Mountainbike i fjällen och canoyning – Gone Camping i Dalarna och Trysil, Norge
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Mountainbike i fjällen och canoyning – Gone Camping i Dalarna och Trysil, Norge

Adventure Excitement Food Experiences Encounters Hello and welcome to Gone Camping.
We’re heading off to western Dalarna- -for some Swedish mountain biking.
We’ll continue on to Norway- -and go “canyoning”.
You’ll hear all about it in a moment. It’s going to be an adrenaline rush.
Welcome!When The New York Times made a list
of interesting travel destinations--Dalarna came in at number 44.There is much to explore
in this beautiful part of Sweden.I loaded up my mountain bike
and headed for Rörbäcksnäs--which is 45 minutes west
of Sälenfjällen.There is scenic biking on good trails,
suitable for all skill levels.A driving force behind the combined
80 km of trails, is Mats Johansson.I live up in the hills near Sälen. We’ve been biking here fifteen years. We knew for a long time
the biking was good. In 2007,
we began developing the current trails. We tried connecting existing trails
and new trails into a proper network. We’ve tried to develop this area. We’ve tried to make it
so that you can come here- -and find your way on the trails without
using a map. Just follow the arrows. Such well-marked trails in Sweden
are unique. You don’t need local knowledge
to find your way around. We have everything. There’s a ridge
by Vallsjön which is just lovely. The trail goes high up over the water,
along an old hiking trail. There are narrow sections where the
handlebars barely fit through the trees. It feels like you’re riding really fast
when the trees are that close. We have trails
with a view of Sälenfjällen. As you can see, we have white moss
and pretty trails. It almost looks like snow,
even in the summertime.It’s not surprising Rörbäcksnäs
is considered to have--some of the best cross-country trails.The landscape is varied and beautiful,
and the trails are relatively fast.Biking here is free.
The work on the trails has been done--by a dedicated group,
on a voluntary basis. What does the future hold
for Rörbäcksnäs and biking? We’ll continue developing the trails,
try to make it even better. There may be service and everything
at the start. We’ll increase the number of trails,
but not too much. It’s just about right
for a few days of riding. Sälenfjällen is nearby.
There are also trails there. There are several places to ride around
here. The whole Sälen area will grow.If you don’t have your own bike, there
are rental places in the Sälen area.The season usually runs May-October.We’ve reached today’s campsite
– Kläppens Camping. You can see the ski slopes behind me. Västerdalälven runs through here
– really beautiful. My legs are pretty tired
after a day in Rörbäcksnäs. I may have helmet hair,
but we’ve had a great day. Now, I’m going to load up on pasta.
Tomorrow, an adventure in Norway.While I recharge my batteries
for tomorrow--you can enjoy what may be
the world’s coolest caravans.Caravan Salon Trade Fair Most of the vehicles here are intended
for travel on regular roads. If you want to go off-roading,
this might be for you…It’s hard to find swankier RV’s than
those from Hartmann and Hünerkopf.Unfortunately, they’re becoming rare
at Swedish campgrounds.They’re intended for use
in more brutal environments.And most people would agree,
the price is a little too high…This customer special ordered his
vehicle for camping in Tibet. The price:5.9 million.After a good night’s sleep at Kläppens
Camping, we cross the border to Norway.We’re going to try “canyoning”.It’s an activity that includes
following a raging river--and alternately climbing, jumping
and floating--into the roaring waterfalls
along the way.After two hours, we’ve reached our goal:
Röafallen, just north of Trysil.Welcome to Nordäventyr
and canyoning in Röafallen. 2.5 hours
of awesome adventures await! You probably have to… …dig down deep and decide to achieve
something for yourself. It’s a cool challenge with different
levels, where you can be in the water- -and it’s not terribly cold.
And jump from really high up! Let’s do it! This area is very unique,
with its beautiful landscapes- -and natural water slides
and waterfalls. There are few places
with as many waterfalls in a row. This is a unique place where you can
go into the waterfall and ride down. Where you can use this landscape
and go “canyoning”. Floating with the rapids…
Being one with the water… Jumping into waterfalls…
Overcoming your own limitations…The water is fresh and crystal clear.
Just take a drink if you get thirsty.The benefit with regard to safety
is that we’re never closed off here- -like in other places,
like France or Corsica. We can always go around.
That makes it a very safe place. Basically, we float with the current.
We jump into deep pools. We go under waterfalls,
swim under waterfalls- -try as much as possible
to follow the river’s path down. It’s quite simply
nature’s own waterpark.The waterfall jumps vary between
5 and 12 meters.So, if you really want
to get butterflies in your stomach--surrounded by a fairy-tale setting,
then canyoning is the perfect activity.You must be at least 14 years old
and able to swim.That’s the end of our
Norwegian adventure and the show.Gone Camping will be back soon.
See you on this channel--or on the road. Bye for now!Mountain bikes were rented
from Kaisers Skidbod.The biking trails are located
in Rörbäcksnäs.Canyoning arranged by: Nordäventyr.During our visit,
we stayed at Kläppens Camping.

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