my kinda life-changing vacation in colorado (vlog) 🏞️
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my kinda life-changing vacation in colorado (vlog) 🏞️

– hey! – just be careful with the brick, the brick thing there (she meant fireplace lol) – what brick thing? (fireplace !!) – yea you gotta watch out for furniture and stuff like that – aver, dame uno
(look, give me one) – mamita! – careful you guys don’t hit the lights – yea don’t break anything – be careful! (my uncle is trying to make my aunt think that if he jumps enough on the bridge it’ll collapse lol) – yeah you’re– you could step in – she’s gonna get her clothes all wet – no, don’t– don’t put a– – just roll your shorts up. roll em up like this. – i don’t want to ;(( – jUsT do it man stop bein’ like that – you could just put your feet in with no socks so at least you’re not stepping on those prickly plants – ye that’s what i said – and we’ll put em in the dryer when we get back up– – that is so pretty – oH MY GOD A BEAR
(there was no bear) – hi! – hi! uwu – uGH here i go i’m gonna sCREaM one, two, three – mAMitA –birthay to you happy birthday, dear mamita (my grandma) happy birthday to you – awee oh no, oh no! oh no she got caught in my line oh no there she goes good-bye! be free! – good-bye! – bye little dude! – thank you for the fight! – you caught one!!! (all saying goodbye) – i know!


  • Coolseal 24312

    My review of this vlog (First thoughts)
    1. Classic Travel vlog opening, out the plane window. I like it already.
    2. Colorado looks so pretty and I like the music
    3. Love the rainbow shot.
    4. Indoor bags sounds stressful.
    5. Excellent song choice for the part on the bridge.
    6. Wading in streams is the best. I went to the Smoky Mountains for vacation and thats all I did.
    7. Those deer seemed fearless based on other ones I've seen.
    8. Props to you on not dropping the camera on the high ropes.
    9. Little kids with pool sticks is a dangerous but cute combo.
    10. Happy Birthday to her!
    11. The little kid who said gOODBYE to the fish is too cute.
    12. And classic travel vlog finish.
    Overall loved it. Keep doing you Nat!

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