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so our first pick that you can pick up
at your local Walmart is something that we didn’t get when we first purchased
our RV and we really wish that we would have and that is one of these patio mats
now these patio mats go outside of your RV this is super helpful especially if
you have kids family to keep from tracking dirt and grass and all of those
things inside of your RV or camper that you don’t want there so having one of
these patio mats to put outside of your camper is definitely one of our topics
our next pick is something that you absolutely must have if you are RVing
and you’re hooking up to any water anywhere and that is one of these water
pressure regulators these are super important so that you don’t have excess
pressure on the water lines of your RV this can possibly save you from having a
flooded RV interior so we always carry one of these with us and we always use
it if the water pressure at the campground that we’re staying at is too
high our next pick is holding tank treatment now you don’t want your whole
RV to smell like a sewer and so you absolutely need to pick up some
chemicals that go into the black tank of your RV some of these types of chemicals
that come in tablet form work fine there’s also liquid holding tank
treatment that you can get as well if you would prefer in a liquid form we
personally use this type of holding tank treatment where it comes in a packet
similar to like a laundry detergent tab or a dishwasher table in these types of
packets and we have found that these work great for keeping the odor down and
also helping the toilet paper or any solids in the black tank to dissolve
rapidly so with any of your tank treatment you just drop it directly into
the toilet in your RV so if you’re using this or a liquid it goes directly into
the toilet and you want to make sure that you freshen that up in
between the times did you dump the tank is a drinking water hose you absolutely
do not want to use the same hose that you used to flush your black tank to put
drinking water into your RV so you need to have a separate hose strictly for
drinking water that you carry on your rig now there’s several different
lengths that you can get and so depending upon where you like to camp we
do recommend going with the longer length so that if you need to stretch
between the water hookups and your RV you’ve got the extra hose length to do
that or you can purchase two hoses and connect them if you need to another one
of our absolute top picks is one of these dual hose connectors now let me
tell you why this is absolutely a must-have for us now we have done a lot
of camping in beachy areas which means a lot of sand so we can hook this up to
the water hookup and have our freshwater hose on one side and then a hose on the
other side to be able to rinse off people feet boogie boards anything that
we’ve been using out on the beach before we put it back into the RV so this is a
great useful thing to have with you so that you can run two hoses one to your
RV for your fresh water and one to just have for whatever you need another
absolute must-have obviously is your RV sewer hose now a couple of things with
the sewer hose you may have gotten one when you purchased your RV and if you
did that’s great however we have found having two sewer hoses is very helpful
we’ve run into several situations where the actual sewer dump connection is
significantly far away from our RV and our actual primary sewer hose didn’t
reach so having a second hose that you can connect the two together is great
for those situations where you find yourself needing that extra length this
particular rhinoflex by camco is the only one that we will use the sewer hose
is very flexible you can put it together or pull it apart so it makes for very
compact storage in your compartments as well another one of our top picks and an
absolute must-have is your sewer hose support now as you
all know the saying goes a certain thing flows downhill and so you want to make
sure that everything is flowing downhill and so you want to make sure that everything is flowing downhill so this is going to help with that by
supporting the sewer hose and making sure that you have that downward angle
on your sewer hose and you don’t have anything backing up another one of our
top picks and things that we use to organize the inside of RV are just
different size bins these bins work great to put in overhead compartments
underneath of cabinets to keep things like food or jars from rolling around as
you’re driving down the road I always like to think of when you fly the whole
contents may have shifted during flight which definitely happens when you’re
going down the road so these types of bins in cupboards will definitely help
to keep things organized and in place our last top pick of things that you
need for your RV or camper that you can pick up at your local Walmart it’s
something that you can never have too many of and that is command hooks we use
these all over our RV from things to hang towels on to clothes to hats to
anything that you just might want to hang on the walls and if you make use of
your wall space you will just feel like you have more space so I keep a very
large pack of these in the RV at all times and we use these like crazy thank
you so much for watching our video about our top picks of things that you can
pick up at your local Walmart for your RV or camper we hope you enjoyed this
video drop us a comment let us know what are your top picks of things that you
can’t live without in your RV or camper make sure you hit the subscribe and give
us a thumbs up


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  • VegInspired

    What a great list. We still haven't purchased the patio mat and it has been on our list for a year, I seriously sweep about 4 times a day.
    Funny story about the sewer hose… our first long term stay we were 1 foot away from the dump, so we had to buy an extra hose and a connector. Great advice for any RV newbie, thanks for sharing!

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