My Oldest Pieces Of Backpacking Gear That I Still Use!
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My Oldest Pieces Of Backpacking Gear That I Still Use!

Hey, what’s up guys Devin here with backcountry exposure. Thanks for joining today I want to talk about old pieces of backpacking gear particularly My oldest pieces of backpacking gear that I first purchased that I still own still use in different capacities But yeah, let’s talk about it because this is actually kind of fun for me. It goes back all the way to oh gosh 2000 2001 when I was I don’t know 13 14 15 years old and I purchased some of my first Backpacking gear items for me personally and they’re both MSR products and the first one happens to be the MSR blacklight set and I cannot tell you how much this has been used other than a lot and I mean, I’ll even put a picture up of the 13 year old zit-faced Devin with using the blacklight set and this thing has been cool and What I love about it is that it’s just been unbelievably robust and It’s held up. It’s been abused and it still works And what’s most impressive about it is the like Teflon coating on the inside of these pots? Yes, it’s like scratched up and stuff but it’s in like really good condition and now these pots they live in my car camping kit and My wife and I use them all the time when we go car camping I use them just last weekend To cook a meal out at the San Rafael swell with my buddy Jared So the MSR block lights set it is not available anymore. I’ve had it for going on close to 20 years at this point and I have to say it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. This was the first Set of pots that I got for backpacking. I have obviously purchased plenty of other things since then no, they are not the lightest, but they are pretty light and They’re bigger than I need for backpacking now but at the time they were fantastic there weren’t a lot of other options and I’ve been like thoroughly impressed. I still have the pock rippers for them and I keep using them. So that is one of the One of the absolute first pieces of backpacking gear that I purchased as a teenager still use love them the MSR block light set now the other Item, which is not nearly as old. I’m trying to remember exactly when I purchased this, but I was still It was still in high school. This is the MSR Superfly with the piezo igniter and Hands down one of the best stoves that I have ever owned. This thing has been on Dozens and dozens of trips things that you’ve never seen here on the channel. It just has never failed me it’s fantastic and Highly recommended a good stove. Yes. There are plenty of other really good options out there, but the Super Fly has just been reliable and I cannot I Cannot tell you like how awesome it’s been to cook the amount of meals that I have on this Those are those are my two oldest pieces of backpacking gear a lot of other things that I’ve gotten rid of would qualify like a Kelty tent that I had for a really long time that on a trip in my early college days just did not make it through a trip that I went on and that was unfortunate because I loved that Kelty tent I just pretty much kind of adored that thing and I mean, I had a really cool like Mountain Smith backpack that I ended up going missing I don’t know where it ran off to but that was another good piece of gear that I wish I still had to be quite honest, but it’s cool to have Still been able to keep and hold on to these pieces of gear they’ve lasted for 15 18 20 years almost at this point and Still going strong. They still get used and there are great pieces of equipment So the question for you is what are your oldest pieces of backpacking gear? Leave down in the comments what? Those are how old they are? Are they still working and why you’ve held on to them? I’d be really interested to know that so so thanks for watching guys Please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t hit that little Bell notification to get Notified when I post new videos and as always have an awesome day. We’ll catch you on the next video. See you guys


  • John K

    That's great that you still have this gear. I'm still looking for some gear that I used as a college student (coleman peak1 stove). Not exactly light weight, but, it was one of the first stoves I ever bought.

  • Citizen Z Adventures

    I still use my msr whisper lite stove from 1989. Original pump has not failed me yet but I have a new pump just in case

  • ozarkhiker23

    I have a coat that I have had for over 20 years, paid to get it re-zippered a few years back, been on almost all my adventures, off brand and can't find anything quite like it.

  • Ruckabout

    My first actual backpacking trip was when I was 26. It is not only awesome you have been able to enjoy it so long, but that you have kept such awesome pieces of gear. Such a great video.

  • Thomas Knight

    Svea 123 that I received for Christmas in 1974 when I was stationed in Alaska. Used in the field and camping. Then I could not not get repair kits. Replaced it with another Svea 123. Both still work, I do more car camping as I older. (72 in April!)

  • Backcountry Forward

    Unfortunately I’ll be well into my 40s before I can get around to talking about mine… since backpacking and even camping in general is fairly new to me in the past 5 years. But it’s cool to think about which pieces of gear I THINK I’ll still have and use by then…

  • John Riddle

    I’ve still got a few of my original backpacking items kicking around from the 90s.

    Columbia Double Wammy Ski coat. I used the shell for backpacking. I still use the combo for skiing with my 10 year old son. I joke with him about my 20+ year old coat.

    Original Thermarest: totally bombproof and still going strong. Non-slip surface on the bottom still grips everything. I bring this out to show people that sleeping on “on the ground” can be comfortable.

    Kelty ridgerest 4p dome tent from Costco: it’s finally in semi-retirement, due to some holes in the rainfly, but it still gets pitched in the back yard for the kids. Me and 2 other scouts would split the weight (tent, poles, fly) on our backpacking trips.

    REI Internal Frame Pack: Used this for all my Boy Scout backpacking trips. Basically a giant tube with a removable “brain”. It’s now hanging on the wall of my local REI store.

    Off brand Target swallow tail 2p tent: bought this in college with my GF for a trip from college to home. Our plan was to use it for a week and return it to get our $30 back. It worked so well, I wound up keeping it. We pitched it in our living room several times for our son to “camp out” outside of his room.

  • Keypen Hiker T

    I have a Camp 7, North Col , down Sleeping bag, 0-degree bag purchased in 1979. I used it last year on a work party with Washington Trail Association clearing downed trees. Is still a great bag. Cannot afford to buy an equivalent replacement.

  • Montana Backcountry Adventure

    Nice! I remember those pots, never bought them. I bought the REI version instead and use them in our Car camping setup all the time. Probably 18 years old.

  • Amy Routt

    Great idea for a video! I still use the very first backpacking pack I got (which was also my very first piece of real backpacking gear). Been almost 10 years now!

  • Ape Man

    I have those same nesting pots! Like you I used to lug them in the backcountry. I could whip out spaghetti for 4 and cook some veggies in the other pot. It too now has a very useful place in my camping kitchen and is used often on my Coleman white gas stove. I've managed to hang onto the pot holder as well. Once in the Kings Canyon backcountry in a very bear infested area my holder failed me and a large pasta dish ended up all over the ground. It was gone by morning but my daughter was up all night worrying.

  • EDC Adventures

    Looks like some good gear. Might want to replace the MSR pots. Pre-2012ish Teflon Contained c8. Very bad chemical. Literally in the bloodstreams of thousands of Americans because of DuPont not practicing waste management. They went back to some 1950’s Korean War soldiers blood archive just to find people not affected by it. DuPont had to pay 16mil or so as a settlement to all the people affected by it. Linked to Cancer, birth defects etc. actually proven in court that DuPont even knew about it in the 60’s/70’s. Especially bad here a few hours away in WV where the plant was. They’ve since changed its chemical composition.

  • George Voigtlander

    My oldest item is a Kelty backpack purchased in late 60’s. I replaced the shoulder straps and hip belt when the original ones petrified. I mostly do overnights so weight is not really critical. Kinda retro, but works for me.

  • The Heathen Hiker

    I still have my pillow and old external frame pack from the Scouts. They have to be around 25 years old. Don't know why I haven't gotten rid of them.

  • JosephShanks MrTmax

    NIce vid Devon! It's fun to hold on to some of those old pieces of gear. My oldest piece would have to be my Thermarest I purchased when I was just 17. Still self inflates and has never leaked. My 2nd oldest and most epic is my 22 year old Quest viper 4 season tent. 9 pounds of Bomb Shelter! Never had a problem with it. I also still have my Markill stove thats about 17 years old.

  • bertman4

    I think my oldest gear I still have is the MSR Whisperlite. I kept it because liquid gas stove, just in case for winter and high altitude. I think I got it in graduate school, used, for canoe camping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota.

  • spicecrop

    I bought a Superfly the first couple months they came out. And loved it, but only had it for two weeks. I got it for a trip to Europe, because it takes the puncture only cans as well as the threaded ones. I gave it to my cousin in Italy and never got another one. I regret not replacing it all those years ago. Going to get one again. I have those same pots too. I got the pots for the Superfly and my Dragon fly that I still have. A perfect match. MSR makes great stoves and the Superfly is one of those under the radar gems.
    Everyone wants tiny/light, but the Superfly is great for people that actually cook food, not just boil water.

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