MSR Elixir 2 Hiking Tent – How to Setup – Key Features – How to Use Review
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MSR Elixir 2 Hiking Tent – How to Setup – Key Features – How to Use Review

– Hi, I’m Hannah from Tentworld in Warana, on the Sunshine Coast, and we’re going to have a
look at a hiking tent today, the MSR Elixir 2. As you can see it comes
packed down fairly small in its case and it weighs
2.64 kilos packed down. So we’re gonna have a
look at setting it up. So this is a four season tent, so that means you can use it pretty much every weather condition. It’s super breathable
which means you can use it in hot Australian summers
even if it’s humid, but it can also withstand
really bad weather so if you wanted to go off
on holiday to New Zealand, off to the Himalayas
or somewhere exciting, this tent is certainly the tent that you’d be looking to take, because it’s lightweight
and it’s really durable. So we’re gonna start by putting
out the inner of the tent. It comes with, as you can see,
a full mesh on the inside, although the tent can be
set up as just the fly with the included footprint groundsheet. So we’re gonna lay down the inner, so this is a two person tent, and these are the poles. Now the poles are color-coded, red and grey, and they almost want to
join themselves together, so it’s a really simple set up. Not something that usually
gets set up indoors because the poles are quite long, but this is a tent for the
outdoors and for camping, not for an indoor situation. So we’re setting up the poles. Awesome. So the poles are all set up. Now, as I said before, the poles are grey and red and they’re colour
coordinated onto the tent so its really easy and simple and clear how to set them up. So on one side we’ve got a red hole to put the red pole into and on the other side we’ve got the grey, so we clip the grey
pole into the grey hole, the red pole into the red hole. And we do that at both ends. Once we’ve done that we have
a freestanding tent to set up which makes it really easy and quick to do as a solo traveller. After the two poles are up the
next section’s really simple, there are grey clips to just clip all the way along the grey pole, and red clips to clip along the red pole, to actually bring the tent
into its standing position. So the whole tent is colour coordinated so even in bad conditions, when you are time-pressured, you can get this up
without too many problems. Okay so I’m just going to
clip the red ones along, following them along here, and this will bring the whole
tent structure together. So you can see the
tent’s starting to go up. And now the grey ones along this side. So now you’ve got a freestanding tent. There’s one more pole
that goes through the top, and it’s just to bring the tent out, so you’ve got a little bit
more headroom on the inside. Now before we put the fly on top we’ll have a quick look
at the actual tent itself. So it’s got two entrances, one on either side, one on this side, and one on the other side, so if you’ve got two people you don’t need to climb over yourself, or if it’s bad weather or windy you can just go in from one side. So it opens up on both sides to a nice spacious tent. Now there’s almost a
bath style floor to it and that’s made of a 70 denier polyurethane coated nylon. It’s really water resistant, and because of the nice
design of it coming up, even if you’ve got a bit
of flooding on the floor you’re not gonna get wet, which is something nobody
wants if they’re out camping. So there’s plenty of room on
the inside for two people, as you can see here
loads and loads of room, there’s a pocket at each end, so it’s a nice tent to go
into for space, certainly. The other really good thing about it, before we put the fly on, is that if you’ve got an
evening where you know it’s not going to be raining, because it’s got the mosquito
meshing on the inside, first of all it aids for breathability, but secondly you can see the stars, this is a lovely tent to set up, if you know it’s not gonna
rain you don’t need the fly, you can just set this up as it is, save yourself a bit of extra weight and have a nice evening
star gazing in your tent. However if the weather is bad, as I said this is a four season tent, we do have the fly to go over the top. So this is 68 denier fly, and again it’s been made
so it is colour coded. So to clip it on we’ve got on each end a grey clip and a red clip. And no surprises, the grey
clips into the grey section, and the red clips into the red section. So the grey clips onto
the grey strap down here, and the red one clips onto
the red strap down here, the same at both ends. Now like all tents, obviously the strength is
gonna come from the guy ropes, so once you have put the fly on top, peg the tent down but please
peg out the guy ropes, because that is where your strength is coming from on a tent. Now this is not gonna show exactly how the tent is set up normally as you would outside, because we can’t obviously
peg down onto the inside, but here we have the MSR Elixir tent. On both entrances the fly pulls out to give yourself a bit of space to put your bags, put your boots. And this really is the tent, if you want an all-round tent to suit your needs wherever you go, this is the tent you’d be looking for. When the weather gets bad
and you don’t have time to set your whole tent up, another bonus of the MSR
Elixir is you can set it just with the fly and the groundsheet, as a shelter, so when the weather comes down, you need some shelter quickly, pull out the footprint, pull out the flysheet, and you’ve got a
completely waterproof place to have your lunch, get out of the rain, and review what you’re going to do next. This really is the most versatile tent I think that I’ve seen in a while.


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