Namibian Desert! Camping, Getting Lost and Breaking Down… Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 148
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Namibian Desert! Camping, Getting Lost and Breaking Down… Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 148

It’s a special night, Lisa. Are you excited? Yeah, I am, a little bit. I’m a little bit
nervous because you are the only one who hasn’t
seen one single piece of it. Well I wanted to wait
for the sweetness. Yeah This is something
that we never show. It’s what we do on
almost a nightly basis. We all cozy up
around the couch– a little bottle of wine, a
little bit of whiskey going on, set up the projector– Tonight, instead of
watching Black Sails, we’re going to watch
Lisa’s preview. Call them out. [MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] Previously on Delos, we
said goodbye to Spencer Bay and the penguin men
and sailed in dense fog again while celebrating
Cinco de Mayo. We got woken up by
a massive school of dolphins, a
raft in Walrus Bay, and climbed a huge
dune in Namibia. Planning our weekend
trip [INAUDIBLE] up in this general area. It’s only about a couple
thousand square miles. It’s a good plan so far. We’re going here. Yeah. We have our trusty guide. We had been in Walrus
Bay less than a week and already met some
crazy characters. Our new friend Matt
offered to take us on a desert camping mission. We were planning an
epic Namibian road trip. But first we needed to get our
bodies ready for the adventure. What’s the story, Loki? What are you doing, man? These guys just need to
get their vaccinations and check for the journey ahead. We’re making sure they’re fully
stocked up on all the nutrients and minerals that they need. What are those two vials there? The one is B complex,
containing the majority of your B-vitamins. Excellent hangover cure. Downside, it’s got a
little bit of a stink to it, so this is just a
drop to take that away. Oh, OK. Alex, you’re having one, right? I can’t turn down a good
vitamin B shot ever. You have to take it
in your butt, right? Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Nice. Just double checking. You ready? No! I’ll make it quick, Alex. [INAUDIBLE] Oh God! Ow! Oohee Put it in there! Put it in there! It went good. How is it? Does it sting? No. That was fast. It all happened so fast. I feel so violated. It’s like bend over. Pssht. Oh whoa, look at
that energy burst. So the one that I’m
injecting you just relax it. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Is that it? He’s good. This leg, you just relax. Oh, fuck! Relax your leg. Don’t flex the cheek. It sucks. Thanks, man. It was great meeting you, bro. [THEME MUSIC] With our hangovers sorted, it
was time for the road trip. Anthony, do you want to tell me
how long we’re in the car, now? I think we’ve been in the
car for about an hour. Only an hour. They’re asleep. How many hours are ahead? I think we’ll be in the car
for about another six hours. Aw. So we just stopped this
guy on the side of the road and he has some horses
and stuff and we can see if we can go for
a little ride on his cart. It’s really cool and it’s
super, like, local- style. So, we’ll see what he says. But it’s a cheap way to
travel, huh, because you don’t need any petrol. Just a little bit of
beer and you’re fine. [INAUDIBLE] Easy, huh? And these are you said,
your family’s horses? Yeah. They are quick. Yeah, they’re fast! Can you show us how fast
you can go with them? Yeah, I will show you more. Can I ride in the back? Mm hmm. Yeah? OK, cool. It was a good
African experience. Just fooling around on
the side of the road. Oh, that’s a horse and buggy. Brian’s like, I want to ride it. So we give the dude a beer
and now he’s in the horse and buggy. [THEME MUSIC] So he tames wild horses. He said this white one
is a wild Namibian horse. And they got it a
couple of weeks ago and they tie it up to these
other two to train them. [INAUDIBLE] Oh god damn it, the car. Oh fucking car. Oh, it’s like, moving. Yo, that thing is fast! Ooh! The Harare Ferrari. How was that? That was a lot of fun. They’re fast, man! When they’d accelerate
I’d say woo! Awesome! Here’s your beer. Thank you. Onwards to the campsite. How much further
do we have, Matt? I don’t know, we’re
pretty lost right now. All right. I have no idea. We’ll just drive until
we figure it out. No, we’ll drive until
we find it [INAUDIBLE] At least it’s pretty It’s
pretty rodeo awesome. That’s what I said,
I was like you can’t leave your hair over the lens. [THEME MUSIC] We’re used to
pretty rough camping and had absolutely
no expectations how would be in Namibia. But this camp site
really blew us away. There was a braai pit,
running water, and even an electric tree
to charge our gear. Look at us charging on a tree. Charging on a tree. This is African
camping, apparently. It’s so luxurious, though. I’ve never seen that at a
campsite anywhere in the world and did not expect
it [INAUDIBLE] We’re using it. Yeah, it’s perfect for us. Perfect! Charging the drone, soon
having some dinner going. Have you seen the
showers and stuff yet? Yeah, it’s like
full- on showers– And make your own hot
water with the fire, here. That’s so crazy. That’s insane. This is legitimately
one of the nicest camp spots I’ve ever been to. Yeah, I think same for me. I came from a camp in
the dunes and the sand. You’d have to look out
for hyenas and stuff and we’re like, hardcore luxury. Yes. It’s awesome. Good morning. [INAUDIBLE] Mornings! Mornings, people. Ooh, candy breakfast time. Yummy. Leftovers. Onions. Bacon. Scrambled eggs. Breakfast is ready. Whoa, look at those, man. It’s like a fucking
five star hotel here. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Thank you, Brian. So we just left the first
camp site and we’re in the car again. I think it’s about– I don’t know. What do you think? Two hours in the car
until we’re there? Yeah, two hours. And now for now
we’re [INAUDIBLE] The road is quite bumpy. [INAUDIBLE] The wind coming in. All right. It’s windy over here. [INAUDIBLE] It was our second
day of the road trip and the scenery was
completely different than what I’m used to. On Delos, we are normally
surrounded by water and not much else. But here in Namibia,
we were surrounded by a million different
shades of brown. We decided to try and capture
some of it from the air. [THEME MUSIC] It wouldn’t be a
true Delos mission without something breaking. Do you see that hose where
the light is shining? Mm hmm. Do you see the– right there? Right where I’m pointing? Mm hmm. See the problem? That’s the leak right there. And of course we didn’t
have a spare radiator hose, so we started waving over
other cars to ask for help. Hello. Need help? Are you guys OK? How are you, man? I’m fine. How are you? Good. [INAUDIBLE] Tell them I’ve got a
flat tire, Elizabeth. Flat tire. Flat tire, yeah? We’ll fucking plug that quickly. That’s because– that’s a rubber
pipe out of the [INAUDIBLE] We’re afraid if
we cut it, then we won’t be able to make
it long enough again. What you’re going to do
is wait for the engine to cool down, pull the pipe
off completely, cut it, put it back on shorter and then
hopefully get a new– It took a while, but
each car we stopped had a bit of what we could use
to patch together a repair. What you got? Zip ties. Meanwhile, Brady was on
a mission of his own. What is it? Wedding cake. Did you just come
from a wedding? Yes, we are coming
from a wedding. Wow! Look how pissed Matt is. Did you get cake from them? It’s You stop someone
and you’re just like, our car’s broken down. Ooh you’ve got cake! It’s like, just forget about
the whole the whole mission right there. It’s like, ooh, fucking cake! She offered me cake, bro. Ooh, wedding cake. I’ll have a bite of that. Which country are you? We’re from America. America? Yeah. Oh. Far away. Hm. Very far. And you? From Namibia? From Namibia. This area. You have a beautiful home. Oh, yes, I know. You know it. You see a lot of people
come to visit your home? I’ve been working for NWR. NWR? What is that? Yes. [INAUDIBLE] People are
doing bookings via us. All the bookings for
our lodges like Etosack? [INAUDIBLE] Nice. Yes. Wow. It’s really good cake. Yeah. Come again? It is really good cake. Did you make it? No. We order somewhere. Perfect. Brian is definitely our
own little MacGyver. Not only can he
keep Delos running, but he can also patch
a leaky Land Rover with some rubber cement, a
knife and some cable ties. I want to take a look
at the repair job. Maybe. If it holds. I just cut a piece of
this protector off, here. And then we put
rubber cement on it. Then we just used some
of these cable ties to wrap it around the hose
and then glue it on and then cinch it tight. Maybe it’ll at least slow the
leak down for a little while to get to someplace where
you can get a new pipe or something. Good job, Bri. See. See the rubber patch
with cable ties on it? With the MacGyver
action complete, we used to last of
our drinking water to fill the Land Rover back up
and we were on our way again. Come on, Disco, you can do it. [THEME MUSIC] It’s lunch time. What do you have, Elizabeth? Crisp sandwich. Open that up. What’s in there? [INAUDIBLE] Nik Naks. Straight Cheetos. Everyone’s having peanut
butter and jelly sandwiches. That’s my worst nightmare. I’m going to put in salt and
vinegar chips on it, too. It’s really good, just trust us. It’ll change your life. American. So American. You guys want to see why the
obesity in America is so high? Right there. Hey, we’re not fat. I’m not fat. You haven’t stayed in
America for a long time. [INAUDIBLE] That’s good sandwiches. Trying to come up with
a new catchphrase, but it didn’t work. It didn’t work. Don’t force it. You’ll come up with it. [INAUDIBLE] We didn’t think it was
possible, but this camp site was even fancier
than the last one. Camping. Camping in Africa. Say what? A little water in the middle of
the desert with rum and Cokes. It was really good. We’re in a little
bit of paradise in the middle of the desert. It was really nice. We’ll jump in the
pool, we’ll cool down and I’m just going to go
to get myself a room now and celebrate. Perfecto. Perfecto. We’ve got pork. We’ve got some beef left. We’ve got corn. Steaks. We’re cooking all the bacon. [INAUDIBLE] Wow. We’ve got bread. Garlic bread. That’ll be good. Bri on the braai. Bri on the braai. So it turns out our
guide also happens to be a gymnast, a paramedic,
and an excellent masseuse. How is it, Kazza? [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] That’s
it for tomorrow. [INAUDIBLE] we’re going
on a game drive tomorrow. We’re going to be off
into the Namibian– I don’t know the name
of the park here, but there’s a nature reserve
that we’re really close to. We’re going to go and find spots
of black rhino and elephants and impala and Namibian
desert crazy creatures. I’m stoked, man, As
much as I’m excited about bacon and pineapple
sandwiches for the morning. Wow. Good morning. We’re piling in
the car and we’re going to go try and chase
down some black rhino. 7:00 AM. It’s going to be a good day. Are you going to shoot
some rhinos today? Yes, I’m going to
shoot them with love. Today’s plan was to explore
[INAUDIBLE] concession. It’s one of the few
remaining habitats where black rhinos
roam free in the wild. We were totally excited,
but first we had to find it. And in true Delos style,
we missed the turnoff and had driven a few hours
in the wrong direction. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] The gate into the [INAUDIBLE]
concession, is it still full? Is it still in front of us? [INAUDIBLE] or did we miss it? You want to go to Sesfontein? No, Palmwag. Palmwag lodge? No, not Palmwag lodge. The concession. Concession. Oh yeah, you can
proceed with this road. No, I just came from that way. You come from this road? But I missed the gate. You lost the gate? I don’t know. Yeah, but it’s simple. You cannot so quickly
find the gate, man. It’s very simple, man. But there’s no gate this side. There’s a gate to
go to [INAUDIBLE] But we didn’t care because the
scenery was awesome anyway. [THEME MUSIC] So we’re just on our way to– where are we going? [INAUDIBLE] rhino country! Yeah, every little
[INAUDIBLE] and we’re going do some sight-seeing! Yeah. Safari time! Super excited. Zebra! Zebras! We’ve got an animal
crossing the road. What do you think it is? I think a zebra. A zebra’s right? Yeah. Stripes on the zebra’s back leg? It’s a zebra, sorry, American. But every stripe is different,
so it’s like a bar code and that’s how they
would identify them. How they identify each other? No, now if we’re doing
like a game [INAUDIBLE] OK. Then you would see like, OK that
one and that one is different. We’re seeing some
giraffes and I’ve never seen a giraffe before. We’re excited, and I
feel like a tiny bit emotional because I’ve
never seen one before! There’s two of them. One is like, inside the bush. We hadn’t even found the
entrance to the park yet, and we’re already blown
away by what we had seen. Yeah, we’re entering into
the Palmwag concession area, and it’s a very cool
place because it’s supposed to be where about
70% of the free- roaming black rhinos are in the wild. So hopefully we’re
going to see a few. There’s actually no fence
here, huh, it’s like a big– No, it’s just all free
roaming concessionary, which I think is like
a conservation area. Not a national park in Namibia,
but a conservation area run by the local people So I think we just entered here. This is where we
slept last night. Yeah. And now, I think we’re here. We’re going to do
this loop, I think. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, maybe like this and
like that or something. Should be cool. So we’re currently in
the van, exploring. We’re going down the dirt
track to find some rhinos. It looks so barren. Feels so desolate. We haven’t seen one
living creature yet. Despite it being completely
barren and dried out, it’s kind of peaceful
at the same time. So we’re really excited to
see what else is out there. [THEME MUSIC] What have you guys found? I found a big crevice. There’s some kind of a canyon. There’s some water down
below but we’re not seeing many animals
because it’s about noon. It’s getting pretty hot. I think all the animals are
hiding under trees and stuff. But still a beautiful drive. Just natural
landscapes and stuff. It’s pretty cool. So we’re just watching
the sunset out here. We haven’t seen too
many crazy animals but there have been
some zebras, [INAUDIBLE] and some crazy little birds. It’s going to be
an amazing sunset. And we’re just chilling. It’s awesome. [THEME MUSIC] At the end of the day, we
haven’t seen any rhino, but maybe that’s a good thing. They are free to roam wild here
and not bound by our schedule or where the Land Rover can go. Just seeing the wildness
of the Namibian landscape and how many animals survive
in this desert environment was an incredible
experience itself, with or without any
rhino sightings, it was an epic day of exploring. What up? How’s it over here? Checking oil and water before
we start our journey back home. Brian did a pretty good job. On the repair job? Yeah. I think we could’ve paid him
that, like a YouTube part two. Fixing water pipes in Africa So what’s the plan for today? We’re going to head
pretty much straight west until we get to
the Skeleton Coast, and then just head straight
south all the way back to [INAUDIBLE]
Back to the yacht. What’s up at the Skeleton Coast? It’s a big stretch
of beach where there were lots of shipwrecks
and lots of skulls, so Skeleton Coast. It’s how it’s got its name. Why so many shipwrecks? I don’t know what
to do with my hands. The swell is pretty big if
you get too close to shore. So if you would lose engine
power or sails or something, it would just wash you
straight up on shore. There’s no hope of getting back. And even in recent
times, there’s been quite a few shipwrecks. Most recently,
about two weeks ago. We should get about two
shipwrecks on the way home. Ideally we’ll see two
pretty cool shipwrecks and we’ll stop and take a
look to see what the Skeleton Coast is about. [MUSIC – CATASTROPHE &
CURE, “LIKE CRAZY DOVES”] How’s the journey
been so far, mate? It’s good. We’re on our way
back and we’re just about to enter the gate
into Skeleton Coast Park. This area is called
Springbok Wasser. So we’re here at the shipwreck
of the Southwest Seal, somewhere on the Skeleton
Coast in Namibia. That’s pretty cool. They’ve got like,
signs on the road. You just drive by and
it says “shipwreck.” You can just pull over
and see the shipwreck. It’s a pretty old one, though. Oh man, it’s so good to
be back near the ocean. That was like three
days in the hot dust. I think I have so
much dust in my lungs. Body. You’re like a merman. You have to be returned to sea
within a certain amount time. Let’s get back to Delos, then. Yeah. Let’s go sailing. Let’s go sailing. [INAUDIBLE] Back home. Now it’s time to shower all the
dust and dirt and dryness off of us and get cold
again on the ocean. Feels so good, though. Delos, Delos, Delos
we’re coming home to you. Next up on Delos. The crew got Delos ready
for our sail to Santa Luna. We had our last party
in Africa in the middle of some crazy dunes and said
goodbye to our new friends. [MUSIC – BONUS POINTS, “VENICE
BEACH”] Like it? I like it a lot. [MUSIC – WHAM!, “CARELESS
WHISPER”] Whoa! [INAUDIBLE] –“You should go
and fuck yourself.” Are you excited? Woo! That’s from the back seats. Woo! [SIREN] Cameras everywhere. Pssht! I love the whole
documenting thing, but it’s great if someone
could carry some work, maybe. While you’re filming
you want to carry some? It’s not such a bad
view, now, is it? L to the Z to the Z
to the Z to the E-Y! Why? Because I don’t know. Can you stop shaking the car? OK. Don’t worry about it. Can you stop, or– Thank you. Stop it! Oh, fuck! [INAUDIBLE] man! Elizabeth, don’t want to
wear out the car, please. Stop! Please stop! Please! Please stop! Please! Fuck. It’s so weird. Normally she’s like,
please don’t stop. Yeah I doubt it. Stop! I’m going to bitch slap you. Fuck, you just ruined my
super cool shot, bruh. Did I? Yeah, you did, actually, it
would’ve been really epic. Just three guys hanging out. What are they talking about? I have no idea. Dorks. Pervs. Kazza, we live with
a bunch of perverts. I know. Imagine when I was by
myself with these two. Hello. Hi. What are you two ladies up to? Talking shit about you. Talking about how we live
with a bunch of perverts. Yeah. More or less. Everybody’s a pervert. Yeah. And one and two and
three and dance. Those people are gone if
you want to go down and get that [INAUDIBLE] [WHISTLING AND SINGING] I like you. I still don’t like you. The more you make fun of
me the more I like you. My name is [INAUDIBLE]. I’m a complicated man. I’m so complicated– Do it again. [ANIMAL CALLS] Oh no, it’s humans. I said just keep walking. Keep walking! Keep walking. Pretend you can’t see them. Pretend! I think they see me. I’ll just carry on. Carry on. Oh, look at this. OK, OK, OK. Go! I saw you looking
at her, Gerald. I saw you looking at her. Don’t deny it. I didn’t. I swear, you’re the
only bird for me. I saw you, you dirty little
scavenging [INAUDIBLE] livid yellow, you
[BLEEP] I should’ve listened to my mother.


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