My Favorite Backpacking Gear Of 2018 (Top 5)
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My Favorite Backpacking Gear Of 2018 (Top 5)

Hey, what’s up guys Devin here with backcountry exposure. Thanks for joining me today It is almost the end of the year 2018 And I wanted to do my five favorite Pieces of gear that I have purchased in 2018 and just kind of talk about them So this would be kind of a casual discussion, but we’re gonna go over five pieces of gear You see two of them here I’ve got the rest inside of the pack here the first item that I want to talk about and this is my newest purchase I only had this for a few weeks and it’s kind of Interesting that I would choose this as one of my top five but in terms of winter backpacking and some of the different styles with Using a hot tent and processing wood I really wanted a good axe and I’ve had my eye on the Gransfors Bruk small forest axe for a long time and After taking it out on one trip I fell in love With how awesome this axe is it, It’s just an amazing tool that I’ve been really pleased with and Definitely would consider it One of my top five pieces that I purchased. it was expensive to get but it’s gonna be something that’s gonna last for Forever as long as I take care of it and that’s why it makes the list. It’s just such a high quality piece of gear that Is gonna be a really neat tool for me to have for a really long time. So that’s the first item on the list the Gransfors Bruk small forest axe Now the second item is the pack that’s sitting here next to me. This is the Waymark Gear Thru 38 but this is a full custom pack that I had made Towards the the end of spring and I’ve had it out on several trips at this point Have done probably close to 100 miles with it. Wish I could have done more with it But different trips didn’t necessarily allow for that to be the case. However this pack is What has allowed me to Really enjoy some of the trips that I’ve been able to go on Reduce my weight and just be really comfortable and carry kind of the essential gear items that I really only need that fit inside of this pack, so Super high quality. It has been bomber. I don’t really have anything that has ever come up about it That’s been really super negative. It’s just been a really cool product to have spent about three hundred dollars for the pack and I’d spend it again I’ve just been so pleased with what the pack is how it carries and Just the the experience that I’ve had with it, so it definitely fits within the top five pieces of gear for 2018 Now the next piece of gear is not Something that should come of really any surprise if you’ve been watching the channel and and followed the trips that I’ve been on but the soda wind master this stove has for me more or less been kind of a game changer and It’s super efficient. It burns really hot boils really fast, but I can do some more mild cooking on I can simmer I can put a small pan on here and get a good Not an overwhelming heat that you get from some other canister stoves It’s a great design that’s been super reliable, and I just just genuinely love This stove and what it what it has done for my backpacking gear system The next item This might come as a surprise and the reason being is I’ve not talked about this as my favorite piece of gear but the more that I’ve used it the more I’ve enjoyed it and The Big Agnes Axl Air insulated the more I’ve used this pad the better it has Performed and as I’ve dialed in my backpacking system more and more I’ve fallen in love with what this pad has offered comfort wise for three season use More so like late April to early September. It’s Fantastic sleeping pattern. It’s really comfortable No It is not the warmest pad I’ve ever slept on in fact the last two trips that I’ve been on This hasn’t come with me. I’ve been using my exped synmat But the axial air 25 inches wide which in some cases. I wish I had got the 20 inch But I’ve been really pleased the longer that I’ve used this With its performance. And so I think that’s an important thing to learn from this is that Your first experience with a piece of gear Shouldn’t be the end-all be-all of what that piece of gear means for your backpacking system So taking a sleeping pad like this using it getting to know it better and making it work if it has the ability to work and Enjoy it and that’s what I’ve been able to do with this and I really have enjoyed My experience with this even though it was kind of rocky at first But it had more so to do with the quilt that I was using with it as opposed to the pad itself And that leads to the final item, which has been very complimentary to this pad and this has been a Sleeping bag that is not a surprise to anybody that has been watching the channel as of late I’m not gonna pull this out all the way But I purchased this sleeping bag back in like August. This is the Sierra Designs cloud 820 degree down-filled dry down fill sleeping bag This has been one of the best designed sleeping bags I’ve ever slept in. It’s warm. It’s comfortable amazing features and if you want to know more about my experience with this, you can look at the the the review that I have and I’ll put a card up for you to see that but this sleeping bag is simply awesome and I have been so happy with it to the point that I may not go back to a quilt because this has So many added features about it that have made such a positive sleeping experience. Just love this sleeping bag so That’s it. That’s my five or my top five pieces of backpacking gear for 2018 These are all items that I have purchased myself so none of these items are things that I Did as an agreement to provide a review or testing for other companies these are all items that I felt were an important part of my backpacking system and So I purchased them myself and that to me was an important part of Creating this list of my top five pieces of gear for 2018 So thanks for watching guys. Really appreciate it. I’m hope I hope that you’ve had a great 2018 and that you’re finishing out the year nice and strong and you’ve got cool plans for 2019 I’ve got some awesome plans and I’m excited for what next year is going to bring just excited so Thanks again guys for watching, please subscribe to the channel if you are not as always. I hope you have an awesome day We’ll catch you on the next video. See you later



    I had the same big Agnes pad is the standard size. It was too narrow for me. Mine only measured 18.5” on the top. Again too narrow for me. So I returned it. It was super comfortable though! The axe would always make my list! Nice picks man👍

  • Aussie Hiker

    Great video mate, couldn't agree more that a good pack is a game changer when it comes to enjoying the outdoors especially when going towards the ultralight side of things.
    Will definitely check out that pad, currently use a Sea to Summit ultralight and its a bit hit and miss with comfort so eyeing out a new pad for next year.
    Keep up the great videos
    – Aussie Hiker

  • Dan Becker

    This may be the last video of yours I watch… it’s costing me way to much money since I keep buying the gear you talk about!!! 😂😂

  • rotaaable

    I would've never chopped wood the way you did, but fortunately you still got two feet and nothing else is missing 😉 I envy you the backpack though. Wish I could order one but they don't ship it overseas.

  • Arcana73

    I assumed what your best gear would be….I figured the hot tent would've made it, not the axe. I was 4 for 5. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and the family

  • Jacob Poucher

    you need a saw befor you need a axe, how would you cut those pieces you chopped . if you already have a saw in your group a axe makes sense, but i think a large fixed blade knife is better then a axe.

  • Chuck Littleton

    While checking campers one day I heard this chop , chop , chop , chop. Investigating the noise I located a camper chopping down a small live oak. Asked what he was doing and he said , Getting firewood. I told him it would make great firewood in about a year from now. So much for the " leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures " idea. Most of the time if you put a axe in a persons hands they have to chop something down , even live trees , signs , posts , anything. The biggest saw I carry is in my Swiss Army Campers Knife. I use it on stubborn , dead wood , branches for my gamification backpacking Solo Stove , Lite.

  • Pack Mule

    I also have a GB Small Forest Axe and love it as well. Beware, if your using the back of it to hammer things make sure you take the leather sheath off first. My GB is so sharp that the blade sliced right through the leather sheath and ruining it. I ended up getting a kydex one to replace it.

  • Ithappened onenite

    I bought the Gransforse Bruks Scandinavian axe it has a longer handle that’s safer and more comfortable. I also strap it outside my pack and the extra handle goes upward… not a problem! Also a silky Gomboy saw is a good addition!

  • Pioner state of mind

    Wondering what your choice of small/bivy type tent you made? I saw photos of it with your pad and sleeping bag..

  • Ronald Rose

    Hello my outdoors friend. Thank you for sharing your fine video. You made some fine, top five, gear choices. Take care out there, be safe and always have fun. 🤗

  • Guitar Hiker444

    I like the sierra designs sleeping bag but i wish they would offer some more subdued color options with their sleeping bags and tents. Their over all quality and designs are great just not a big fan of their color choices. Hope it serves you well. Hike on!

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