We just wanted to get away from the heat down in the city Describe the temperature right now the temperature right now. I have some goosebumps. That’s the temperature right now. My guess: 70 something Farenheit It- it’s, awesome. I love it. So. But we’ll probably… I don’t know what we’re gonna do tonight. We will see. Probably something chill… ’cause it’s gonna be hot when we go back down. watch a movie Watch a movie! How did you like the milk tea? it’s really good. Yeah? How different is it compared to Taiwanese milk tea and Hong Kong milk tea? I think It’s sweeter than both. It doesn’t taste like it uses just your average black tea Like I’m gonna use bartender language that when you bar-tend you have your well liquor which is just basically the the cheapest liquor on the shelves that you use to make your, you know basic cocktails and stuff but if someone orders something special, you can use like the “branded”, you know, liquor Usually when you order like a basic milk tea, they use like, a “well” type of tea. You know, but this is, like, they use like, a SHELF liquor Behold, Japanese milk tea. It’s different! It is. It doesn’t taste like tea bag right Very milky (yeah) Very sweet Salad! Yeah, we haven’t started yet. Is this wasabi? Yeah, it is a giant hunk of wasabi. You need to break it. This is your kimchi beef! It looks so cool~ Ooh, and here comes the Miso soup (“Thank you!” “Thank you”) This is, uh, a little travel tip. When you’re, I guess just the two of you, it’s so much easier Because you can just order a couple of dishes and share them between the two of you I think that’s how we keep it so budget. So, we’re gonna share a salad and this. (Eating montage)

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