Nackt-Camping: Baldrian für Baldarin!
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Nackt-Camping: Baldrian für Baldarin!

After a long search, we have found the best campsite of the whole island of Cres Here it is 😉 Perfect, cheap! Today we are unlucky with the weather it is extremely cloudy 😉 Just arrived at the Camp Baldarin we stay here tonight so let’s have a look at the beautiful campsite here’s a nice small bay and the campsite has a textil and nudist area We stay there where we find a nice place let’s see if we dress or undress 😉 We found the Robinson Crusoe Place behind the trees is the sea Unfortunately we can not film here because it is in the nudist part of the campsite. It will be airy 😉 We spent a very cool night at the campsite Baldarin it was very beautiful here I haven’t ever been at a nudist campsite it was a nice experiment to stroll around naked was very relaxing and last night we had dinner at a fantastic fish restaurant the name is “Pogana” and right in front of the campsite 5 minutes walk and delicious food Our tip with friendly service! ???? – Let’s go to the next experience! We turned of in a side street the place is called “Studenac” we’ll have a quick look what’s going on here I think it’s a small port Babsi took us to the bushes, there should be a hidden beach, but we have to walk 2 km I’m not sure if it is such a “secret beach” but why not, let’s have a look! We take a snack and the snorkel stuff we are equipped for all adventures open your eyes there is a “big” sign to Liski Beach It’s so awesome! We walked the track down small nice bay here are some houses we haven’t seen a street but somehow the people have to come down here we walked a highlight for sailing boats such a cool bay today it’s really windy we go snorkeling and look underwater So after snorkeling and snorkeling we are hungry everything is superduber… – !? As soon as we are 2 minutes somewhere, we make it really comfortable Unfortunately, this is not our boat, but if someone has one, we want one! Just renting, for free of course, not buying! And if someone has such a sailing boat this would be awesome! If somebody watches this video and has such a sailing boat we would love to film it inside during a sailing journey 😉 for 2-3 days, or 1 week or a month or for an around-the-world-trip. We would join! 😉 🙂 With a little colour and… much love and oil… his machine would run properly again.


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