My bikepacking setup, in the wild!
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My bikepacking setup, in the wild!

so I’m out on a little solo bikepacking
trip, two-day one night thing the plan is to climb up Mount Haruna see if I can
find a place to camp but about halfway up, thunder came in and it started getting a bit too close for comfort so I descended back down about 2k and found this little
nice area to take some shelter. On this side we will have rain and thunder and
if you look on this side blue skies and my Garmin showing about
40 degrees today. So it was scorching. Anyway I didn’t plan to
do a really long video about this trip because yeah it’s like a short one day
thing. I plan to take the opportunity to show you guys my bike packing setup as
it currently stands. It’s by no means the ultimate setup or anything but when I
started looking around I really liked finding videos of other guys showing
what kind of bags and what kind of camping gear and that kind of stuff so while I’m here taking shelter I thought I’d start with the
bags so you can see what I’m using. So this is the open as you may have seen if you have been subscribing for a while. Start at the back it’s an Apidura,
I think they renamed this model, it’s the waterproof one I think it’s called
expedition or something like that now. Anyway it’s a smaller size. Because
of work my trips are often very short just over the weekend so I don’t really
need anything bigger. Since this is the only thing that is 100%
waterproof this is where I keep my sleeping gear and change of clothes and
some other bits and pieces. Moving on to the frame bag also Apidura. I think it’s the road version, the road medium. I’m know there’s a mountain bike version as well it’s pretty good fit but it was a better fit on my Bokeh but it works on the open
as well. Here I basically have my camera gear and my drone and stuff so if you
don’t carry a lot of that kind of stuff I could probably skip this bag
completely to be honest. On the top tube I have the Topeak top loader I think it’s a newer bike packing line. And it’s starting to come down
again. Here I keep my batteries a bit of electronics also camera… mostly camera
gear not so much camping stuff and like snacks
well now it’s nothing in there but since this one actually has a rain cover like this I keep my batteries in here and cameras and stuff like that so easy
to grab and easy to cover if it start raining like it does right now. On the
front I have a fair-weather handlebar bag including a pouch that goes on top
in the bag I have my tent and my sleeping pad which will go in more depth
a bit later on. And here’s also easy to grab stuff like
nuts and more more camera gear snacks and stuff I want to get to easily what
else? toothbrush and that kind of stuff I
really really don’t need to keep it there but anyway let’s that’s it. If you
wonder what this is, is just so I can strap down my drone controller if I
want to ride and drone at the same time and I keep my Garmin on the stem. In
terms of water I have two Camelbak bottles, I use the smaller one for
drinking and on this I actually removed ……the drinking nipple. the
drinking rubber thing you drink from This is just a carry water same with
the cageless fabric water bottle also for just for carrying water basically. I
also keep an emergency one liter softbottle that I have in one of the bags
I don’t remember exactly now. If I don’t know if there’s water around the
campsite it’s always good to be able to carry up some emergency water even
if it’s just going down to some water stream or something because you know you
can always boil the stuff oh speaking of boiling I forgot to say I
keep the cooking gear in the seat pack as well. Just because that’s
where it fits basically. We’ll go a bit more in depth on the cooking thing as
well once I set up camp. Yep, still at it in the dark. So welcome to the castle.
Yesterday the the weather wasn’t really cooperating so I had to stay at that
shelter, not a shelter, I had to stay at that rest area for quite a while before
the rain stopped. And I still decided to climb up in the dark to find a camping
area. So yeah this is the tent it’s a Big
Agnes Fly Creek ul2, it’s actually two men tent if you were to sleep two people in
this though you really you really need to like each other.
I mainly took the two people version because I have a lot of space for all
the the bags and stuff. I can bring everything into the tent if it started
raining and stuff like that. And it’s still stupid light. I don’t
remember exactly how light it is but I will I
will put it some here on the screen. It’s a bit of an older model, they made a new
one but it’s still super compact. it just disappears in a small…
well you’ll see in a while. As you can see plenty of space for a one-man
band and you can still have all your bags and stuff. You have some small
pockets you can put your phone and everything so all good in the hood. I
use a Sea to summit ultralight sleeping bag air mattress
also pretty compact. My sleeping gear here is just a silk liner and sleeping
bag cover that you can probably use as a bevy if you wanted to but yeah it’s
it’s not really necessary to have a full-on sleeping bag in the summer here.
But I have one of those two really light weight one actually a Chinese cheap
brand as well, I will put some links in the description for the stuff I can
find. So I will just make some coffee wake up a bit and then pack this up and
start heading home. Animals animals love them animals. There are some bad animals
around as well so yeah. So let’s check out the cooking solution. So this is my
little cooking solution it’s actually hand-me-down so
I actually don’t know if you can buy this anymore. b Basically it’s two pots
inside this and I’m going gas canister for the ease of use. I have a little
sponge lighter and this thing this little titanium stove it’s like you can see
it’s super small and it’s probably one of the better buys I’ve done in terms of
camping gear this little thing is super cheap I don’t have the price in my head
right now but I will post links to this one it’s
like 20 grams or something ridiculous light like that super cheap as well it’s
also one of those Chinese solutions. Just tighten this down. Like you saw in the
beginning the pots go into each other so it’s a good size to pop in the top of
the seat pack I got this handed down to me so I didn’t buy them and I thought it
would be too big but it actually ended up being a really good size especially
for ramen. And this is my awesome coffee cup plastic 100 yen store it even says
outdoor so coffee let’s get some coffee The Big Agnes tents are not the cheapest
that’s for sure and it’s way overkill for me who does maybe two or three trips
a year. There are a couple of Chinese copies of this that I probably would
have bought if I knew about it. My mate uses one of those and they’re
basically a copy of this one maybe a few grams heavier but not much just about as
compact as well so if you’re interested the brand is nature hike I will put some
links to that as well so this is the whole tent fly footprint
and inner so this is a two-man like I said you can’t really complain about
the size at least fitting it into the fitting into the handlebar bag is a piece
of cake and you have room to spare, putting in my
sleeping pad as well no problem Still have a lot of room in here so yeah
not bad I hope you liked the walkthrough of the
bike packing gear let me know in the comments if you have any questions about
bike packing gear, the camping gear or bags or whatever if you have your own
favorites will be interesting to hear as well found this interesting or something
leave a like and subscribe if you feel like it always appreciate it and I will
catch you in the next one, PEACE!


  • Rides of Japan

    A bit different from my usual "nerd" videos, I thought it would be more interesting seeing everything in the "wild" instead of just close up shots in the bike room. Did not go super in-dept on anything but let me know if you have any questions, and if there something you would like to know more about, a bit more in-dept videos could be possible to make in the future.

  • Kujiranoai

    Hi I just wanted to say thanks so much for your videos which are really an inspiration. I live in Tokyo and mostly cycle around Hinohara, Takao, Yamanashi (i saw on Strava you tend to be more towards Chichibu most of the time)? Anyway I was thinking about doing the same type of overnight trip so this is really prefect and seeing this has given me much more confidence about it, so once more a sincere big thank you (and hope I can use some of your links to make it up).

    I did just wonder, it looked like you must have been so exhausted in the night you had no choice but to camp by the side of the road as it might have been dangerous to continue, right? I know these type of roads are in the mountains with very little traffic. Did you ever have any trouble finding a place where you could camp in these urgent situations? Did you have any trouble when you actually spent the night there? Also did you try out any of the private campsites that are around the place ever as well?

    If you can any advice appreciated and if you don't have time never mind as I learnt so much any way. Thanks again.

  • William Delchau

    Great video! Really handy that you included specific names of the equipment and the prices, very useful as i'm new to bikepacking, thanks.

  • Dion Forster

    Thanks for some great suggestions. I am particularly grateful for the links in the description. That is a great help!

  • Jester123ish

    Nice. I run my bottles on the front fork legs, that way I can run another frame bag in the lower triangle space of the frame with a top tube bag like the one you have as well.

  • Alfredo Hernández Lara

    Hey! You mentioned something about cheap chinese gear! Do you know any site one can get these chinese stuff besides amazon? Cheers!

  • pedallin raw

    Nice set up! I have the same titanium stove an they work very well 👌🏻sometimes use a titanium wood burner too which was a cheap Ebay buy or just on the fire 🔥 if it’s possible to have one,like your bike what frame is that An did you build it up from scratch? 🙂👍🏻

  • Shane Coffey Outdoors

    Found your channel. I love bikepacking and I plan on incorporating it more into my channel. You have a great personality and make watching videos enjoyable. 👊👊

  • Vegas MTB

    Thank you for the vid! Where do you pack your tent poles? I didnt think they would fit in the handlebar bag. I have the big Agnes one man tent and poles will not fit in my handlebar bag. I pack them on the rear rack.

  • F Ortogni

    Hi, great video. What Garmin Model do you use? Also, can you drone while cycling? You got some nice drone shots there… Thanks!!!

  • Stan Pennors

    I love your video !! And I’m impressed by some of the shots. As soon as I saw the coffee pouring shot I thought … “RX100?”

    Do you mind sharing which camera you’re using ?

    Btw I have the same tent and sleeping pad and I love both 🙂

  • Alex Larsen

    Love your videos, special the OPEN UP as im building my own one. Been bikepacking for 5 years now, both as "touring" but also races
    I do have some very hyperlight expensive setups, but hey I got to use my money on something (No wife, no kids, no problem)

    All my bags are from revelate design, but getting custom made frame bag for the OPEN from Bikebagdude in AUS – ETA start december, current at the painter

    Check out my Instagram profile #labonova

  • Sergey Kartashov

    велосипед супер! особенно нло на заднем колесе)))) bike is super! special the UFO on rear wheel)))

  • russ trew

    Hi, I did a two week tour down the West coast of France and then onto santander in Spain last year. I have to say the thing that was most valuable to me was a roll of duct tape. It saved my ass so many times, from fixing my pannier fastenings, bottle cages and packing the bike up for a coach journey. A literal life saver. Never go anywhere without it now.

  • 武田金次郎


  • k c

    No mudguards, so all the gear in those bags gets soaked through in the rain and full of grit and road shit…oh wait, you aren't riding in the rain, you've had to stop and seek shelter…a poorly thought out, impractical and inexperienced set up,

  • Andrew Bryan

    Hey, thanks. A great video log. I was amazed about how much you could fit into the bags.I have a similar bag system but the are the Rapha Apidura. Good idea on the top tube bags too. Is that sleeping bag synthetic or down? I can't use down as I don't agree with it for my belief system. However can you get a synthetic bag that is really warm but packs small too?

  • cgriggsiv

    Yes I too enjoy bikepacking a lot mainly because I do not drive there is a video of my bikepacking setup and bags please feel free to look at them and give a comment since you are more professional than I am I did purchase three new items that are not in the set up yet I still have to figure out the best way to pack everything but you will be surprised of how much I get in my bags
    have a good day

  • EditioCastigata

    Pepper grinder will do coffee beans, and you can put the "pulver" in a tea bag (better: tea strainer; I have it for my company anyway). Use like 90°C water not the blubbery hot 100°C one. Cheers!

  • Michael K

    Why not use a rear rack? Overall probably lighter than all your bags and has much more carrying capacity (e.g. if you occasionally have to carry more water or groceries). The only advantages of bags are aerodynamics and weight distribution. Rear rack + a pair of lightweight panniers will be lighter, sturdier, greater capacity, waterproof, easy to take off etc.

    I think a Swiss army style knife is pretty useless. Carry the tools (e.g. hex keys, electrician’s tester screw driver) you really need and get a small Opinel folding knife for cutting and eating food.


    Hello There! Thanks for spectacular video! You got very little stuff on your bike. I´m from Finland and here is not so warm even summer 🙂 – Do you do winter bike packing?

  • Francisco Mendez

    Meeen I loved your video! Was thinking on getting the camping gear from Aliexpress too. I'm curious where I can get a good and medium priced (less than 100.000yen) touring or road bike. Planning on doing maybe the whole country. 🙂

  • Go Expedition

    I like to invent or improve all things in everyday life. Loving outdoor sports like running, hiking and cycling, I created the VMU to fill my need, being unable to find anything similar on the market.
    I present to you my latest creation after more than three years of research and development and eight prototypes later … and my Facebook page:

    #bikepacking #camping #hiking #VMU #GoExpedition

  • bigredreborn

    Great video! I live in Takasaki and just started cycling last year. I love watching your videos since you're in Japan and I've learned some good tips from you. I buy all of my bike cleaning brushes at the 100¥ shop! 😉

  • Steven

    Do you use SPD pedals? What you think about SPD-SL pedals while bikepacking?

    Last times I walked pretty much (high ascents), thats why Im considering getting some SPD over SPD_SL

  • Ryan Russell

    So let me get this straight, in the front, you have a sack where you can grab your nuts? And this isn’t shocking anyone?

    But seriously, I like hammock camping, so I take my Warbonnet Blackbird and the rain fly and I’m good to go. Especially in summer I don’t need a sleeping bag, but if I want one I have a hammock blanket (basically an open backed sleeping bag) and under quilt that pack up really small, and everything is super light – probably right around 2kg if I do take the quilt and blanket, as there are no poles and such. Very comfortable.

  • Javier Bañón Izu

    NIce video RoJ!!!

    If someone needs information about bikepacking in spanish just have a look here: @UCP2q2Y7AqKOn7S42PQiLW6Q
    Keep doing this great job RoJ ;D

  • Javier Bañón Izu

    NIce video RoJ!!!

    If someone needs information about bikepacking in spanish just have a look here: @UCP2q2Y7AqKOn7S42PQiLW6Q
    Keep doing this great job RoJ ;D

  • Javier Bañón Izu

    NIce video RoJ!!!

    If someone needs information about bikepacking in spanish just have a look here: @UCP2q2Y7AqKOn7S42PQiLW6Q
    Keep doing this great job RoJ ;D

  • Javier Bañón Izu

    NIce video RoJ!!!

    If someone needs information about bikepacking in spanish just have a look here: @UCP2q2Y7AqKOn7S42PQiLW6Q
    Keep doing this great job RoJ ;D

  • SFseis

    Please make a video on how you survive biking in this heat. I have lived in Japan, too. And the summer was giving me a hard time. Even walking, let alone biking.

  • David G Perfectdaycalendar

    I use that same stove under my jetboil w this conversion kit.

  • Surfbodi. 001

    Did my first bikepacking trip last weekend on my GT Grade. 2 days, one night. All went really well though my backpack did get on my nerves a bit. Will have to get bit more of my kit on my bike next time. I was surprised how well my bike climbed and handled with the extra weight! Thanks for the vid👍

  • AlexLikes Outdoors

    Thanks for the video! Sorry if this question was answered already (I made it about halfway through the comments before I gave up haha). What kind of tires are you running on your bike? They look super comfy 😉 Thanks!

  • Nik Overbeck

    No comment on gorilla tape, cable ties, band aid, medical kit, spare tubes, chainlinks and bike tools or aren't you carrying such for overnighters?
    Also, no bike lights?!?!

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