Must-Have Camping Cooking Gear & Appliances For RVers
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Must-Have Camping Cooking Gear & Appliances For RVers

Good morning everyone. This is Curtis
with The Fun Times Guide bringing you ways to cook outdoors. What I mean is that I
live full-time in various areas in my RV. I prefer to do as much cooking outdoors
as I can. You can see this morning I’ve got the
campfire going nicely and we will get on with a quick tour of my cooking
abilities. It’s always great to start the day off with a nice hot breakfast of
bacon, eggs, and some buckwheat pancakes. This Blackstone griddle works excellent
for cooking most of your breakfast stuff and a lot of other meals throughout the
day. It makes a really great Smashburger just as well. And when I don’t feel like
doing it on the griddle, I can move right over here to my outdoor kitchen — where I
have a gas barbecue that allows me to do a bang-up job on steaks, hotdogs, and
various other treats that like to be charbroiled. Of course breakfast wouldn’t
be complete if we didn’t have some nice fresh biscuits. My Coleman oven on
the cookstove does a beautiful job of making biscuits and still leaves one
burner empty — so you can keep your coffee pot simmering as well. I found I can cook outdoors even easier than I can cook indoors with the setup that I’ve
got going here. When you shop for your next RV, I highly recommend you look for
one that has a Suburban oven in it. The 3-burner stove is adequate for
almost any type of cooking you want to do. But the oven is the gem because, as you can see, it is much larger than the other brand of oven that is
commonly found in RVs. This one actually is large enough to where you could cook
a small turkey in it. And believe me, I have done it — it works great. Even though I live primarily off grid and boondock where there is no electricity,
I still have a variety of electrical appliances which I can run off my
generator. For preparing larger meals for when I have company, this turkey roaster is a great item to have. You can do everything from a turkey
right on down to baking a cake in that. It’s just like having a portable oven.
The Crock Pot, I don’t use as much — because it takes too much time and I
don’t want to listen to the generator run for 8 hours at a time. But I do
have it. I can also make waffles. And a rice cooker can be used for other things
than just making rice. It can also be used to make soups and stews and that
type of meal, as well. So the more versatility you have, the larger your
repertoire of meals can be. One of my favorite sayings is that if you are
going to be long-term RVing (either full-time or extended trips), you need to make your life as close to normal as possible. And what could possibly be more
normal than to be able to reach into your portable Holman oven and pull out a
piping hot pizza for lunch? Thank you for watching. We’ll catch you
next time!

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